A travel Guide to Daman

Daman Tourism

Daman, India is part of the Union territory Daman & Diu. This beautiful city is surrounded by Gujarat, Maharashtra, and the Arabian sea. Many Daman tourist attractions and the cheap availability of liquor make this former Portuguese colony famous among the youth. The rich culture and history of this place date back to over 2000 years ago. This region was ruled by the Mughals and then by the Portuguese. Hence the architecture here depicts a mixture of both cultures. The forts and churches in Daman are live examples of its unique architecture.

During the peak season, Daman tourism offers many fun activities. Major Daman tourist places include Nani Daman Fort, Jain Temple, Jampore Beach, Devka Beach, Church of Bom Jesus and many others. This place gives an amazing experience with a wide range of items from leather products, liquor brands, seashell items to handcrafts. For the foodies visiting this place, Daman tours offer a wide range of seafood. A must-try dish here is the Chicken Bullet.

From very cheap to luxurious, there's a wide range available of hotels in Daman. You can make prior bookings to avoid any hassle during the trip. Here’s a Daman travel guide to help you plan your trip.

Places to visit in Daman

1. Devka Beach

Beaches are a huge part of Daman tourism. Among the many beaches, Devka Beach is a massive unspoilt picturesque spot. The beach is known for its black rocks and serene surroundings. It's a must-visit spot among all the Daman tourist places. Located at a distance of 3 km north from Nani Daman, this is a well-maintained beach with clear blue water. You can easily find hotels near this beach. There is a Devka Amusement Park on the beachside, housing huge fountains and play areas. The park has many joy rides, a food plaza, a large garden, and an ice cream parlour. You can get pony rides and camel rides here as well.

2. Lighthouse, Daman

This lighthouse is an important landmark in Daman. It's located within the vicinity of Moti Daman Fort. This fort sprawls across an area of 30,000 square meters. This lighthouse offers an excellent view of the sea traffic and the sunset. There are two lighthouses built very close to each other. One is the old lighthouse and the other is the new lighthouse. The entry in the new lighthouse, built by the government of India, is banned for the general public due to security reasons. Visitors can still enter the old lighthouse and reach its top by a spiral staircase. Lighthouses are a rare sight to find in current times and this one tends to leave an imprint on visitor's minds.

3. Mirasol Lake Garden

One of the major Daman attractions, this man-made garden is a peaceful picnic spot. It's a picture-perfect garden with fountains, a lake, and two man-made islands that are connected by a bridge. The bridge offers a breathtaking view of the entire garden, lake and islands. There are many activities, like computer games and toy trains. There are also boat rides available to add more fun to this garden. A trip to the Mirasol Lake Garden is incomplete without visiting the water park that's located right next to it.

4. St Jerome Fort

Also known as the Nani Daman Fort, this fort is located in the north side of Damanganga river. St Jerome Fort is an ancient marvel giving insights into the rich colonial culture of Daman. A huge statue of St. Jerome is present at the entrance. There is a church inside the fort premises, along with a cemetery and architectural ruins. The most striking feature of this fort is its magnanimous gateway overlooking the river flowing nearby. From this fort, visitors also get a magnificent view of the surroundings, including lush greenery, fishing boats, fish market, and all the hustle-bustle around.

5. Jampore Beach

Another major destination in the list of Daman tourist places is Jampore Beach. This beach attracts attention for its blackish mud-coloured water. Located at a distance of 5 km from the Moti Daman Jetty, this beach is away from the city hustle and a perfect place to relax and find peace. There are trees all over that offer an umbrella-like shade and make this place a little breezy. There are food stalls all around the beach and water sports are also available. Not so harsh waves and low tides make this beach a perfect spot for swimming.

Things to do in Daman

With all the different places, there are plenty of things to do in Daman. There's a wide range of experience that tourists can look forward to. This Daman travel guide has a list of things you can do.


Shopping is a significant part of all the Daman attractions. The city is famous for its markets with a wide range of items from handicrafts, apparels, bamboo items to leather products. You can buy magnificent seashell jewellery in markets near Devka Beach and Nani Daman. Maharaja supermarket and Princess Park are two great places to get oyster artefacts and wall hangings. If you wish to buy some bamboo items, you should consider visiting Maharaja Supermarket, Devka Beach, and Nani Daman. Leather products, including slippers, handbags, wallets, and belts, are also available in these markets. Cheap liquor is available all over the place.

Horse and camel riding at Jampore Beach

Jampore Beach, with its black sand, attracts many tourists for a number of fun activities. Camel and horse riding facilities are easily available here. Colourfully decorated carts are attached to the camels and horses that take you on a ride across the beach. This is a fun way to enjoy the expanses of the Arabian sea.

Water sports

Daman is a coastal city with numerous beaches, which attracts many adventure seekers. There are many water activities available at many beaches, including Devka Beach, Jampore Beach, and Lighthouse Beach of Moti Daman. The range of water sports includes speed boat rides, jet ski rides, water scooter rides, ATV bikes, water parasailing, bumpy rides and banana boat rides.

Devka Amusement Park

Devka Amusement Park is a perfect place to have fun experiences with your family, especially with kids. Overlooking Devka Beach, this adventure is a paradise for a family vacation with a beautiful garden at the park's centre that acts as a perfect picnic spot. There are several fun activities and rides available here, like bungee jumping and water balloon rafting. The park also has many swings and a cricket pitch.

Best time to visit Daman

The pleasant weather of Daman makes it a year-round destination. But the best time to visit Daman is from October to May. If you're interested in experiencing the lush greenery to bloom, you can also visit during the monsoon from June to September. If you want to enjoy the Nariyal Poornima festival, monsoon is the best season to visit Daman.

October to February is the winter season in Daman. Daman tourism peaks during this time the pleasant weather is perfect for sightseeing.

How to reach Daman

This Portuguese town, that's divided into two parts viz. Nani Daman and Moti Daman is connected indirectly with the rest of the country via railways, airways, and roadways. Here's how to reach Daman:

By Airways: Only 3 km away from Daman city, Daman airport is connected with the rest of the major airports in the country, especially Mumbai and Vadodara. There are not very frequently available flights to Daman airport as it's mostly used by the military. You can take a flight to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, from where you can take a cab or bus to Daman.

By Roadways: There are regular private and public bus or taxi services available to and from Vapi, Mumbai, and Surat.

By Railways: The nearest railway station to Daman is Vapi. It's barely 13 km away and you can hail a cab from here to reach Daman.

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