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Goa Honeymoon Tours

Goa, the coastal state, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. This state is famous among youngsters and couples because it is the ideal festive destination amid beaches. This city experiences warm and sunny weather almost throughout the year, making a Goa honeymoon perfect for sightseeing and sunbathing by the beach. The variety of sights and immense biodiversity of this state adds to its vibrancy and liveliness. These form the coveted honeymoon destinations in Goa and are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. A sizzling nightlife, a plethora of activities, and a wide stretch of beaches offer the perfect atmosphere for couples to have a fun and relaxing honeymoon. The state was influenced by the Portuguese for almost 400 years and that reflects on its culture, festivities, and architecture. This gives an intriguing historic perspective to Goa honeymoon destinations.

Honeymoon tours in Goa are filled with visits to beaches, temples, and churches which are unique to this state. Goa is filled with flea markets that are crowded with tourists all year round. The main souvenirs to buy from Goa are boho items like beachwear, shell accessories, junk jewellery, and local clothing items. Goa honeymoon tours offer couples a mix of nature and unique culture. There is something to engage and charm every type of couple visiting Goa. Furthermore, there are several water sports and enthralling activities for couples as well. Honeymoon holidays in Goa can be about partying, sightseeing, or trying varied adventures. Couples can go for a romantic dinner by the beaches or take part in the ecstatic parties that are hosted regularly in Goa. They may also relax and spend some intimate time together in the hotels. Many hotels in Goa offer an eye-soothing view of the beaches and sea through the window.

Adventurous activities like surfing, kayaking, boating, scuba diving and rafting are a must in the Goa honeymoon tour packages itinerary. These activities can be enjoyed by booking the package that offers such adventures for couples. Goa honeymoon trip packages arrange everything on behalf of couples starting from travel, accommodation, food and especially sightseeing. Couples can add or remove any of the services to fit their requirement. Goa honeymoon vacation packages are scheduled at various times of the year. Couples may choose the most suitable time for themselves and accordingly go for a package that covers their trip plans. Goa honeymoon travel packages will brief the couples on the landmarks of the city and couples can choose the sights they want to visit from the list given. After booking a proper package, couples can tour the city to their heart’s content and appreciate the wonderful sites that Goa has to offer. Goa honeymoon holiday packages allow couples to customise their trips according to their preferences as well as budget. These packages have some perks and cover many adventures and sights that make the honeymoon memorable and hassle-free. It is recommended to surf through, choose the appropriate one out of the Goa honeymoon packages and head out for a carefree trip with one’s partner.

Honeymoon places to visit in Goa

There are many culturally enriched Goa honeymoon destinations to explore and several adventures to participate in. These combine to make a Goa honeymoon an incredible and unforgettable trip for couples.

Places to visit in Goa Honeymoon

Goa tourism caters to every couples’ cravings. There are innumerable destinations to visit and have a good time in Goa. Here are some of the best places in Goa.

Mangueshi Temple

Part of most Goa honeymoon packages, this temple is dedicated to Lord Mangueshi, a form of Lord Shiva that is recognised in Goa. It is a major tourist attraction and is visited by most couples on their Goa honeymoon. Couples worship at this temple and pray for their prosperous future together. The Mangueshi Temple is perfect for those who want a taste of an authentic Goan lifestyle, far from the commercialised beaches. The temple is set among dense forests and flourishing paddy fields with mango and jackfruit groves along with large palm trees. This creates the idyllic ambience for a meditative retreat. The temple can be visited throughout the day but it dazzles at night when it is illuminated by scores of candles. Couples can spend a rejuvenating day worshipping at the temple, clicking pictures with the scenic backdrop and strolling amid virgin nature.


Fontainhas is a heritage site situated in the capital city of Panaji and is one of the best places to visit in Goa. This famous tourist destination must be included in the couples’ Goa honeymoon holiday packages. The lively colours of the houses and walls uplift the mood and the beautiful works of art in the house are worth the appreciation. The history and culture of the Portuguese-ruled city can be experienced here. Couples are bound to get mesmerised by the traditional Azulejos Tile Name Plates, beautiful doors and spectacular designs on the windows. It is a paradisal location for having photo sessions. This Portuguese enclave also offers some local delicacies that couples can try during their visit. Many visit the Fontainhas chapel to pray to Jesus and experience the tranquil ambience.

Calangute Beach

Renowned as the queen of beaches in Goa, Calangute Beach is one of the most picturesque honeymoon destinations in Goa. It serves as a haven for couples who are nature lovers. This beach is the biggest and the most popular one in North Goa, with a scintillating charm to it. The lively markets there sell everything, from the scrumptious food to cheap jewellery, clothes and trinkets. The beach is full of palm and coconut trees and the Arabian Sea behind is the perfect natural backdrop. Couples can enjoy the alluring view of the mesmerising sunrises and sunsets on this beach.

Baga Beach

Baga Beach is a famous beach in North Goa that pulls thousands of couples, tourists, and water sports enthusiasts. It is the most happening beach to visit during Goa honeymoon tours. This beach has a common coastal line from Sinquerim and Candolim. The Bagga shore is considered quite enthusiastic and entertaining. This beach is the hub for late-night parties. Party-loving couples mostly arrive at this beach at night and party all night long. Bagga beach is well known for its dazzling nightlife, enchanting musical feats, delicious food, and designer clothing shops. A wide range of adventure sports is also hosted there that can be added to the Goa honeymoon vacation packages. Couples can try those sports at the Baga beach for an adrenaline rush during their tour.

Dudhsagar waterfalls

The Dudhsagar Waterfalls are placed on the Goa to Karnataka border and are one of the must-have sites in Goa honeymoon tour packages. The four-tier cascading waterfall is one of the tallest in India and is located atop the Mandovi River. The water gushes down from a height of nearly 1000 feet off a range. Reaching the waterfalls is challenging but it is worth the effort. They are ideally visited during the monsoon as the waterfalls come to their full potential at that time due to heavy precipitation. The lush dense forest and the majestic waterfall are a sight to remember.

Things to do in Goa Honeymoon Tour

1. Scuba diving at Grand Island

Adventure-seeking couples can try scuba diving in Goa. Scuba diving at Grand Island offers the opportunity to witness exquisite marine life like turtles, beautiful coral reefs, underwater shrubs and fishes. Couples can swim alongside exotic aquatic creatures, click photographs with them, and enjoy this euphoric experience. Grand Island is a great choice for water sports enthusiasts who have planned their schedules via Goa honeymoon trip packages.

2. Bungee Jumping at Mayem Lake

Bungee jumping is another venture sport that couples can indulge in. It is organised at Mayem Lake located in the Bicholim district. It is a spot for recreational activities in the state. This adventure attracts sports enthusiasts and fulfils their desire for enthrallment. The huge leap of faith from an elevated point makes couples feel free and liberated. This activity is worth participating in for the thrill. Couples add this activity to their Goa honeymoon travel packages for a thrilling experience.

3. Experiencing the joy of sailing

Sailing on the shores of the Arabian Sea and viewing the seascape from sailboats are among the best activities to do in this place. This activity allows couples to marvel at the gushing waves of the sea. Couples can also consider indulging in a plethora of thrilling activities like kayaking as well as crab catching and fishing while sailing. The beauty of the sea encountered while sailing during honeymoon tours in Goa is bound to make couples feel refreshed.

How to reach Goa

Goa is a famous coastal state that receives numerous visitors coming from within the country or abroad at all times. Here is a guide on how honeymooners can reach Goa conveniently.

By Air- The Goa International Airport in Dabolim receives flights from major Indian cities and abroad. Flights to Goa are available at frequent intervals. It is about 30 km from the capital of Goa, Panaji. Couples can take a cab from the airport to reach hotels in Goa.

By Road- Goa is properly connected to the major cities of India through several National and State Highways. Goa's public transport consists of private and government-operated buses. These buses run between several surrounding cities of Goa. One can book bus tickets online and avail buses that come at regular intervals. Couples may also hire a cab for a road trip to Goa. 

By Railways- There are two primary railway stations in Goa, Madgaon, and Vasco-da-Gama. Goa is properly connected to all other Indian states through railway lines. Trains are easily available from most Indian cities to Goa.

Goa Honeymoon FAQs


What is the price range for a honeymoon package to Goa?


To enjoy proper honeymoon tours in Goa, it is important to book a decent package that includes many benefits. The price range for a honeymoon package to Goa starts from Rs.10,000 and goes up to Rs.38,000. It may vary depending on the duration of the tour and the services availed.


What is the appropriate cost of hotel accommodation for a honeymoon to Goa?


Several Goa honeymoon tour packages customise the trip plan and accommodation according to the preference of the couples. The cost of hotel accommodation depends on the hotels chosen by the couples for lodging. There are budget hotels that provide rooms at Rs.200 per night. On the other hand, upscale hotels provide rooms at prices ranging from Rs. 2000 to Rs.10,000 per night.


What are the most popular beaches in Goa that my partner and I can visit during our honeymoon?


Goa is blessed with plenty of beautiful and lively beaches. Some of the beaches that you and your partner can visit on your Goa honeymoon are as follows: Baga Beach, Morjim Beach, Candolim and Calangute, Sinquerim Beach, Benaulim and Varca Beach


What items should be packed and carried along for a beach trip to Goa?


Couples who are looking for a beach trip to Goa should consider packing beachwear, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, water bottles, and sandals. Swimsuits are a must if you want to take a dip in the sea. It is also recommended to carry some medicines for an emergency purpose.


What is the appropriate number of days to spend for a honeymoon in Goa?


The appropriate number of days for a honeymoon trip to Goa depends on the locations you want to visit and the activities you want to try. The appropriate number of days to spend for a honeymoon in Goa is ideally six days. It is sufficient to cover each Goa honeymoon destination and enjoy it to the fullest. For couples who are looking for a shorter trip, 3 nights and 4 days are appropriate.

Plan You Travel

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