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Gujarat Honeymoon Tours

Gujarat, the westernmost state of India, is famous for its architecture, vibrant culture and rich heritage. Gujarat tourism attracts tourists from all over the world for the lively and young vibe in its attractions. From population and cultures to food, it's a diverse state perfectly representing the true spirit of India. Honeymoon tours in Gujarat are a perfect blend of art, history, music, and culture. From religious places to adventurous places and romantic spots, Gujarat has it all. From the vast white salt desert of Kutch to a group of islands in Dwarka and the Girnar group of mountains, honeymoon destinations in Gujarat truly offer a wholesome experience to newlyweds. A well-known speciality of this vibrant state is its festivals. A Gujarat honeymoon is filled with Garba in Navratri, the Rann Festival in winters and the Kite Festival around Makar Sankranti. The lively markets of Gujarat filled with handloom, textile, handicraft, traditional clothes, and street food are also a treat for travel enthusiasts. Honeymoon holidays in Gujarat are incomplete without digging into these markets.

The beautiful Gujarat honeymoon destinations are perfect for couples to have a memorable experience. Gujarat enjoys pleasant weather almost throughout the year. Due to the cool weather and many festivals organised in winters, it's the best time of the year for planning Gujarat honeymoon tours. The state is a bit dry and hot during the summers while the monsoon witnesses excessive humidity.

Gujarat honeymoon travel packages let the couples experience the diversity of this country. There is a wide range of experiences awaiting couples in Gujarat. The adventurers on the Gujarat honeymoon packages include trekking and hiking through the Gir forest. Wildlife lovers can witness a wide range of flora and fauna along with the rarest species of migrating birds. There are also many romantic experiences, like watching a sunset together, included in Gujarat honeymoon trip packages. Gujarat is also a famous honeymoon destination because of its spiritual aura. Somnath Temple and Dwarka are among the top places included in Gujarat honeymoon tour packages to start married life with the blessings of God.

Gujarat honeymoon holiday packages range in prices and the average packages are easily affordable. The travel, accommodation and eating arrangements are all included in such packages. The customised Gujarat honeymoon vacation packages are the best way for couples to make the most out of their first romantic trip as a married couple.

Honeymoon Places to visit in Gujarat

Gujarat honeymoon tours are packed with interesting experiences. There are many fun and romantic places to visit and things to do for couples.

Places to visit in Gujarat Honeymoon

Here is a list of the best honeymoon destinations in Gujarat for couples to visit on their romantic trips.


Located in the Dang district, Sapatura is the only hill station in Gujarat. Being a location filled with several romantic spots, it’s among the top Gujarat honeymoon destinations. It’s a naturally beautiful place with surrounding lush green forests and underlying mountains. The place is not yet properly commercialised which makes it calmer than a typical hill station. With winding roads, waterfalls, and cubbyholes, Sapatura is a perfect getaway from the hustling everyday life. The charming hill station provides a peaceful environment for couples to spend time together. There are several activities organised here, including boating rides and amusement park rides. After spending a fun day, couples can watch the sunset together from the famous sunset point here.


Kutch is known to be one of the most surreal places in India. It’s a beautiful destination that seems like a vast white salt desert. This district is very low populated and attracts a large number of tourists. Couples visiting Kutch in the winters, from December to February can witness the place coming to life during the Kutch Festival. There are huge camp settlements here during this time. Couples can stay in the camps and enjoy cultural festivals and adventure activities. Kutch festival is its own experience, found nowhere else. There are many other attractions here including Flamingo Sanctuary, Wild Ass Sanctuary, and Kutch Museum. The uniqueness makes this place a must-add place on Gujarat honeymoon packages.


Diu has an abundance of romantic places for couples to visit. The influence of the Portuguese on the architecture and culture of Diu gives this town an old-world charm. Due to the low population density, it's a peaceful and calm place to visit. Off the top, the Diu Fort and the Lighthouse are the main attractions in this place. It's a perfect place for couples to walk hand in hand and have a great time. Other worth visiting places here include Naida Caves and St. Paul Church. Diu is also famous for the authentic local food available in the restaurants here. Adding Diu in Gujarat honeymoon vacation packages is bound to leave couples with memories to cherish forever.


Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat, is the heart and soul of this state. To truly feel the essence of Gujarat and its significance in India, one must visit Ahmedabad. Its culture is beautiful and the old part of Ahmedabad has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's an industrial and educational hub in Gujarat. For couples on honeymoon holidays in Gujarat, the magnificent past, food, and culture of Ahmedabad will be a treat. A bit of colonial history is also reflected in some places of Ahmedabad. Couples can visit the famous Swaminarayan Temple to take blessings, Dada Hari Wav to explore the ancient past, Kankaria Lake for some quality time, and Auto World Vintage Car Museum to see some of the best cars ever made in the world. It's also the best place for couples to collect souvenirs on their honeymoon trip.


Home to the glorious Somnath Temple, Somnath is Gujarat's temple town. The town offers a great spiritual experience. It's a significant place in Gujarat known for mythological value and legends in addition to religious value. The Somnath Temple and the Somnath beach are the primary places that attract tourists here. Besides them, couples can also visit Somnath Museum, Gita Mandir, Balukh Tirtha, and Kamnath Mahadev Temple. For newlywed couples, taking blessings from the temples of Somnath on honeymoon tours in Gujarat is a great way to start the new journey of life.

Things to do in Gujarat Honeymoon Tours

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

There is nothing as wondrous as floating over the landscapes of a beautiful city, holding hands with a life partner. Up in the sky, couples get to watch the bird's eye view of Gujarat. It's a very exciting experience to have on Gujarat honeymoon travel packages. There are several places where hot air balloon rides are organised in Gujarat. The Rann Festival of Gujarat is considered the best place for a hot air balloon ride. Besides that, it's also organised at Kankaria Lake.

2. Jeep Safari in Gir National Park

A Jeep Safari through the Gir Jungle trail is an exciting experience to add to Gujarat honeymoon trip packages for couples. The Safari is organised by the forest department and requires permission from Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge Office. The speciality of a Jeep Safari in Gir National Park is that couples get to witness the rare Asiatic Lion in their natural habitat. They're not a rare sight here. However, the only other place to spot Asiatic Lions is in Africa. Gir National Park is considered to be India's biggest cat sanctuary. Besides them, it's home to a wide variety of wildlife. Spotted deer, sambar deer, leopard, chinkara, hyena, and chausingha are among other important animals witnessed on this safari. Gir National Park is a paradise for wildlife lovers and photographers.

3. Hike through the Girnar

For couples who love to indulge in the adventure together, hiking through the hills of Girnar is a great activity to do on their Gujarat honeymoon. The Girnar group of mountains are trekkers and hiker's retreat and heaven in Gujarat. These hills are surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the Junagadh district. The trails leading up to the top are a treat on their own. Other historically significant places like the Junagadh rock inscription of Rudradaman can also be explored here.

4. Beach camping at Beyt Island

At a distance of about 30 km from Dwarka is located a small island called the Beyt Island. There are various activities organised on this island. Marine camping is the most significant activity in which couples get to stay on the shore for a day or two. Other activities famous among tourists here are sea excursion, dolphin spotting and picnic. Other than the tourism significance, Beyt Island is also known for its mythology and legends.

5. Scuba Diving in Dwarka

Scuba diving at Dwarka beach is a famous activity to be included in Gujarat honeymoon tour packages. It's a fresh escape activity in the religious Dwarka city. The islands here are fringed by coral reefs, mangrove swamps, and sandy beaches. The diverse collection of coral reefs, turtles, whale shark, octopus, and seahorse can be spotted in the underwater city. During the diving experience, some recently excavated remains of ancient Dwarka can also be witnessed. The beauty of the blue waters and the vast underwater sea life of Dwarka are bound to have couples mesmerised.

How to reach Gujarat

Since Gujarat is among the most important states in India, it's easily accessible from any part of the world. Gujarat is very well connected with the rest of the country via airways, roadways, and railways. Here is how to reach Gujarat:

By Air- There are in total of 17 airports in Gujarat. Sardar Vallabhbhai International Airport in Ahmedabad is the main airport of Gujarat. There are frequent flights to Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara from major places like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Junagadh, Bhuj and Rajkot are also accessible in Gujarat via daily and weekly flights.

By Train- The main railway stations in Gujarat are Porbandar, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Veraval and Gandhidham. Ahmedabad railway station connects Gujarat to Maharashtra and Rajasthan while Vadodara railway station connects to Delhi. Taxi, cabs, and bus services are available from railway stations to reach hotels in Surat, Vadodara or other cities in the state.

By Road- There are many National Highways that connect Gujarat with the rest of the country via road. There are daily bus services available to Gujarat from neighbouring states. There are also privately operated bus services to reach Gujarat from long distances.

Gujarat Honeymoon FAQs


What is the best way to travel between cities on a honeymoon in Gujarat?


Most of the cities in Gujarat are easily accessible via railway. Hence it would be the most convenient way for time saving and comfortable travel between cities on honeymoon tours in Gujarat. However, there are some cities that might be accessible only via road. For such places, travel buses are the best option.


What type of food is available on honeymoons in Gujarat?


The food culture in Gujarat is vegetarian friendly. From kachoris and samosas to dhoklas and khandwis, the local food is influenced by the North Indian cuisines. It's also very easy to find non-vegetarian food and international cuisines in restaurants in Gujarat.


What is the ideal time length of a honeymoon in Gujarat?


The ideal time required for a Gujarat honeymoon is 4 nights and 5 days. The honeymoon vacation can also be stretched to 6 to 7 days to thoroughly explore the state.


What are the most romantic staying options in Gujarat?


The most romantic resorts and hotels to include in Gujarat honeymoon tour packages are Courtyard by Marriott Surat, Renaissance Ahmedabad Hotel, Efcee Sarovar Portico, and Wyndham Ahmedabad Shela.


The best market in Gujarat to shop on a honeymoon?


The best market in Gujarat to shop is Dhalgarwad. It's the best Gujarat honeymoon destination to buy the famous textile, handlooms, handicraft, and traditional clothes of Gujarat.

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