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Kasauli Honeymoon Tours

Nestled in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli is an idyllic destination for honeymoons. Kasauli is blessed with enchanting valleys covered in exotic floras. The cold weather and serene sights make Kasauli honeymoon a pleasing experience for couples. The town is covered with several remarkable tourist locations. Kasauli honeymoon tours include sightseeing, walking down the lush green valleys, clicking couple’s pictures amid nature, and shopping in the famous local markets. Tasting local cuisines is also a quintessential aspect of a honeymoon in Kasauli. Couples from all over India roll in huge numbers in Kasauli to explore the bewitching Kasauli honeymoon destinations. Apart from sightseeing, Kasauli also provides the chance to indulge in some interesting activities, like trekking, hiking, and cable car rides. Toy train rides are a major attraction for couples in Kasauli. These activities spice up honeymoon tours in Kasauli with fun and adventure.

Kasauli comes on the bucket list of many newly-weds for their honeymoon. The weather in this hill station remains pleasant 365 days. Most couples choose to go for honeymoon holidays in Kasauli in the summer months as the weather remains colder than in other parts of India. Couples can witness the grand Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival in April where many Bollywood artists come to perform. The monsoon season allows couples to enjoy the drizzling rains, and gaze at the rain-kissed valleys along with visiting heavenly honeymoon destinations in Kasauli. The flowers bloom at this time, adding vibrancy to the landscape. Couples can visit the Sari festival in the monsoon month of July. Many honeymooners choose Kasauli honeymoon vacation packages scheduled in winter to experience snowfall. This elevates the romantic vibes of the place. Many Kasauli honeymoon packages offer season-based discounts that can make this honeymoon tour memorable yet economical.

There are over 10 tourist destinations in Kasauli that couples must visit. Most Kasauli honeymoon tour packages tend to cover all the important tourist spots. Couples can choose their package according to convenience and choice. Some tourist companies offer customisable Kasauli honeymoon holiday packages in which one can choose the hotels, activities to try, and places to visit. Some of the facilities like inter-destination transport come complimentary with the packages. The cost of Kasauli honeymoon trip packages varies based on the services a couple avails. Couples need not worry about hotel booking, food, or tour guide, as everything is covered by the tour packages. Planning a honeymoon through Kasauli honeymoon travel packages is a trouble-free and safe option.

Honeymoon places to visit in Kasauli

There are some exquisite honeymoon destinations in Kasauli. The list of things to do is an exciting one as well.

Places to visit in Kasauli Honeymoon

Here are some alluring tourist destinations that one must visit while on a honeymoon in Kasauli.

Gilbert Trail

To witness the virgin beauty of nature, Gilbert Trail must be included in Kasauli honeymoon destinations. The slopes of this hilly region are veiled in lush green flora. The clear blue sky contrasts these verdant landscapes to create a spectacular view. Most couples trek to this location to gaze at this eye-soothing sight. Taking pictures with this scenic backdrop is also a favourite activity of couples. Mostly, couples trek around the location exploring the astounding flora of the place. Some also get lucky to spot a wild animal or two while trekking. It is a nice spot for bird watching as well. It is recommended to visit the place in the morning for a fun experience.

Sunset Point

One of the most romantic locations in Kasauli is Sunset Point. Kasauli honeymoon tours are incomplete without visiting this unique location. The mesmerising view of the sunset from this spot has enchanted numerous tourists. Honeymooners love to spend a romantic evening at Sunset Point. Couples can also take some lovely panorama clicks of the sunset with the landscape. A swing is also installed there for couples to sit and relax. The calmness of the place encourages comforting conversations between partners. Most Kasauli honeymoon vacation packages cover this beautiful destination.

The Mall Road

This tourist destination has attracted people from all over India. The busiest market in the Kasauli region, this place has something to offer to everyone. From street food to outfits, the Mall Road sells everything a shopper wants. Couples can stroll through the market lanes and explore the extensive variety of commodities sold there. The local shops also sell many gift items to take back as souvenirs from honeymoon tours in Kasauli. The reasonable price and awe-striking variety of goods capture the interest of shopaholic couples. The market area is within a walking distance of most of the hotels in Kasauli, making it easily accessible. The market is open for purchase from 10 am to 11 pm. It is recommended to visit the location during morning hours as the place gets overcrowded in the evening.

Monkey Point

This location owes its fame to the mythological tale related to Lord Hanuman. Mythology states, this is the place where Lord Hanuman stopped by to search for medicinal herbs for Lord Lakshman. In commemoration of Lord Hanuman, a Hanuman temple is built there. Several newly-weds and devotees arrive there to take blessings at the holy shrine. Being the highest point in Kasauli, the site also offers a breathtaking view of the snow-clad Himalayas and the Sutlej river. A visit to this holy place can add essence to the honeymoon holidays in Kasauli.

Christ Church

Situated near Mall Road, this is the oldest church in Himachal Pradesh. This historical-significant church is covered by most Kasauli honeymoon tour packages. The church is a fine specimen of Neo-gothic architecture. Couples admire the simplistic decor and divine ambience of the place. Couples can walk around inside the church and surf through the marvellous pictures of Jesus and his associates. The calm and tranquil aura inside the church erodes all worries of life. The clock tower on the top is another engaging element of this church. All Kasauli honeymoon packages should include this serene destination.

Things to do in Kasauli Honeymoon Tour

1. A toy train ride

Toy train ride is the most sought-after activity during the Kasauli honeymoon. Couples love spending some quality time enjoying glimpses of untainted evergreen forests and snow-capped mountains. The train leaves from Dharampur station, which is around 12 km from Kasauli. One can reach the station via a cab or a bus. The journey ends at Barog Railway Station. Couples can choose their drop location from the list of stations. This four hours long trip creates a romantic and fun experience for couples. Couples can take photographs of the eye-pleasing landscapes and of themselves while enjoying the ride. Most Kasauli honeymoon travel packages include a trip on this heritage locomotive. It is recommended to book the seats beforehand, as the ride stays in huge demand.

2. Ride on cable car in timber trail

This is another must-try activity while on a honeymoon in Kasauli. To enjoy the birds-eye view of the verdant valleys of Kasauli, this cable ride is best suited. The cable ride connects two lofty mountains. The ride itinerary allows couples to view the sights of snow-laden mountains and the native flora of Kasauli. The timber trail is dotted with coniferous and pine trees that create an astonishing view. Taking pictures, sightseeing, and enjoying each other’s company inside the cosy cable car leaves a memorable experience for couples. Gliding through the air above deep gorges in the hanging cable car stimulates an adrenaline rush. This 1.8 km long ride can be availed at Rs. 1250 per person. Having this in Kasauli honeymoon holiday packages can give a soothing yet adventurous experience to couples.

3. Trek through the valleys

For adventure-loving duos, Kalka-Kasauli trek can leave an everlasting memory. This 26 km long route covers unadulterated valleys, rugged terrain, and steep slopes. Trekking through such untamed natural lands can be a rejuvenating experience for couples. It is recommended to trek on a clear sky day to avoid any interruption due to rain. Carrying pocket food is also recommended. Some customised Kasauli honeymoon trip packages cover this adventurous trek in Kasauli.

4. Try local delicacies

The town is blessed with several food hubs and restaurants. The local delicacies of Kasauli are worth trying. Couples can try some authentic Tibetan dishes like thukpas, momos with a variety of chutneys, poppy seeds halwa, tsampa, and Tibetan noodles. Besides, some popular street foods sold in Kasauli include bun samosa, aloo tikkis, and jalebis. Mall Road has many food stalls and restaurants. Couples can walk through the road and taste some of these local treats.

How to reach Kasauli

Kasauli can be reached easily from major cities across India. Here is a guide on how to reach Kasauli.

By Air - The nearest airport is Chandigarh Airport. It is about 30 km from Kasauli. Flights to Chandigarh are available from all major cities in India. One can take a cab from Chandigarh airport to reach Kasauli.

By Road - Several buses are available from various cities to Kasauli. The maximum number of buses run between Kasauli and the neighbouring city of Chandigarh. One may also hire or book a car for a road trip to Kasauli.

By Rail - Many express trains can be availed to reach Kasauli. The trains are available from metropolitan cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai. The nearest railway station is in Kalka. Couples can book a cab from Kalka station to reach hotels in Kasauli.

Kasauli Honeymoon FAQs


What are the best hotels in Kasauli for a honeymoon?


Kasauli has plenty of luxury and budget-friendly hotels. The best hotels for a honeymoon in Kasauli are listed below: Pine Winds Villa, The Western Heights, Ramada, Treebo Trip Royal Suites and Velvet Grey. These hotels are known for their excellent service and facilities. You can book one of these hotels through Kasauli honeymoon tour packages.


How can I prepare for trekking with my partner in Kasauli?


Trekking is a popular activity in Kasauli. Many trek companies offer a safe and fun trekking experience. You can book your trek through one of these companies. Some of the must-have equipment for trekking are trekking shoes, walking poles, pocket snacks and luggage backpacks. Make sure you are equipped with all the safety and necessary goods. Also, keep a route map and cling to the trek group to avoid getting lost in the valleys.


What fun activities can be done in Kasauli during a honeymoon?


You can indulge in a number of fun activities while on a honeymoon in Kasauli. You can go for a cable car ride through the gorges, or trek through the beautiful landscapes of Kasauli. The toy ride is another fun activity that most couples opt for. You can go partying at the famous Hangout Bar in Kasauli. Shopping in the lively Mall Road is also an engaging activity to do during Kasauli Honeymoon.


Is December a good time to go on a honeymoon in Kasauli?


Yes, the winter month of December is a great time to go on honeymoon tours in Kasauli. The weather remains chill, which is ideal for a romantic honeymoon. Also, you can enjoy snowfall and witness the beautiful snow-covered mountains during this time. Rainfall is rare in December, allowing you to explore the town without any inconvenience caused by rain.


Are there any homestays in Kasauli?


There are many homestays in Kasauli honeymoon destination. Some of the are: Sukhmani Homestay Villa, Pine Villa, Headntail vila and Stay Apart - Nature’s stay.

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