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Dhanaulti Honeymoon Tours

Located on the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range, Dhanaulti is a hill station that is also a coveted destination for a honeymoon. It is a spectacular location bordered by the colossal Himalayas. Several Indian couples plan for a Dhanaulti honeymoon every year to spend their first holiday after marriage in this aesthetic land amidst nature. The lush green gorges, lofty mountains, and soothing cold temperature of Dhanaulti create the perfect ambience for a romantic honeymoon. It helps arouse romance and comfort between soulmates. Honeymoon tours in Dhanaulti include sightseeing, adventure activities, star gazing, and shopping. Trying the mouth-watering Himalayan cuisine is another quintessential part of Dhanaulti honeymoon tours. The exquisite tourist spots of Dhanaulti make sightseeing a delightful experience. Honeymoon destinations in Dhanaulti comprise viridescent parks, holy temples, royal forts, and sparkling lakes. Each tourist spot in Dhanaulti has its own charm to lure every couple.

There are multiple diverse Dhanaulti honeymoon destinations that are worth visiting while on a honeymoon. Couples can plan to explore the splendours of the hill station at any time of the year. Many choose to book Dhanaulti honeymoon packages scheduled in the summer months for a retreat from the scorching heat as the weather remains pleasant in Dhanaulti even during that time. If a couple wants to enjoy snowfall, they should plan their honeymoon in the late winter months of January and February. However, some couples choose to go for their honeymoon in the off-seasons to avail the discounts offered on Dhanaulti honeymoon travel packages at that time.

Dhanaulti honeymoon holiday packages claim to cover all the tourist attractions located in the hill station. Couples may choose the tourist destinations as per their preference. Most packages are customisable to fulfil the travel desires of every couple on their Dhanaulti honeymoon tours. Apart from a tour to the distinct tourist attractions, the tour packages also include some adventure activities for couples. Honeymooners can select their preferred activity to enhance the fun of their honeymoon holidays in Dhanaulti. Adventure sports that a couple can add to their travel packages include paragliding, trekking, rafting, and rock climbing. Other fun activities like boating, camping, and shopping for souvenirs can also be indulged in while on a honeymoon in Dhanaulti. Travel agents offering Dhanaulti honeymoon trip packages recommend couples the best activities to do, locations to visit, and time to plan a honeymoon trip to Dhanaulti. From booking flights to hotels, they make all the arrangements for ensuring the safety and convenience of honeymoon couples. Couples will also be provided with delicious food, a travel itinerary and friendly guides under the Dhanaulti honeymoon vacation packages. Honeymooners can get engrossed in each other on their romantic trip without worrying about these arrangements. The best option is to search for a suitable package among Dhanaulti honeymoon tour packages and set out for a dream-like honeymoon tour to the stunning hill station of Dhanaulti.

Honeymoon places to visit in Dhanaulti

There are over 8 striking honeymoon destinations in Dhanaulti that can entice couples with their scenic beauty and unique features.

Places to visit in Dhanaulti Honeymoon

Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations which couples should consider visiting on their honeymoon tour in Dhanaulti.

Deogarh Fort

This historical palace built by the ancient rulers of Deogarh is among the most sought-after Dhanaulti honeymoon destinations. Several couples visit this fort on their honeymoon tour to admire the intriguing architecture of ancient times. The intricate details on carved walls flaunting beautiful murals and rustic shades captivate all visitors. The lawn area adorned with well-nurtured trees and plants elevates the beauty of this fort. It is recommended to visit Deogarh Fort in the morning to witness the eye-pleasing contrast of colours created by the fort and its surroundings.

Eco Park

For an amusing activity-filled day in Dhanaulti, one should add Eco Park in their Dhanaulti honeymoon tours. The park offers a number of interesting and fun activities, like trekking, hiking, and rock climbing. The area displays a collection of exotic and local flora that are worth witnessing. Couples can spot some endangered species of birds that are a rarity in any other location. Many couples trek to an elevated spot in the park to get a spectacular view of the Himalayas and the Doon valley. It is a great destination to indulge in romantic conversations and a lazy stroll amid nature. Nature-loving couples should include this park in their Dhanaulti honeymoon holiday packages.

Surkanda Devi Temple

Flocked by newlyweds and other devotees throughout the year, Surkanda Devi temple is a must-visit place during the honeymoon holidays in Dhanaulti. Located atop a hill near Dhanaulti, this temple offers an enchanting 360-degree view of the entire Garhwal region. A glimpse of the snow-capped Himalayas and Rishikesh can allure tourists of every kind. Newly married couples prefer to come to this revered shrine to pray for their harmonious future together. The place also serves as a picturesque location for clicking photographs with a scenic backdrop. The best time to visit this temple is between the months of May and June during the Ganga Dussehra festival when the temple is embellished with lights and festive vibes.

Tehri Dam

Asia’s largest waterfall, Tehri Dam is a must-have in all Dhanaulti honeymoon travel packages. It is the go-to place for couples to try various water sports like water zorbing, rafting, kayaking, and boating. Fed by Bhagirathi and Bhilangana rivers, Tehri Dam is bound by verdant gardens and towering hills, offering a breathtaking sight. The view can be best experienced while boating in the greenish-blue water of the dam. Couples can plan a one-day tour to this dam and spend some engaging time trying water activities, clicking pictures, and admiring the view.

Dashavatar Temple

This temple is one of the most ancient Hindu temples and is worth visiting while on a Dhanaulti honeymoon. Many couples get awestruck by the flawless architecture of the Gupta period. One may spot inscriptions of the Gupta rulers on the walls of the temple, offering knowledge about ancient rulers and history. Couples who have a knack for history must visit this beautiful temple for learning about architecture and rulers of bygone times. This holy temple protects the idol of Lord Vishnu and is visited by numerous pilgrims and couples every year. The simplicity of the temple and the auspicious ambience help calm the mind and body. Couples love watching birds fly by, clicking pictures with this ancient beauty, and spending some quality time together in the secluded corners near the temple. Married duos can visit this temple at any time between 6 am and 10 pm.

Things to do in Dhanaulti Honeymoon Tour

1. Camping

For spending a romantic night with a streak of adventure, couples should consider camping during their honeymoon tours in Dhanaulti. There are a number of diverse camp locations in Dhanaulti where couples can choose to camp overnight. Many Dhanaulti honeymoon tour packages offer camping to honeymooners. Couples are provided with comfortable Swiss tents, attached bathrooms, delicious meals, and safety equipment. Various adventure and fun activities are also organised at camp locations, including trekking, rock climbing, paragliding, and bonfire with barbeque. Couples can spend the day indulging in these thrilling activities and the night staring at the stars, spending some private moments with each other.

2. Trekking

For adventure enthusiasts, trekking is the ideal activity that can be added to their Dhanaulti honeymoon trip packages. Some of the popular treks in Dhanaulti are Lal Tibba, Gun Hill, Chandrabadni, and Kunjapuri. These trekking locations offer alluring views of the magnificent Himalayas, Dehradun valleys, and lush green forests. Many trek companies organise guided treks for honeymooners and other tourists. It is better to go trekking on a clear-sky day as rainfall can cause inconvenience and risk while walking through the rugged terrains. Couples can explore and admire some Himalayan flora and fauna in these trekking trails. Trekking stimulates easy interaction and comfort among couples, making it an ideal activity for newlyweds.

3. Paragliding

Soaring high gliding through the skies can be a one-of-a-kind experience for couples on their honeymoon. Paragliding gives this thrilling experience to couples. Many Dhanaulti honeymoon vacation packages offer paragliding in association with the top paragliding companies of Dhanaulti. Amateur paragliders are given proper training before sending for the sail. Couples can experience a blend of romance and adventure while paragliding over the lands of Dhanaulti. The expansive bird’s-eye view of the hill station, with its beautiful and varied landscapes, fascinates the couples. Couples can click each other’s pictures of paragliding which serve as amazing memoirs for the rest of their life.

4. Boating

For a relaxing and romantic evening, couples can opt for boating in the Company Garden lake in Dhanaulti. At a nominal fee, couples can hire a boat having vibrantly adorned dual seats. The crystal clear water, the scenic landscapes, and the clear blue sky juxtapose to create a spectacle worth admiring. Couples can relax and row through the tranquil waters. Boating offers a great time for having romantic conservations and showing romantic gestures. It also helps in rejuvenating the body after a hectic tour. For couples who prefer relaxation over adventure, boating is the best activity to engage in while on a honeymoon in Dhanaulti. Couples should look for this refreshing activity while surfing through Dhanaulti honeymoon packages.

How to reach Dhanaulti

Dhanaulti is well-connected with all states in India via flights, cars, and trains. Here is a quick guideline on how to reach Dhanaulti.

By Air - The nearest airport to Dhanaulti is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. Both domestic and international flights arrive at this airport. Couples can board flights to Dehradun from many Indian cities and hire a car from Dehradun airport to reach Dhanaulti.

By Rail - To reach Dhanaulti via train, couples have to book tickets to Dehradun. From Dehradun Railway Station, they can avail a bus or a cab to reach Dhanaulti which is about 60kms away.

By Road - Both inter-state and intra-state buses can be availed to travel to Dhanaulti. Regular buses run from Uttarakhand states like Dehradun, Nainital, Mussoorie, and Rishikesh to Dhanaulti. Couples can also hire a taxi or a car for a road trip to Dhanaulti from the neighbouring states.

Dhanaulti Honeymoon FAQs


What is the average cost of a Dhanaulti honeymoon tour of four days?


The average cost of a Dhanaulti honeymoon tour of four days will be around Rs. 13,000. The cost will vary, however, depending on the duration of the tour, hotels, destinations, and activities opted for. Dhanaulti Honeymoon tour packages are offered at varying prices to suit the budget and requirements of the couples. You can also avail discounts on such packages for cutting down the cost of a Dhanaulti honeymoon trip.


Are there any luxury hotels or resorts in Dhanaulti that can be booked for a honeymoon?


Yes, there are a number of luxurious resorts and hotels in Dhanaulti that are suitable for accommodation on a honeymoon. These hotels are famous for providing premium services and comfortable rooms. Some of the best luxury hotels that can be booked for a Dhanaulti honeymoon are as follows:Silver Dew Resort, Himalayan Splendour Resort, Royal Residency, Bamboo Junction Resort and Burans Valley View Hotel


What are the local modes of transport that can be availed to visit tourist spots in Dhanaulti?


Buses and taxis are the main local modes of transport in Dhanaulti. You can avail the intra-state buses that run through many important tourist spots in Dhanaulti. You can easily find a taxi or a cab from each Dhanaulti honeymoon destination. These buses and online and offline cabs can be availed to visit different tourist spots in Dhanaulti.


What adventurous sports can be tried while on a honeymoon in Dhanaulti?


Dhanaulti is a location that offers a varied range of adventure sports to tourists and natives. The thrilling adventure sports that can be tried on honeymoon tours in Dhanaulti are paragliding, zip-lining, rappelling, camping, trekking, mountain biking, and skating.


What kind of clothes shall I pack for a honeymoon trip to Dhanaulti?


If you are going on a honeymoon trip during the summer season, pack some comfortable cotton clothes along with light woollen sweaters, shawls, and caps. If you go for a honeymoon in Dhanaulti during the winter, you need to carry heavy woollen clothes, full-covered dresses, woollen caps, and gloves.

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