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Jaisalmer Honeymoon Tours

Known as The Golden City, Jaisalmer is an ideal destination to start a new married life in a royal manner. The city boasts of the royalty and historic sites of Rajputana rule. Jaisalmer honeymoon is about exploring some awe-striking sites and understanding the rich cultural heritage of the city. There is a plethora of ancient monuments and forts which are fine specimens of Rajput architecture. Most of the honeymoon destinations in Jaisalmer include royal palaces, forts, ancient temples, and monuments. The aristocratic designs of ancient forts and the sleekness of contemporary structures create striking contrast in the city’s architectural canvas. Visiting royal palaces, trying local delicacies, surfing the deserts on a camel, and indulging in some adventure sports add essence to the honeymoon holidays in Jaisalmer.

Numerous couples from all over India and outside come to Jaisalmer for honeymoon retreats. The best time to plan Jaisalmer honeymoon tours is during the months of September and October. The weather remains moderate throughout the day during this time. Little to no rain is expected, which allows couples to tour the city without worries. It is recommended to avoid going for honeymoon tours in Jaisalmer during the summer months of May and June. The temperature remains extremely high at that time and the dry desert aggravates the heat. Many Jaisalmer honeymoon travel packages also offer trips to Jaisalmer during the winter season. Couples can opt for such packages to enjoy a moderate daytime and a chill night.

Jaisalmer honeymoon tour packages cover all the noteworthy tourist destinations in Jaisalmer. There are over 10 forts and several historical places to visit in Jaisalmer. The locations covered by Jaisalmer honeymoon holiday packages may vary from one another. Couples should make a list of the places they want to visit in Jaisalmer and choose the package accordingly. The most popular Jaisalmer honeymoon Destinations are included in most packages. The city also offers to indulge in some adventure sports like parasailing, paramotoring, jeep safari and quad biking. Many Jaisalmer honeymoon trip packages arrange for these activities for adventure-loving couples. For others, camping at some gorgeous locations of Jaisalmer, enjoying traditional performances by local artists, buying Rajasthani commodities and visiting museums can be intriguing activities. Jaisalmer honeymoon vacation packages offer stays at both premium and affordable hotels. One can opt for customisable packages and select hotels as per their convenience. The overall charges of Jaisalmer honeymoon packages are determined by the duration of stay, tourist destinations included, and services offered.

Honeymoon places to visit in Jaisalmer

The places and sites of Jaisalmer tourism will remain etched in the memory of the honeymooners for a long time.

Places to visit in Jaisalmer Honeymoon

Some of the must-visit honeymoon destinations in Jaisalmer are given below.

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort is one of the largest forts around the world and the biggest attraction of Jaisalmer. Couples flock in huge numbers to this fort to watch the astounding beauty of ancient architecture. Popularly known as Sonar Quila, this fort encompasses a number of stunning monuments. Made with sandstone, the fort radiates a golden tone, which justifies its name. Some watch-worthy structures that enchant couples in Jaisalmer Fort are Raj Mahal, Jain Temples, Merchant Havelis, and Lakshminath Temple. At a nominal charge of Rs. 50, honeymooners can explore the grandeur of this fort and the annexe structures. All Jaisalmer honeymoon travel packages comprise a tour to this captivating fort built by the mighty Rajput ruler, Rao Jaiswal. The lofty walls, panorama view, and flamboyant details inside the fort linger in the memory of the visitors. Couples can lodge in one of the nearby hotels in Jaisalmer which gives a breathtaking view of the Jaisalmer Fort through the window.

Gadsisar Lake

Built as a reservoir for rainwater harvesting, Gadsisar Lake is one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in Jaisalmer. The cold breezes, view of the lake, melodies of chirping birds, and the glimpse of Jaisalmer Fort forms an ideal romantic setup for couples. The peaceful ambience makes this lake a perfect getaway spot from the busy city life. Married couples can spend time staring at the enticing view, or convey their prayers to God by visiting the temples and shrines that border the lake. The attached gardens serve as a good spot for picnicking and an idyllic backdrop for clicking pictures amid nature. It is recommended to consider this destination within Jaisalmer honeymoon tour packages for spending some moments in relaxation and contemplation.

Desert Culture Centre and Museum

To get an in-depth understanding of Jaisalmer culture, couples must visit this museum during honeymoon tours in Jaisalmer. The museum flaunts artefacts and other commodities of cultural significance. Seeing Rajasthani textiles, weapons and musical instruments can be enthralling for couples. There is also a unique collection of antique coins, which is a rarity. The puppet show hosted regularly at the museum pulls numerous visitors to this place. The best time to visit the museum is in the evening, as the puppet show is scheduled at 6.30 pm. A tour of this museum can be an entertaining and memorable experience for couples on Jaisalmer honeymoon.

Desert National Park

Located in Sudashri forests, this national park is home to several varieties of desert plants and animals. Couples from across India and outside come to Desert National Park to witness some unique creatures like blackbuck, chinkara, desert cat, and sandgrouses. The state-bird of Rajasthan, Great Indian Bustard can be found in this park. It arouses the curiosity of many tourists. Taking a jeep safari through the lanes of the park can give a thrilling experience to couples. The park is open for visitors from 7 am to 5 pm. Desert National Park is mostly included in Jaisalmer honeymoon vacation packages as it is a good destination for spending an activity-filled day with one’s partner.

Tanot Mata Temple

Several couples arrive at this temple to worship for their happy and prosperous future. The temple is renowned for its miraculous abilities and awe-inspiring stories. It is known to have been the safe haven for Indian soldiers during a brutal bombing attack from Pakistan. The simple yet fascinating details of this sacred temple intrigue many visitors. The white temple complex and the contrasting colourful interior decor gives an aesthetic appearance to the temple. The idol of Goddess Hinglaj Mata is beautifully adorned with garlands and jewellery. Newly-weds can start their life together and honeymoon holidays in Jaisalmer with the blessings of this revered Goddess.

Things to do in Jaisalmer Honeymoon Tour

1. Try parasailing

This aero-sport is a must-try as it lets parasailers experience the joy of flying high and sliding through the air. The expansive view of the city from the sky is spectacular. Couples can partake in this adrenaline-inducing activity together, experiencing a juxtaposition of romance and adventure. It is recommended to try parasailing on a sunny day as clouds can obstruct the beautiful view otherwise. One may pre-book their slot at a charge of around Rs. 500. Parasailing can add a much-needed thrill for adventure-loving couples during their Jaisalmer honeymoon tours.

2. Go for desert camping

Camping at Jaisalmer is a great way to enjoy the starry nights and never-ending desert view. The campsites are equipped with cosy tents, clean washrooms, mood lights, and comfortable seating arrangements. Many Jaisalmer honeymoon packages cover camping at some beautiful locations in Rajasthan with food and common facilities. Traditional Rajasthani dance and singing performances are organised at campsites to entertain couples. Spending a fun day at the campsite and a romantic night inside the tents can be a pleasing experience for honeymooners.

3. Try camel safari through the deserts

Jaisalmer honeymoon trip packages must include surfing through the deserts. The best way to do so is a ride on a camel. Camel safaris are available at many locations in Jaisalmer. Couples can explore the expansive dunes of desert lands sitting on the hump of a camel. A slow ride together on a camel can be a fun yet intimate experience for couples. Most camel safaris also offer refreshments and cultural performances. The evening is the best time for camel safaris to avoid the scorching heat of the Sun.

4. Plan a royal food tour

The food itinerary should cover all the famous food hubs and restaurants of the city. Couples can try some lip-smacking royal dishes. Walking through the lanes of the city, couples can discover food stalls and restaurants serving mouth-watering cuisines of Rajasthan. Watching the unique methods of preparing succulent dishes can be an engrossing experience for couples. One can choose Jaisalmer honeymoon holiday packages that include food walk tours.

5. Go on a shopping spree at Jaisalmer markets

Exploring the Jaisalmer markets can be an amusing experience for honeymooners. The city has many popular markets, including Manak Chowk, Pansari Bazaar, Bhatia Bazaar, Sonaron ka Baas, and Sadar Bazaar. Each market sells authentic Rajasthani goods and gift items. Some unique items sold in these markets are leather juttis (shoes), camel-hair carpets, Ajrakh printed clothes and mirror-work embroideries. These markets are located nearby most of the Jaisalmer honeymoon destinations. Couples can conveniently walk to these market areas while visiting the tourist locations. Buying some authentic Rajasthani clothes or home decors can be an ideal activity for shopaholic couples.

How to reach Jaisalmer

Here are some ways to reach Jaisalmer for a honeymoon tour.

By Air - The nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport. It is around 300 km from Jaisalmer. Couples can board on flights to Jodhpur and hire a car from Jodhpur Airport to reach the respective hotel.

By Rail - Jaisalmer Railway Station connects with some of the large cities of India, including Delhi, Jaipur, and Jodhpur. Trains to and from Jaisalmer are frequently available. One can also plan to travel by the luxury train, Palace On Wheels from Delhi to reach Jaisalmer.

By Road - Jaisalmer shares road connectivity with many important cities of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Both state-run and private buses are available at several places in Jaisalmer. One can also book a cab to reach the intended destination or pre-booked hotels.

Jaisalmer Honeymoon FAQs


What are the luxury resorts available in Jaisalmer for honeymoon couples?


Jaisalmer has a myriad of luxury resorts where honeymoon couples can lodge. Here is a list of such premium resorts that couples can book for honeymoon tours in Jaisalmer are Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa, Hotel Jaisalkot, Hotel Rang Mahal, WelcomHeritage Mohangarh Fort and The Desert Palace.


What is the approximate cost of a desert safari in Jaisalmer?


Desert safari is one of the most sought-after activities in Jaisalmer. The cost of desert safaris depends on the mode of transport, time span, and areas covered. For a camel safari, the average cost is around Rs. 500. Jeep safaris cost around Rs. 1800. You can pre-book for a desert safari during your Jaisalmer honeymoon.


Do the Jaisalmer honeymoon tour packages cover the cost of travelling between tourist destinations?


Yes, most Jaisalmer honeymoon tour packages cover the cost of travelling between tourist spots. They book air-conditioned cabs or local transports to ensure a safe and convenient journey for couples. They arrange cabs timely and provide supplies during the journey as well.


Where can I try some authentic Rajasthani food with my partner in Jaisalmer?


There are many restaurants in Jaisalmer that serve flavourful Rajasthani dishes. The names of some such restaurants are Desert Boy's Dhani, The Trio, Killa Restaurant, and Zoya Ka Zayeka.


What is the average cost of parasailing in Jaisalmer?


Parasailing is offered at Jaisalmer at varying price structures. The determinant factors are the period of sail and the type of facilities availed. All safety equipment and expert training is given at the location before sailing in the sky. Short-span parasailing of 30 mins costs around Rs. 800. You may also opt for 1 hour parasailing at Rs. 2500. You can avail this thrilling sport at the Jaisalmer honeymoon destination of Kanoi.

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