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Chennai Honeymoon Tours

The gateway of South India, Chennai is the capital of the coastal state of Tamil Nadu. Surrounded by metropolitan cities and the Marina sea beach, Chennai Honeymoon tours are ideal for newly-wed couples. With hi-tech urban development and panoramic breezy beaches to visit for a peaceful stroll, this city offers a variety of locations to visit for couples looking forward to a memorable journey. Newly married couples or already married partners looking forward to a romantic trip can opt for Chennai tourism. Since the city is a natural seascape, there are numerous water sports to participate in for an adventure-filled trip. Honeymoon Tours in Chennai is an elaborate and fun venture. It is neighboured by majestic hills, beautiful waterfalls, and exuberant greenery. Hotels in Chennai can be both a high-end rendezvous hub and a pocket-friendly stay.

There are many recreational activities on honeymoon holidays in Chennai for couples. From admiration of antique religious sites to outdoor activities like art and architectural tours, wildlife tours, bird watching tours, amusement parks, and underwater marine walk, a Chennai honeymoon trip offers everything. There are spas as well for couples getting back from a tiring trip. For couples looking forward to a serene and nature-surrounded trip, Chennai honeymoon destinations offer bonfires, strolls by the beaches, trekking and camping. Some religious heritages like the ISCKON are famous honeymoon destinations in Chennai for couples wanting to know about the city’s faith and culture.

Chennai Honeymoon packages provide the best accommodation for couples on their first trip. They also ensure that couples can enjoy their trip to the fullest even on a tight budget. There is an array of mountainscapes, dense forests, and wildlife sanctuaries that couples can add to their Chennai honeymoon vacation packages. It is best to make a list of places that are to be visited beforehand to make the most out of the trip. Couples can book one of the Chennai honeymoon travel packages based on their preference. There are film studios in the area. The state consists of several film cities and studios that have produced some of the most popular Tamilian cinema.

Chennai honeymoon tour packages are packed with entertainment. There are many things to do and innumerable places to visit in Chennai that are included in the packages. Couples can add as many places as they want to their Chennai honeymoon holiday packages. The couples can spend a relaxed honeymoon as all the planning will be done under the packages. It is best to select one of the appropriate Chennai Honeymoon trip packages for a memorable trip and a worthwhile beginning to married life.

Places to visit on Chennai Honeymoon

Chennai has a plethora of experiences for couples. There are many places to visit and many activities to be part of.

Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Chennai Honeymoon tours for an impressive romantic experience.

VGP Universal Kingdom

Among the famous honeymoon destinations in Chennai is the VGP Universal Kingdom. It is one of the largest amusement parks in Tamil Nadu. It is built on 44 acres of land and consists of several sub-places for amusement within this sprawling ground. The Statue Man, VGP Snow park, Petting Animal Zoo, Beach Shows with live performances, and a massive water complex is located inside this amusement park. The VGP 2000 millennium tower and water cascade rides are some of the main attractions of the honeymoon tours in Chennai that couples look forward to.

Kapaleeshwarar Temple

This temple attracts thousands of tourists every year because of its vibrant, colourful, and intricate Dravidian architecture. This ancient sanctum is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are several shrines established inside this temple and a pompous ritual is coordinated every day for worshipping the deity. Couples can consider visiting this majestic set of shrines during their honeymoon holidays in Chennai. For couples, this temple is an ideal quiet getaway as it has a wide area for exploring while providing cultural insight into the city.

Chennai Rail Museum

This is a railway museum that most of the Chennai honeymoon vacation packages add to their schedule. This museum has heritage and technical items to exhibit, including a collection of Steam engines that dates as early as the time of British rule over India. There are metal structures, art galleries, a railway film exhibition theatre, toy train rides, and a rail-themed eatery present inside. This has an ideal date plan for newly married couples and is a must to be visited on a Chennai Honeymoon.

VGP Marine Kingdom

This is a VGP owned marine wildlife aquarium that shelters water mammals and other species of water animals. It is India’s first and the largest aquarium walk-through with life-size vessels that are placed all around and even over the head. For couples who wish to discover and admire underwater wildlife, this is the ideal place. Chennai honeymoon packages are sure to include this sanctuary in their schedule because it has everything a couple can wish to experience. There are man-made habitats that house animals on the verge of extinction. The habitats are rainforest, gorge, mangrove, coastal and deep ocean. The underwater life that comes from these natural environments is preserved here. Chennai honeymoon holiday packages must include the VGP Marine Kingdom in their schedule to ensure the couples have an enchanting underwater walkthrough experience.

Chennai Snake Park

The Chennai Snake Park, also known as Guindy Snake Park, is India’s first park that houses reptiles. It is situated inside the Guindy National Park and is home to several species of snakes like cobras, vipers, pythons and adders. Chennai honeymoon travel packages should count in Guindy National Park for a thrilling experience of the lesser-known wildlife.


This destination is a 55 km drive from Chennai and is a location consisting of ancient monuments, shrines, and the most popular silver sand beaches. Surfing and swimming are some of the activities hosted on the beaches. There are trekking activities available at Mahabalipuram that include a lighthouse stoppage. This destination is a favourite among adventurous couples and is a must in the Chennai Honeymoon tour packages.


This is a silk city, located 75 km away from Chennai. Kanchipuram is famous for the silk sarees that are produced in this location every year and are sold worldwide. The cityscape is a regular tourist point for couples as it houses a south Indian rural environment, magnificent heritage sites, and flourishing bird sanctuaries.

Things to do on Chennai Honeymoon Tour

1. Evening stroll through Marina Beach

Marina beach is one of the longest beaches in the world that stretches for 13 km. The seascape is picturesque and breezy which is ideal for a couple strolling by the sands of the serene beach. There are sports like beach volleyball that take place here along with kite flying and pony rides. It is ideal for a leisurely walk at the time of dusk.

2. Shopping at Pondy Bazaar

Pondy bazaar is an amalgam of street vendors selling various items that are fancy or sturdy. There are several stores here where couples can shop for clothes, jewellery, bags, household items, ethnic items and souvenirs. Many restaurants are situated near this area that serve various delicacies and culinary items from authentic South Indian cuisine.

3. Read books at Anna Centenary Library

This might not be a traditional stoppage for a couple on a honeymoon tour but it is definitely worth a visit. Anna Centenary Library is one of the largest libraries in Asia that consists of around 1.2 million books. Different types of books on knowledge, tour stops and culture are available in this library. Braille studies and provisions for blind individuals are made here.

4. Space tour in Birla Planetarium

BM Birla Planetarium is a great location for couples who love science. With a hybrid projection system, the seating arrangement is made inside a dome and the inner mount of it displays the planetary exhibition. Furthermore, there is a museum attached to it that explains the significance of various space and astronomical bodies.

5. Experience sea life at Royapuram Fishing Harbour

This place is ideal for couples who want to experience coastal life and indulge in the fishery. This harbour is well known for its exhibition and fishing premises. It has an auction hall where exquisite fishes are sold off to worldwide locations. Couples can learn about the history of the area and try the local seafood. Boats are built in this very place and travellers are free to come and watch them being assembled and dispatched for fishing.

6. Parasailing at Covelong Beach

Parasailing is a fun activity that couples can add to their honeymoon trip to Chennai. This water sport is organised at Covelong beach. It costs Rs.700 per person for a 20-minute solo ride. Couples striving for adventure can indulge in parasailing together.

How to reach Chennai

Here is a guide on how to reach Chennai via air, railways, and roads.

Air- Domestic as well as international flights to Chennai are available on a frequent basis. Anna terminal receives international flights from most major cities throughout the world. Kamaraj terminal, which is located at a distance of 150 m from the Anna terminal, has domestic flights connecting major Indian cities with Chennai.

Rail- Chennai Central and Chennai Egmore are the main operational railway stations in the city. They receive frequent trains from the major cities of India.

Road- Various national highways from Chennai connect with neighbouring South Indian cities. Couples can use a car rental service or state transport buses facilitated by the government to reach Chennai without hassle.

Chennai Honeymoon FAQs


What are the top few restaurants to visit for couples on a honeymoon to Chennai?


The top few restaurants to visit in the Chennai honeymoon destination for couples are Basil With A Twist, Roast & Grills, Kayal, Crimson Chakra, Chipstead, Amethyst Cafe (recommended for light dining), and Sunset Grill.


Which beaches are the best spots for couples on a honeymoon to Chennai?


Marina beach, Muttukadu lake, Besant Nagar beach, and Covelong beach are the best beaches for couples to visit on a Chennai honeymoon.


What beachside resorts in Chennai are best for couples?


The Chennai honeymoon tour packages offer the best beachside resorts for newly-wed couples for the most romantic experience. Vivanta By Taj, MGM Beach Resort, Ideal Beach Resort and VGP Golden Beach Resort are best for couples.


What are the best honeymoon hotels in Chennai?


Some of the best hotels to book during honeymoon tours in Chennai are The Leela Palace, Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa, Regenta Central RS. These are the best places that are friendly to couples and provide a romantic ordeal to a honeymoon trip.


What are the prices of the adventurous activities hosted in Chennai for couples?


Here is a list of the activities and their details mentioned are Scuba Diving: Rs.2000, Rock Climbing: Rs.700. Surfing: Rs.1500, Paintball Shooting: Rs.400, Obstacle Course Sprinting: Rs.1000, Canoeing: Rs.1350, Off-road ATV biking: Rs.750, Parasailing: Rs.700, Cruise sailing: Rs.6500.

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