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Dehradun Honeymoon Tours

Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, is a hill station nestled in the Doon Valley. Dehradun honeymoon packages attract a huge number of couples every year. It's among the best hill stations not just in Uttrakhand, but all of India. Since it's a city located in the foothills of the Himalayas, honeymoon tours in Dehradun consist of various natural wonders. From mysterious caves and majestic waterfalls to natural springs, Dehradun is truly a nature lover's paradise. Dehradun tourism is known for more than just its natural beauty. Dehradun is also famous for its rich heritage, culture, and history. The blend of beautiful natural landscapes and modern opportunities in Dehradun, it's both a tourist and a business destination. Despite the recent commercial boom, Dehradun continues to have a laid back vibe that allows couples to enjoy quality time.

While speaking of romantic trips, the Dehradun honeymoon secures a position among the top romantic destinations in India. High mountains and dense forests surrounding Dehradun from all sides add to the beauty of this place. The landscapes and aura of honeymoon holidays in Dehradun are apt to spend quality time with one’s life partner. Moreover, the markets here are packed with a wide variety of items, local delicacies, and culture, giving a nice opportunity for shopping. Dehradun honeymoon tours never fail to live up to couples expectations from their romantic trips. The attractions of Dehradun along with quaint cafes and lounges have many stories for visitors to unveil.

All of Dehradun honeymoon destinations have pleasant climate throughout the year. It's a perfect place to escape the scorching heat of most of the country. Some of the honeymoon destinations in Dehradun are even cooler than the others due to the streams present there. In the monsoon season, Dehradun witnesses drizzle with a little humidity. The humidity during the monsoon season can make sightseeing difficult and in winters, the weather is very cold. Due to the pleasant weather, summer is the ideal time to visit Dehradun.

Dehradun honeymoon holiday packages have something for every kind of couples. There are several mysterious caves to explore the past of this city. Dehradun is also famous for its pilgrimage destinations. The temples included in Dehradun honeymoon vacation packages have a spiritual aura, perfect to start a new chapter of life with blessings. The National Parks and the man-made Lachhiwala Lake are perfect places to explore the wildlife of Uttarakhand. For adventurers, Dehradun honeymoon travel packages are packed with the best trekking terrains, mountain biking, air sports, and water adventures. There are many luxury hotels, resorts, and homestays available in Dehradun for staying. Couples can book their packages in advance to get the best deals. Dehradun honeymoon trip packages can be customised as per couples preference to make the best out of their romantic trip. A honeymoon in Dehradun is a great way to start a new journey of life with a life partner. The various Dehradun honeymoon tour packages make the whole experience seamless.

Honeymoon Places to visit in Dehradun

With beautiful places to visit and exciting things to do, Dehradun honeymoon tours are packed with fun, adventure, and romance. Escaping to Dehradun is a great start to a beautiful journey of life.

Places to visit in Dehradun Honeymoon

From a long list of places worth visiting, here are the best honeymoon destinations in Dehradun for couples to visit.

Robber’s Cave

Also known as Gucchu Pani, Robber’s Cave is a river cave in the Himalayas. It’s one of the best Dehradun honeymoon tours for couples to feel the spiritual aura. The water flows out from the middle of the cave. As the water gushes in, surrounded by the conglomerate limestone formation, the narrow gauge cave gives a mysterious feel. Spending time together here alone, newlyweds are bound to feel a sense of belongingness and resonate with its beauty. It’s the perfect destination for couples to experience the true beauty of Dehradun.


This destination is prominently famous for the therapeutic and medicinal properties of sulphur water. This thousand-fold spring is a mesmerising and beautiful destination near Dehradun. A dip in the sulphur-rich water of Sahastradhara is necessary for a wholesome Dehradun honeymoon. With the cascading through sulphur stalactites, this waterfall is a picturesque destination. Couples can take a ropeway ride here to enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountains. It’s a pleasant destination with a comparably low temperature than other places in Dehradun. With the rich Himalayan vegetation, it’s a serene destination and has tranquillity.

Assan Barrage

Assan Barrage is a paradise for bird lovers. It’s an artificial lake attracting thousands of different species of birds throughout the year. The place created by the confluence of two rivers is now a place full of life and biodiversity. Some of the birds here belong to rare and endangered species in the world. Apart from birds, this place is also very famous as Dhalipur Lake. Assan bridge is always buzzed with tourists and local visitors looking for a pleasant evening. Famous for its natural glory, Assan Barrage is a must-add destination for Dehradun honeymoon packages.


Located in the forest of Rajaji, Lachhiwala is the perfect destination for couples on honeymoon holidays in Dehradun to have a romantic picnic. It’s a picturesque destination with its greenery. The beauty of Lachhiwala is enhanced multiple times with a small stream flowing through the forest. The brook through the forest also acts as a natural waterpark. Couples can engage in various water activities like boating and swimming here. Note, no swimming equipment is provided by the authorities. It’s a perfect destination for couples to spend some quality time together in the greenery.

Tapkeshwar Temple

Tapkeshwar Temple counts for the religious spot included in Dehradun honeymoon tour packages. This temple is a cave shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. The cave is also famous for being the abode of a famous guru Dronacharya. Its location on the banks of a river creates a spirit of holiness. Continuous water trickling on the Shiva Linga enshrined here is the main attraction. Pilgrims also take a bath in the cool sulphur spring before entering the temple. It’s a famous spot for picnics among youngsters. Couples can also enjoy the short trek leading up to the temple. Taking blessings from Tapkeshwar Temple is a great way to start married life.

Malsi Deer Park

Malsi Deer Park is a must-add wildlife destination in Dehradun honeymoon vacation packages. It’s a zoological park situated at the base of the Shivalik Range. Malsi Deer Park is packed with rich flora and fauna. Although the main attraction of this place is Deer, there are many other animals and birds like nilgais, peacock, tigers and rabbits. The Himalayan antelope is also the main attraction here. The serene surroundings of this place are perfect for couples to escape the bustling life.

Things to do in Dehradun Honeymoon Tours

1. Trekking

Dehradun is a city of natural wonders. This city is known to be the gateway to a few of the greatest trekking terrains in India. The trekking trails are surrounded by majestic valleys, snow-capped mountains, meadows and grasslands. Trekking is the best activity in Dehradun for adventure-loving couples. The difficulty level of trekking ranges from easy to very difficult. The best trekking trails in Dehradun are Nag Tibba trek, Dhanaulti trek, Chakrata trek and Har Ki Dun trek. It’s an enchanting experience to add to Dehradun honeymoon holiday packages filled with exciting memories.

2. Paragliding

Paragliding is a thrilling adventure for couples to indulge in Dehradun. Gliding over the majestic landscapes is an experience for couples to cherish forever. With surrounding valleys and hills, Dehradun is one of the most exotic locations for paragliding. Couples can enjoy the Doon Valley and the Deep Valley of Dehradun. It’s a completely safe adventure as there are always certified professionals available to assist in flying.

3. Camping

Dehradun consists of a few of the best campsites in India. Camping in the lap of the mountains is a perfect getaway from everyday life. The panoramic views and the majestic valleys of Dehradun are perfect to spend some quality time together with a life partner. Stargazing at the campsite at night is a memory to behold. Several activities like bonfire, music sessions and outdoor games are also organised at campsites. The best campsites in Dehradun are Camp Taapu Sera, Adventure Camp, and Valley View Camp. Adding a camping night in Dehradun honeymoon travel packages is a great way to make the best of a romantic trip.

4. Safari in Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park is a great destination to experience the wildlife of Dehradun. Jeep safaris through the terrains and core of the National Park is an exciting experience for couples. On these safaris, visitors get to witness some of the rarest and endangered species of the world. Asian elephant, Himalayan black bear, jackal, leopard, civet, leopard, and hyena are a common sight on safaris. The safaris are mostly organised during the morning or evenings. Dehradun honeymoon trip packages are incomplete without the wonderful wildlife of Dehradun.

5. Shopping in Paltan Bazaar

A honeymoon trip to Dehradun with a life partner is incomplete without shopping in Paltan Bazar. It’s one of the most crowded and busiest markets in Dehradun. It has something for anyone and everyone. From handicrafts, spices, footwear, handmade woollen garments, cardigans and art, to home decor items, it’s the best place to collect souvenirs on Dehradun honeymoon trips. Besides shopping, this place is also great to savour the local delicacies of Dehradun.

How to reach Dehradun

Being a major city in Uttrakhand, Dehradun honeymoon destinations are well connected with the rest of the country. Couples can reach this place via airways, roadways, and railways. Here is how to reach Dehradun:

By Air- Flights to Dehradun are frequently operated to and from the Jolly Grant Airport. It’s a domestic airport. Couples from international destinations can board flights to major airports like Mumbai international airport or Delhi international airport and then take connecting flights to Jolly Grant Airport.

By Train- Dehradun is directly connected to major cities like Indore, Delhi, and Kolkata via Indian Railways. The main railway station in the city is Dehradun Railway Station, which is only a few km away from the city centre. Taxi, cab, and bus services are available from here to reach hotels.

By Road- There is good road connectivity of Dehradun with Northern Indian states. Private and government-operated bus services are available frequently to and from Dehradun.

Dehradun Honeymoon FAQs


What is the cost of hotels in Dehradun for a honeymoon?


From affordable to luxurious, there are a variety of hotels in Dehradun. The average range of hotels for a honeymoon is from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 7000. There are also many cheaper hotels included in budget Dehradun honeymoon tour packages.


What are the best places to visit for a honeymoon in Dehradun in the winters?


During winters, the temperature of Dehradun is very low and the climate is very cold. During this time, the best places to enjoy on honeymoon tours in Dehradun are Malsi Deer Park, Forest Research Institute and Tapkeshwar Temple.


Can snow be enjoyed in Dehradun on honeymoons?


Dehradun honeymoon destination does not witness snow like its sister cities. In winters Dehradun is very cold but the temperature is not low enough for snowfalls. Snow in other neighbouring hill stations near Dehradun like Mussoorie can be visited in winters to enjoy the snow.


What are the best cottage stays for a honeymoon in Dehradun?


There are several great cottages available to stay on a Dehradun honeymoon. The best are The River’s Edge Farm, The Dolina Retreat, Panchvati Cottage, and Brigadiers Cottage.


What is the best place in Dehradun for boating?


There are a few places in Dehradun where boating is organised. Out of all the places, the best spot for boating is Lachhiwala Lake. The boating experience here is romantic and surrounded by lush greenery. Boating here is also very economical.

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