A travel Guide to Andaman

Andaman Tourism

Surrounded by the Bay of Bengal on all four sides and located to the East of India, Andaman India is a beautiful island and a major tourist attraction. Andaman tours take place the whole year round and people thrive to go to this breathtaking island.

Andaman tourist attractions consist of islands, beaches and water sports. The amazing flora and fauna seen around this island will leave you awestruck, making you want to stay here forever. Marine life is one of the best Andaman attractions and you should visit this place if you want to experience it. A complete Andaman travel guide will help you plan your trip to this mesmerising island in a way that allows you to make the most out of it.

Places to visit in Andaman

1. Havelock Island

Havelock Island is one of the best places to visit in Andaman. This place is full of nature, untouched by any human interference. On your journey to explore Andaman, you can spend a few days on this island and relax in the arms of nature. Since it is one of the popularly visited Andaman tourist places, there are many luxurious hotels and resorts on this island. You will get pampered here and leave this island all calm and content. Needless to say, this island in the lap of nature is one of the major Andaman attractions.

2. Ross Island

An Andaman travel guide is not complete without a mention of this heritage site. This island is named after one of the British officials, Sir Daniel Ross. The ruins of the unforgotten times will easily transport you to many years back. You can walk through the church built in the British era and if you become tired, you can get delicious refreshments from the local bakeries. This island is located very near to Port Blair and can be easily reached by boat. You can sit looking at the waves crashing on the shore of this historical island. This, too, is counted among the most frequently visited Andaman tourist places.

3. Elephant Beach

This is the most famous Andaman attraction and is always full of tourists. It is famous for water sports like snorkelling, parasailing, riding the banana boat and many more activities. The water is clear and transparent and makes water sports on the island all the more interesting. This is a magical island full of beautiful corals, marine life and fauna. The underwater life that you get to see here is something that you will not experience anywhere else. You can reach this island from Havelock in just 20 minutes by boat.

4. Kalapathar

The best place to watch the sunset in Andaman is Kalapathar. It has got its name because of the black-coloured rocks seen on this beach. The sand all around this beach is white. The whole beach is filled with shacks where you can sit, enjoy the sunset and have delicious food. This beach has good spots for taking photographs as well. The fallen tree branches and the water make for a beautiful background. You can also buy souvenirs and little trinkets from here. There is a small path leading into the forest, where you can take a little stroll in pleasant weather.

5. Alfred Caves

These caves are located at Diglipur and are very near to Ramnagar Beach. It is a group of 41 caves amidst the dense and green forest. The entrance to these caves is a narrow one, which finally opens to a dense network of many caves. You will have to go to Ramnagar first and then take the help of any local Andaman travel guide to reach these caves. It will take you one full day to explore these caves, but the trip will be worth it. Make sure to start early in the day so that you reach back by evening.

Things to do in Andaman

Here are the things that you can indulge on your trip to the stunning island.


This has to be on the top of your list of things to do in Andaman. This island is the best place to experience marine life through snorkelling. You will get to see the most beautiful and rare corals, which will make your entire trip worthwhile. You can enjoy this water sport at Elephant Island, Havelock Island or North Bay Island. However, any professional Andaman travel guide will suggest you to opt for Havelock Island, thanks to its clear water. It will cost you around Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 to do this activity.

Experiencing bioluminescence

If you want to experience clusters of stars floating, not over your head, but right below your feet, you must experience bioluminescence at Havelock Island. The water will start glowing when you row your boat in the clear waters. You will need assistance from a local guide, who can guide you through kayaking. This entire experience will take about 1 to 2 hours.


This is the perfect adventure sport for all thrill-seeking tourists. Parasailing is a perfect mix of water and air sport. You are tied with a parachute behind a speedboat and you get to fly in the air as the boat speeds its way through the water. It is one of the most thrilling experiences. The charges depend upon the season and location. You can try this adventure sport at Elephant Island.

Scuba Diving

Taking a dive into the breathtaking seawater and experiencing the sea life is something that you shouldn’t miss. Andaman is the best place to go for scuba diving in India. You don’t need to know swimming to do this. There are innumerable places in Andaman that offer scuba diving. You will get to see live corals, fishes and have a glimpse of the breathtaking aquatic life. The price of scuba diving starts at Rs.1800 per person.

Best time to visit Andaman

The best season to visit Andaman is the summer season. There is no rainfall during this season and the climate is just perfect for you to dive as well as for sight-seeing. The best time to visit Andaman can be between January to April. This is the time when most of the tourists visit this island.

However, being a tropical island, you can come here all year round as well since there is minimum fluctuation in the weather conditions. Try not to plan your trip between July to September as Andaman experiences heavy rainfall during these months. This causes high tides and strong winds, which will not let you do any activity or sightseeing.

How to reach Andaman

The answer to how to reach Andaman involves airways and waterways. Being an island, Andaman is accessible through air and sea routes only. It is directly connected to Visakhapatnam, Kolkata and Chennai. Most of you will have to take a flight via these three destinations and land at Port Blair Airport. You can get on a ship as well, from Kolkata, Chennai and Visakhapatnam port to reach Haddo Wharf, which is connected to Port Blair.

Port Blair Airport is located at a distance of 31 km from the Andaman Islands and is the nearest airport. Flights are the safest option if you wish to visit this place.

The journey to reach Andaman might be long, but the Island will take away all your exhaustion the moment you reach here.

Plan You Travel

5 Star Hotels & Resorts in Andaman

3 Star Hotels & Resorts in Andaman

SeaShell Neil

₹ 9000 per night

Barefoot at Havelock

₹ 12500 per night

The Kingdom

₹ 3720 per night

Peerless Resort Port Blair

₹ 5150 per night

J Hotel

₹ 3600 per night

Bowfin Resort

₹ 7450 per night

Seashell Port Blair

₹ 10000₹ 9000 per night

Radhakrishna Resort

₹ 3840 per night