A travel Guide to Gavi

Gavi Tourism

The small village of Gavi, located in Kerala, has grown to become one of the leading ecotourism spots in the world. Gavi owes a lot to its diverse and unique geography for the renowned title. The village is surrounded by many cardamom plantations which are maintained by Kerala Forest Development Corporation (KFDC). Here, KFDC also overlooks an ecotourism project under the permission of the forest department. Tourists need to take permission from the authority for staying in Gavi, India, for any vacation.

Along with the several tourist destinations, Gavi tourist attractions include its varied wildlife and unblemished greenery. It is home to endangered species like the Nilgiri Tahr and the Lion-tailed macaque. Avid bird watchers can add birds like the great pied hornbill to their repertoire. Kerala’s elephants can be viewed in abundance here as well. The spot is also famous for its various fun activities that offer tourists outlets to let off some steam and disconnect from the world. Some of these include safaris, camping, and trekking.

Gavi tours have a lot to offer, including nature in its rawest and most beautiful state. A few days’ stay is advisable. The tourists are given the option of day and stay-over packages that offer them the complete experience of the village. There are many hotels here which offer good enough accommodation facilities for visitors.

Places to visit in Gavi

1. Green Mansion Eco Lodge

It is an important part of Gavi tourism as countless visitors come here in search of a peaceful stay. Located in the lap of nature, the mansion enjoys a beautiful view of Gavi Lake and the nearby forests. One can hitch a boat ride which reeks of relaxation. A visit to the nearby cardamom plantations is a must while staying here, as the aromatic whiffs of the spice are sure to mesmerise you. This lodge has nine rooms, each having somewhere between two to six beds. It is also a good trekking spot and you can be guided by your Gavi travel guide.

2. Periyar Tiger Reserve

The village of Gavi is a part of the Periyar Tiger Reserve and therefore making it one of the most visited Gavi attractions. The reserve gets its name from the River Periyar, which has its source entrenched deep into the forests. It is home to a multitude of flora and fauna, and it offers a variety of ecotourism activities to tourists. Some of the activities include bamboo rafting, trekking following the Periyar Tiger Trail, and camping amongst the dense forests. All these activities have made it into one of the popular Gavi tourist places. This reserve certainly adds to the charm of Gavi and the eco-tourism principles it upholds.

3. Sabarimala Viewpoint

Trekking is a quite common activity amongst the tourists in Gavi. One very popular trekking route is the one that leads to the Sabarimala Viewpoint. It poses as an integral part of Gavi tourism as it gives the visitors a panoramic view of the famous pilgrimage spot. Once atop, you will be treated to the lush green forests spanning acres of land that make for a picturesque image and a picture worth capturing.

4. Pachakanam

Located at the periphery of the village, Pachakanam is another of the famous Gavi attractions. This spot was constructed by the British during their reign in this state. A 19th-century estate is a popular attraction here, which is home to exotic vegetation, as it rubs shoulders with the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

5. Kakki Reservoir

Located a little further away from the town, the Kakki Reservoir can be still mentioned as one of the popular Gavi tourist places. Famous amongst the locals as well as the visitors, the reservoir knows paramount beauty as it is surrounded by serene valleys and forests. These encompassing woods are homes to various animals like tigers, elephants, and deer. The lake also provides for a great boating experience among the tourists.

Things to do in Gavi

Most of the things to do in Gavi revolve around endless nature and appreciating the same. Here are some of the most popular activities that tourists do while staying in this small village.

Jump on a Jungle Safari

One of the most important aspects of Gavi tourism and its eco-tourism project is providing ample opportunities of experiencing the flora and fauna through a safari. There are many packages, divided through the times of day, from which tourists can choose according to their preference. These vehicle safaris allow tourists to see the wildlife and the forests from a very close point of view. You can also get the option of enjoying a pre-safari breakfast and an optional trek during the safari.

Go Boating

Tourists have the option of experiencing boating on the clear waters of Gavi and Kochupamba. They must be wearing life jackets at all times whilst enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The timings usually go from 7 am to 4 pm, and the rates are around Rs. 1000 per person. Your Gavi travel guide will know of the best places that will offer you the best boating experience at reasonable rates.

Visit a Cardamom Plantation

Amongst most Gavi attractions, the multiple Cardamom plantations certainly top the list. The trip will be incomplete if you fail to visit a plantation while in the village. Apart from cardamom, Gavi is also blessed with coffee plantations spread across its land. So take a walk through the fragrant plantations and get a chance to learn about the planting process as well.

Best time to visit Gavi

The best time to visit Gavi is between September and February, when the climate is much cooler and pleasant. This adds to the overall experience for the tourists and visitors. If one wishes to experience the rains of Gavi, they may visit from June to September. But it is advised to avoid a Gavi trip from March to May. It is summer during these months and is not the best season to visit Gavi.

How to reach Gavi

There are many ways to reach the village. Hence, one need not to worry about how to reach Gavi. Here are some of the most feasible ways to do so.

By Air: While there is no direct flight to Gavi, you can take a flight to the Kochi International airport (200 km), the Trivandrum International airport (250 km), and the Madurai airport in Tamil Nadu (195 km), which are the three nearest airports. From these airports, you can reach Gavi via road transportation.

By Road: To reach Gavi, one has to reach Vandiperiyar, a small town 30 km away from the village, the nearest accessible point. People can also reach various Gavi from Thekaddy, which is around 51 km away from the tourist destination. You can book hotels in Thekaddy and visit Gavi from there. Several bus services are available for travelling via road.

By Rail: Gavi does not have its railway station. Tourists will have to take a train to any of the nearest three stations, the Ernakulam railway station (168 km), the Kottayam railway station (128 km), and the Madurai railway station (180 km). From there, people can take a bus or a taxi to reach Gavi.

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