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Kashmir Honeymoon Tours

Kashmir is surrounded by beautiful mountains, tranquil lakes, and a soothing climate. Kashmir honeymoon is a perfect destination to spend time with the loved one. It is the northmost state in India and is known as the Paradise on Earth with its magnificent beauty of nature. The snow-glazed mountains, beautiful lakes and crystal blue waterfalls with blooming tulips make the Kashmir honeymoon destinations one of the most romantic places in India. Couples can explore picture-perfect landscapes with beautiful gardens and lush green valleys. Kashmir honeymoon tours let the newly wedded couples enjoy the picturesque nature, walk among the flower gardens, and take part in adventurous activities as well. Kashmir attracts a lot of travellers and tourists every year from across the globe. The honeymoon destinations in Kashmir include the famous and serene Dal Lake and the only floating market in India.

Honeymoon tours in Kashmir are famous as every year numerous couples visit this place for their honeymoon and take back breathtaking memories. The reason for the popularity is the state being one of the most romantic places in India. To enjoy the best honeymoon holidays in Kashmir, it is suggested that the couples visit the place during the summer season which is from March to mid-September or early October. However, for couples who prefer snowy roads and chilled weather with snowfalls, it will be perfect to visit the place during the winter seasons which is from November to February. Most of the Kashmir Honeymoon packages provide a trip to all the famous and attractive tourist spots to all the couples. The couples can opt for private trips or with a group to the places mentioned in the itinerary. The couples can also choose from affordable or mid-range hotels to 5 star and luxurious hotels in Kashmir to stay. All of the hotels provide comfortable service to the couples so that the couples can enjoy a wonderful honeymoon. To escape from the daily hustle and the concrete jungles, Kashmir honeymoon holiday packages provide a peaceful and serene stay at houseboats.

There are a lot of places to visit in Kashmir. Kashmir honeymoon vacation packages cover all the places with proper sightseeing. Apart from sightseeing, Kashmir Honeymoon travel packages include adventurous activities like biking, trekking and camping. Couples can select the places and activities as per preference. Kashmir Honeymoon tour packages can be booked based on the travelling requirements of couples. The packages provide everything from vehicles, to food and booking of hotels and lodges. Some of the expensive Kashmir honeymoon trip packages provide flight tickets to couples as well.

Honeymoon places to visit in Kashmir

Kashmir Honeymoon consists of a lot of attractive tourist destinations and fun activities. Here are the must-visit places and must-try activities in Kashmir.

Places to visit in Kashmir honeymoon

Here are some of the best Kashmir honeymoon destinations.

Dal Lake

One of the most famous and beautiful tourist spots in Srinagar is the legendary Dal Lake. This lake is one of the most visited honeymoon destinations in Kashmir by couples. While riding a shikhara on the lake, one can come across migratory birds during sunset. One of the special characteristics of the shikara ride is that while enjoying the scenic beauty of the lake and the surrounding valleys, one can also shop on the lake. The floating market on the Dal Lake is one of a kind. The Kashmiris sell fruits, vegetables, flowers and jewellery by rowing across the lake. The couples can also change into traditional Kashmiri dresses and click pictures with a beautiful backdrop of mountains and clouds. The boat ride on Dal Lake is both a relaxing and romantic experience.


One of the most beautiful hilltops in India is Gulmarg, located 50 km away from Srinagar. All Kashmir honeymoon tours include a trip to Gulmarg. This place is perfect for all adventure-loving couples. Here a couple can have a skiing and snowboarding adventure. A couple can also enjoy a romantic and soothing gondola ride while watching the snow-capped mountains of Gulmarg. The honeymoon packages include trips to places like Ferozepur, Tangmarg and Khilanmarg which are close to Gulmarg. If the couples prefer to enjoy nature with a splendid backdrop of mountains and frozen lakes, Gulmarg is the most romantic destination in Kashmir.


Sonmarg is known as the meadow of gold because of its beautiful valleys, forests, glaciers, and lakes. Honeymoon tours in Kashmir include Sonmarg as the top destinations to be visited by couples because of its panoramic sights of mountains and valleys. The couples can get immersed in the beauty of the Himalayan range while having a comfortable stay at the resorts. The couples can also visit the pristine and tranquil lakes such as Krishnasar, Gangabal and Gadsar Lake to spend quality time. For couples who want to go on an adventurous trek, a trek to Baltab Valley is a must-do activity. Sonmarg has some of the best scenic beauty with crystal clear lakes and a green lush backdrop making it a definite destination to spend time during a honeymoon in Kashmir.


Pahalgam is a beautiful hill station in Kashmir that is often visited by couples on honeymoon holidays in Kashmir. Pahalgam is famously called the valleys of shepherds as one will find a lot of ponies and sheep here. The couples can enjoy the calm and romantic vibes of Pahalgam with its scenic beauty and green mountains surrounding the entire area. A few of the spots for couples to visit during their honeymoon trip are Betaab valley, Tullian Lake, and the famous Aru valley. A few of the activities that the couples can take part in Pahalgam are snow-sledding, trekking, riding a pony, and playing golf. All of these are included in most of the Kashmir Honeymoon packages.


This wonderful hilltop is surrounded by dense forest and green meadows. During the winter season, the place is covered with thick snow. Kashmir honeymoon holiday packages include this place for couples so that they can enjoy the majestic and mesmerizing view of the great Shivalik range. The best time to travel to Patnitop is from April to October. The couples can visit the Sudh Mahadev Shrine and also the pristine springs located at Patnitop. For adventure-seeking couples, some of the honeymoon packages include rock climbing, paragliding, and rappelling. Many of the Kashmir tourism agencies include Patnitop as a must-visit place for couples on their honeymoon.

Things to do in Kashmir

1. A stay in the houseboat

Some of the Kashmir honeymoon travel packages include a single-night stay in the boathouses of Dal Lake, Srinagar. It is one of the best experiences a couple can have during their honeymoon. The houseboats are docked at the jetty of Dal Lake and offer a comfortable stay on the mesmerising lake with a beautiful backdrop of mountains. The houseboats are a perfect resort to relax after a splendid evening or travel by road. The couples can choose the houseboats based on the price range. The houseboats provide the couples with the internet, airport pick up and drop off facility, and food. One simply cannot miss out on this experience.

2. The gondola ride

The gondola cable car ride is one of the most famous and exciting things a couple can add to Kashmir honeymoon vacation packages. The gondola ride takes place in three different phases. Phase 1 is from Gulmarg to Kongdoori, Phase 2 is from Kongdoori to Apharwat Peak and Phase 3 is from Apharwat Peak to Mary Shoulder which is via chair lift. It costs Rs 1700 for two. However, some of the honeymoon packages can give a discount on these Gondola rides. The best season to enjoy the cable ride is during winters as the couples can also enjoy snowboarding or skiing on those snow-capped mountains after the Gondola ride to the phases.

3. Try the amazing Kashmiri cuisine

Along with the enchanting and magical landscape and soothing weather, the major attractions of Kashmir include authentic and traditional Kashmiri cuisine. Kashmiri cuisine is flavourful and is world-famous for its richness. The couples can enjoy the traditional Mutton Rogan Josh, Paneer Chaman, and Yakini while staying at a boathouse or in other restaurants and hotels in Kashmir. While the couple is riding the shikara on Dal lake, they can enjoy the Kashmiri famous Noon Chai.

4. Take a tour of the Mughal Gardens

The Mughal gardens are a few of the most attractive tourist spots in Srinagar. All the Kashmir honeymoon tour packages are incomplete without including a trip to these Mughal gardens such as Shalimar Bagh, Nishant Bagh, and Achabal Garden. A panoramic view of the Himalayan mountain range, the beautiful flowers and glorious water fountains make the Mughal gardens a must-visit for couples. The vibrant colour and liveness of the gardens will bring happiness and brighten up the mood of the couples. Couples can also dress up here as the traditional Kashmiris and pose and click pictures.

How to reach Kashmir

Kashmir honeymoon trip packages include detailed instructions and directions along with a map on how to reach Kashmir in their itinerary. There are certain restrictions and checkpoints for the safety of tourists. Nonetheless, here is how couples can reach Kashmir.

By Air- If the couple is planning to travel by air, they have to fly to the Srinagar Airport which is 15kms away from the main city. There are regular flights to Srinagar. It is well-connected to major cities in India and international couples can also board flights to Srinagar as it is an international airport.

By Rail- To reach Kashmir valley via railways, one has to take a train to the nearest railway station, Jammu Tawi Railway Station, which is 330kms away from the main city. New Delhi Jammu Tawi Rajdhani Express and Jammu Mail are some of the prominent trains operating from New Delhi.

By Road- The Kashmir state is well connected by roads with many Indian states. There are multiple public buses that travel from different states to Kashmir. The couples can also opt for deluxe buses or private vehicles to travel to Kashmir via road.

Kashmir Honeymoon FAQs


Which is the best month to visit Kashmir?


The best months to visit Kashmir is from March to October if the couple prefers to enjoy the greenery of the place. If some couples want to enjoy a snowfall, the best months are during the winters which are from November to February.


Is Srinagar a good destination for a honeymoon?


Srinagar is considered the best Kashmir honeymoon destination. Srinagar is one of the most romantic places in India where couples can have a wonderful time and enjoy the enchanting scenic beauty. The green landscapes and beautiful lakes will give a romantic vibe to the couples. It is advised to book the hotels in Srinagar priorly.


What are some of the best hotels and resorts in Kashmir?


There are a lot of luxurious hotels and resorts in Kashmir. Kashmir Honeymoon tour packages include some of the best resorts like The Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa, Hotel Heevan and Vivanta Dal View.


What do the tourism packages offer to couples for their honeymoon


Kashmir honeymoon tour packages offer a lot of fun and exciting activities to couples. They offer trips to famous places like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Patnitop, Pahalgam, and beautiful tourist spots in Srinagar. They also organise fun activities.


What is the average cost of honeymoon tours in Kashmir for couples?


Honeymoon tours in Kashmir are available in various price ranges based on the budget of the couples. One can choose from a luxurious and expensive tour package to an affordable and budget-friendly tour package. Kashmir honeymoon is the most famous honeymoon package considered by couples.

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