A travel Guide to Coimbatore

Coimbatore Tourism

Setting a compelling impression on the tourists’ intellect lies Coimbatore or Kovai in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Noyyal River surrounds Coimbatore India, on its South-west and the Western Ghats in the North and West region. This makes the town an attractive and eye-pleasing place to adore. It sets itself different in aspects of its ethnicity, geography, and culture.

Coimbatore tours have a lot to offer. From beautiful waterfalls to green hills and broad ghats, it is amongst the most popular destinations. Some major Coimbatore tourist attractions are Monkey Falls, Ayyappan Temple, Aliyar Dam etc, offering a super calm experience.

The Manchester of South India has to offer exquisite jewellery of Gold and Diamond along with globally famous village cut sarees. Apart from that, Coimbatore tourism is also famous for adventurous activities like camping, ATV ride or rock climbing. Book a hotel out of the available options to enjoy a planned vacation.

Being a package of beauty and culture, Coimbatore is a place you must definitely put in your must-see travel destinations.

Places to visit in Coimbatore

1. Adiyogi Shiva Statue

Surrounded by rich green farmland at the elevations of the mountains of Velliangiri is the Adiyogi (First Yogi) Shiva Statue, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sadhguru. The sculpture is 112ft tall, dedicated to Lord Shiva, considered among some great places to visit in Coimbatore. Guinness Book of World Records has recognised the place as the largest bust statue. There’s a mandapam on the front, with a yogeshwara Linga consecrated on it.

2. Sree Ayyappan Temple

Sree Ayyappan Temple is referred to as the second Sabarimala Temple for its architecture, puja processions and style. Located in the city’s heart, the place gets a magnificent outlook, overflowed with great art and history. Lord Ayyappa is the core deity. Devotees from all around the world accumulate here to get blessings. Lord Shiva, Sri Murugan, Maha Vishnu and Ma Durga are other important deities one can find.

3. Monkey Falls

Monkey Falls, a significant part of Coimbatore attractions is located at a distance of 67km from the city. The place is situated near Aliyar Dam that lies between Valparai and Pollachi. It is considered a hotspot for thousands of tourists from different parts of the country and is famous for monkeys. Falling from a peak of 60feet, the falls will leave you astonished with its beauty. The place is located close to the main road and can be reached by taking a bus from Pollachi. Taking a bath during the monsoons isn’t recommendable as the water levels are quite high. Enlist Monkey Falls in Coimbatore travel guide to enjoy a peaceful visit.

4. Kodiveri Dam

Situated on the River Bhavani, Kodiveri Dam, a prominent part of Coimbatore tourism is located 75km from the city. A great picnic spot offers unparalleled views and a beautiful park situated by the dam’s bottom side. The place is famous for water sports as the gushing water’s speed into the river isn't very heavy. In addition to this, the area around Kodiveri Dam is a hub to many coracle rowers, offering freshly cooked dishes.

5. Vellingiri Hill Temple

Vellingiri or Kailash of South is known to house the legendary idol of Swayambu or Lord Shiva. Adding to the mountain’s sacredness is the famous temple of Rajathagiri, which is located on the peak of this hill. It is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva used to perform the Tandava Dance. Every year, thousands of tourists and devotees offer prayers at this holy temple. Visiting Vellingiri Hill Temple during Shivratri is an integral part of Coimbatore Tourism.

Things to do in Coimbatore

There's a lot you can do in Coimbatore. Some of the must things to do in Coimbatore are as follows.

Learn about cars at Gedee Museum of Car

Automobile enthusiasts can mark Gedee Car Museum in their Coimbatore travel guide. The museum is divided into various portions, home to about 50 iconic and ancient cars with their history displayed beside them. The museum houses iconic engine replicas and cars manufactured in different nationalities.

Visit Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary is the most well-protected and largest sanctuary in Coimbatore. Home to massive fauna and flora, major reservoirs and perennial rivers, this sanctuary is also abode to several tribal communities. You can involve yourself in a frolic-filled and fun camping activity around the lush green surroundings of the sanctuary. With that, spot animals like Indian fox, Indian porcupine, Bandicoot Rat etc. So, pick this place out of other Coimbatore tourist places to mark a delightful escape away from your crowded city life.

Day at Gass Forest Museum

Conjure the pictures of the rich forest world by planning a day at Gass Forest Museum. Located in the forest college premises, the place is maintained by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Experience a variety of captivating artefacts like wood crafts, timber and non-timber products, wildlife and rare forest insects. If you’re an entomology freak, enlist the place in your Coimbatore travel guide and do visit it on your trip to the town.

Best time to visit Coimbatore

Coimbatore attractions are enigmatic and lively in their own way, alluring travellers from all around the world throughout the year.

Summers are super-hot and humid here, though the evenings offer a pleasurable time. As for the monsoons, Coimbatore city is heavily drenched in the rain the entire season. But, if you’re a fan of rainy weather and want to enjoy the famous festival of Aadi Perukku, monsoons are the best time to visit Coimbatore.

While monsoons and summers might not be the appropriate time to visit the city, winters are considered the best season to visit Coimbatore, as the weather is quite pleasant around this time. The months of September to March offers the perfect span to dive into the magnificence and beauty of the place.

How to reach Coimbatore

Coimbatore city is easily approachable via all means of transportation, main road, rail and air. Go through the provided information to get a detailed overview of how to reach Coimbatore.

By Airways: Flights to Coimbatore are available from metro cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. Peelamedu Airport is the main airport in the city, operating frequent flights. It lies approximately 12 km away from the main town. Hire a private cab or opt for local transport to visit any Coimbatore tourist places from the airport.

By Railways: The town of Coimbatore has two major railway stations Coimbatore North Station and Coimbatore Junction. The North Station links the city with all major parts of the country. From there, you can grab a cab or local transport to travel to any Coimbatore attractions.

By Roadways: You can easily visit Coimbatore via buses which are well-managed by the state transport of Tamil Nadu. Opt for buses to travel to the city from nearby locations like Cochin, Chennai and Trivandrum. In case visiting by car, take the NH-47 national highway, which connects the place to the entire country. Pre-book hotels in Coimbatore to enjoy an organised trip.

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