Social Impact

Preserving wildlife. Preserving dream destinations.

What if the place you always dreamt of visiting is no longer as beautiful as you thought?
What if it has lost its very charm it was known for?
And what if it doesn’t exist anymore?
We believe in fulfilling our members’ aspirations to travel, explore, and create memories that last a lifetime. InterMiles Pvt. Ltd., through the ‘Preserve What’s Precious’ initiative, is committed to preserve and nurture these dream destinations in a socially responsible way.
The exploitation of our natural resources and the loss of wildlife in India has been well-documented in the past few decades.
The country has already witnessed the extinction of several important species, such as the majestic cheetah in 1952. Each new generation thus witnesses a lesser part of the charismatic fauna of our beautiful country.
Social Impact

Our Commitment towards CSR

We asked ourselves a simple question:
What could we do to sustain the aspiration of an emerging nation to fly and explore its natural biodiversity?
We came by the following answers, which now have become the cornerstone of our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

With the Preserve What’s Precious initiative, InterMiles Pvt. Ltd. wishes to go the extra mile by:

Conserving Animal Species
Conservation of animals with tagging, relocation, and defense against captive breeding.
Protecting Habitats
Protection of habitats in the form of preservation of flora, prevention of loss of habitat, and conservation of water bodies.
Community Building
Focus on sustainable livelihood by reducing man-animal conflict, incentivizing the communities to preserve habitats and species and preventing encroachment.
Enhancing the intrinsic value of the destinations that travelers and explorers wish to visit.
Co-opting Members
Co-opting InterMiles members to garner greater attention, support and contribution towards InterMiles Pvt. Ltd.’s chosen CSR goals.
Creating Value
Creating value to stakeholders across the tourism value-chain (e.g.: tourist guides, hospitality agents and small vendors of products).
Impactful CSR
TTapping into the motivation and passion of the senior management, employees and partners and co-creating impactful CSR interventions.
Our Commitment towards CSR

Partnership with The Corbett Foundation

We have therefore partnered with The Corbett Foundation for the cause of Tiger Protection. With only 2,226 tigers left in India(as per the last Tiger Census); the Tiger is an highly endangered species.
By going the extra mile, InterMiles Pvt. Ltd. not only focuses on the tiger species but also its habitat and its affiliation with the man.
InterMiles Pvt. Ltd. intends to help preserve and protect the country’s wildlife, ensuring that tomorrow will not be lost, and we can still appreciate the beauty of witnessing animals in their natural habitat.

Preserving What’s Precious.

Our Commitment towards CSR

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