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With snow-capped mountains and glistering streams running down the mountains, Gulmarg tourism offers a close encounter with nature. This famous hill station in Kashmir is considered to be one of the most romantic places, and hence, the Gulmarg honeymoon trips are a popular choice among newly-weds. Surrounded by lush green meadows and covered with tall pine and fir trees, Gulmarg has the best climate for winter lovers. It is at a height of 2370 m above sea level and gets snowfall during the winter season. The splendid beauty of this place makes Gulmarg honeymoon destinations a paradise. The destinations are at their prettiest during winter. Nonetheless, a Gulmarg honeymoon tour takes place during both the summer and winter seasons.

Honeymoon destinations in Gulmarg are enchanting for their sheer beauty and breathtaking landscape. Gulmarg is also known as the meadow of flowers because of the diverse and colourful flora which blooms during the summertime. Honeymoon tours in Gulmarg are the best as couples get to explore this fairy tale land and enjoy the view of the picturesque Himalayan range. There are a lot of tourist spots where couples can spend some quality time with each other. Honeymoon holidays in Gulmarg include sightseeing as well as many romantic and fun activities. It is a completely romantic feeling to walk in the snow with one’s beloved. Gulmarg is the best destination for honeymoon couples to enjoy the bliss of nature and booking a travel package is the best way to plan for a Gulmarg honeymoon. Gulmarg honeymoon packages include flight tickets and booking of the resorts or hotels for the honeymoon couples beforehand so that they can have a comfortable stay in Gulmarg.

All the Gulmarg honeymoon holiday packages include a sightseeing program to all the romantic and attractive tourist spots in and around Gulmarg. Couples get to visit the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, the famous Strawberry Field, Alpather Lake and Seven Springs among many other famous tourist spots. Gulmarg honeymoon travel packages allow couples to enjoy the tranquil nature and provide a memorable honeymoon trip. There are a lot of stunning places for couples to visit in Gulmarg and all the honeymoon packages cover them. Gulmarg honeymoon vacation packages can be personalised. Couples can choose the tourist spots to visit and activities to enjoy. The Gulmarg honeymoon tour packages also include candlelight dinners for couples in the resorts and hotels on their first night. Planning a honeymoon trip to Gulmarg is worth the money as the serene beauty of this place is beyond words and couples can make a lot of romantic memories here. All the Gulmarg honeymoon trip packages ensure that couples fall in love with the beauty of Gulmarg and with each other all over again.

Honeymoon places to visit in Gulmarg

Gulmarg honeymoon consists of a lot of beautiful tourist destinations for couples to enjoy and explore. The list of fun activities is a long one as well.

Places to visit in Gulmarg Honeymoon

Here are some of the best Gulmarg honeymoon destinations.

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

This reserve is home to numerous species of flora and fauna of Gulmarg. A Gulmarg honeymoon tour always includes Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. For all the nature and wildlife lovers couples, this biosphere reserve is a must-visit. Couples can spot musk deer, hangul, serow, brown bear, leopard, red fox, and black bear roaming in the forest of this reserve. Couples can also find a lot of migratory birds and rare animals during the winter season. The Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve remains open from 10 am to 4 pm.

Strawberry field

Honeymoon destinations in Gulmarg remain incomplete without paying a visit to the beautiful strawberry field of Gulmarg. The strawberry valley is a treasure trove of Gulmarg tourism. Tourists from all over the world visit this valley to enjoy the fresh strawberries of Gulmarg. The best time to explore the strawberry valley is during the harvesting season. This also happens to be a favourite spot for the filmmakers, as the valley is gorgeous. Couples can walk around the valley and pluck strawberries. The scenery of this place is breathtaking as the clear sky merges with the green meadows and makes it an exquisite and romantic spot for couples.

Apharwat Peak

A trip to Apharwat Peak is included in all the honeymoon tours in Gulmarg. This is one of the most attractive places of Gulmarg and is visited by a lot of couples every year. This peak is at an altitude of 4200 m, above sea level. It is covered in snow almost throughout the year and becomes a spectacular view for the tourists. The Apharwat Peak is in the second phase of the famous Gulmarg Gondola ride. This summit is also one of the best places in Gulmarg for skiing and snowboarding. The famous Ningle Nallah originated from this peak. Couples can reach this destination by ropeway and it takes around 12 minutes.

Alpather Lake

Located 13 km away from Gulmarg, this pristine and tranquil lake is a must-have in all the honeymoon holidays in Gulmarg. It is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in Gulmarg. The gorgeous water body is surrounded by snow-capped mountains on one side and beautiful lush green meadows on the other side. The clear and still water of this lake reflects the entire landscape which surrounds it. The Alpather Lake is hence a famous spot for landscape photography. For all the nature-loving couples, this is a perfect romantic destination in Gulmarg. Here, couples can ride a pony and enjoy the stunning view of the surroundings.

Gulmarg golf course

One of the most crucial tourist spots which are included in Gulmarg honeymoon packages is this famous golf course. The Gulmarg golf course is considered the highest and largest 18-hole golf course in India. This golf course is also one of the best summer golfing spots in the world. The best part about this golf course is that even the non-members can enter the area and try their hands at golf. It is nestled amidst the spectacular mountain ranges which makes it a beautiful destination to visit. Golfers from all over the world come to the Gulmarg golf course and play. This place is open from 8 am to 10 pm for all the tourists and travellers.


This small and breathtaking valley is added to most Gulmarg honeymoon holiday packages. The splendid meadow is covered with colourful flowers like daisies, buttercups, forget-me-nots and a variety of wildflowers. From Khilanmarg, couples can view the breathtaking peaks of the Himalayan ranges and Kashmir valleys. Nature lovers will enjoy the majestic alpine forest and the green lush meadows carpeted with flowers. This is also another famous spot for skiing and snowboarding during the winter season when the slopes of the valley are covered with glistening white snow. Along with a spectacular backdrop, the place also has a lot of lakes like Jhelum and Wular.

Things to do in Gulmarg Honeymoon Tour

1. Gondola ride

The Gondola ride is one of the most famous and exciting things a couple should include in their Gulmarg honeymoon vacation packages. The gondola is also known as the cable car or ropeway. The ride takes place in three different phases. Phase 1 is from Gulmarg to Kongdoori, Phase 2 is from Kongdoori to Apharwat Peak and Phase 3 is from Apharwat Peak to Mary Shoulder. It costs Rs. 1700 for two. Gulmarg Gondola is the second-highest ropeway. The best season to enjoy the cable ride is during winters as the couples can also enjoy snowboarding or skiing on those snow-capped mountains after the Gondola ride to the phases.

2. Hiking to the St Mary Church

This early 20th-century church is of fine craftsmanship and shows the Victorian culture in Gulmarg. It is a 100-year-old church that is standing tall and looks magnificent with the splendid backdrop of the Himalayan range. A hike to the St. Mary Church is a must-do activity for all the adventurous couples and a must-included in their Gulmarg honeymoon tour packages. The church is made out of grey stones and has a slanted roof. The inside of the church is mostly built of wood. It is a remarkable piece of Victorian architecture. The only way tourists can reach this church is by trek. The church is surrounded by lofty mountains and green meadows covered with flowers. During the winter season, the entire valley is covered with thick snow and the church looks spectacular.

3. Skiing

Gulmarg valleys and hilltops are some of the most breathtaking and picturesque destinations for winter sports activities. Many of the Gulmarg honeymoon trip packages include skiing as part of the honeymoon for couples to enjoy and have a memorable time in Gulmarg. Skiing the slopes of the Gulmarg valleys is considered to be one of the most popular adventurous sports of Kashmir. The Apharwat Peak of Gulmarg has the longest ski slope in the whole of Asia. It has gained a lot of popularity recently among the young crowd. The third highest ski resort is also in Gulmarg and is known worldwide. Couples need to get a ski pass which is Rs. 700 to 900.

How to reach Gulmarg

Here’s a guide on how couples can reach Gulmarg.

By Air- There is no airport or direct flights to Gulmarg. The nearest airport is Srinagar Airport which is 56km away from the main city. Couples can take flights to Srinagar and then avail taxi or private car to reach the hotels or the destination in Gulmarg.

By Road- Gulmarg is a very well-connected destination. There are lots of public and private buses which travel to and from Gulmarg daily. Tourists can also book private cars and travel to Gulmarg or nearby locations.

By Rail- The nearest railway station to Gulmarg is the Jammu Railway Station. This railway station is linked well with all the nearby railway stations and cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Gulmarg Honeymoon FAQs


When is the best time to visit Gulmarg for watching the snow?


The best time to get snowfall and enjoy a splendid Gulmarg honeymoon is during the months of January and February. This is the peak winter season in Gulmarg.


What is the average cost of honeymoon tours in Gulmarg for couples?


The average cost of honeymoon tours in Gulmarg for couples varies based on the choice and preferences of couples. It can approximately cost Rs 15000 to 18000. The cost increases or decreases based on how many Gulmarg honeymoon destinations are included in the packages.


What should one carry in Gulmarg during winters?


Couples should carry thick woollen cloths, caps, gloves and scarves during their honeymoon tours in Gulmarg. The winters are extremely chilled and the temperature drops below freezing point so it is better to wear warm and comfortable clothes along with thick shoes or boots with thermal socks.


What are some of the best hotels and resorts in Gulmarg?


Gulmarg honeymoon tour packages include some of the best resorts and hotels like The Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa, The Vintage Gulmarg, Shaw Inn and Kolahoi Green Heights. All these tour packages book the hotels in advance. Hotels in Gulmarg provide all sorts of amenities and facilities to couples.


What do the tourism packages offer to couples for their honeymoon?


Gulmarg honeymoon packages offer a lot of fun and exciting activities to couples. They offer trips to famous and attractive tourist destinations along with adventurous mountain sports activities like skiing and snowboarding.

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