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Kerala Honeymoon Tours

God’s own country, Kerala, is a perfect start to the lifetime commitment made by couples. It is a state situated on the Malabar coast. Kerala Honeymoon covers everything that is needed for a secluded holiday. The place is surrounded by lush greenery and gentle backwaters. The beauty and calm ambience of Kerala honeymoon destinations make them the most romantic places in India. Its unique geographical location adds to the beauty of this tropical paradise. Honeymoons here include long walks amid nature, candlelight dinners, and houseboat rides. Kerala Honeymoon tours include the sprawling tea plantations of Munnar, serene backwaters of Alleppey and picturesque Kochi along with adventuring amid the wild in Wayanad and Thekkady. Not only newly married couples, but Kerala is also a popular choice for a second honeymoon. The adventurous activities make the destination more exciting for the visitors. The honeymoon destinations in Kerala enchant people into visiting them often for a holiday.

Honeymoon tours in Kerala see numerous couples flocking the locations every year. There isn’t anything like the best time to visit Kerala, for it is very beautiful and welcoming throughout the year. Couples can plan their honeymoon holidays in Kerala as and when it is comfortable and appropriate for them. Owing to its massive popularity, several honeymoon packages are available. Kerala Honeymoon packages cover all the highlights of the state. From exotic flora and fauna, romantic dawns, and waterfalls to beautiful beaches, the packages have everything a couple can ask for. Romantic lake rides amid beautiful nature are the crux of Kerala honeymoon trip packages.

Houseboat cruises, beach strolls, trekking, wildlife parks, and sanctuaries offered by Kerala honeymoon travel packages are packed with great experiences. There are more than 10 destinations in Kerala that are sure to give memories for a lifetime. Most Kerala honeymoon vacation packages cover all the tourist spots. Everything from travel, food and hotels organised beforehand. The Kerala honeymoon tour packages ensure that couples capture the true essence of the state. The packages and their charges vary depending on the duration of the trip. Couples can plan their trip through Kerala honeymoon holiday packages that are affordable and full of fun.

Honeymoon places to visit in Kerala

Kerala honeymoon destinations account for the most romantic places in India. Everything seen or enjoyed here becomes a beautiful memory that is always cherished by couples.

Places to visit on Kerala Honeymoon

The following are some of the best places in Kerala tourism for the best honeymoon.


Munnar tops the list of the best Kerala honeymoon getaways. This hill station is beautifully engulfed by serene nature and hills. The lounging tea plantations add to Munnar’s scenic beauty. The misty valleys of Munnar paired with numerous waterfalls call for different adventures and sightseeing spots. This place is full of serenity and is abundant with nature walks, hiking, tea plantation tours and spice garden tours. Its wildlife is full of exotic species of flora and fauna. Most couples prefer camping atop this hill station to capture its picturesque beauty.


With the best of serene backwater destinations, Alleppey is the next stop-by in Kerala. Alleppey houses some of the best houseboat cruises in Kerala. This hub of Kerala’s backwaters serves the perfect meals as couples appreciate nature’s charm. Alleppey is dotted with different beaches and private resorts, creating a perfect setup for couples’ honeymoon. This place has a lot more apart from beaches. Different churches and palaces from bygones along with numerous eatables serving delicious snacks and seafood add to Alleppey’s beauty. All Kerala honeymoon packages include Alleppey. 


Wayanad hill station spreads along the Deccan Plateau. The place is full of greenery with lush valleys and tranquil lakes. Wayanad hosts a plethora of small villages, each with a different culture and lifestyle. This place suits those looking for an adventurous honeymoon. Nature’s galore here can be perceived the best through its waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries. Hiking up the misty hills or enjoying the wildlife safaris are on most couples’ to-do lists in Kerala. Wayanad is considered a strategic convenience as it connects to some popular travel locations nearby. Visiting this place adds pleasure to the honeymoon holidays in Kerala.


With majestic forts and incredible beauty, Bekel is one of the popular honeymoon destinations in Kerala. While the other locations enchant people with greenery and hills, Bekal has its own small-town charm. The magnificent forts and glorious beaches at this place take the tour to the next level. This place is full of caves and the largest fort of Kerala, the Bekal fort. It is an excellent escape from worldly chaos. Bekal elegantly combines comforts with enjoyment by hosting some quaint villas to stay over. Lush green gardens, calm backwaters, and the mélange of lagoons makes Bekal an unmissable honeymoon destination.


Kumarakom is another backwater town in Kerala nestling amidst coconut groves. This place is often visited by the migrating birds flocking the bird sanctuaries. Kumarakom is quite famous for the lake resorts and numerous leisure activities. Fishing and boating attract most couples apart from the renowned bird sanctuary. Sunsets here are the most romantic, for they are tucked amid verdant valleys. Boat cruises along the lakes here are a part of most Kerala honeymoon trip packages. Also known as Lake City, Kumarakom accounts for a hassle-free and peaceful timeout with partners.

Things to do in Kerala Honeymoon Tour

1. Houseboat cruises through the backwaters

A honeymoon isn’t complete without a romantic boat ride. Kerala’s backwaters are a perfect place to fulfil this desire. Be it Alleppey or Kumarakom, a river cruise is a must-have in all Kerala honeymoon travel packages. Every place offers a different experience and presents nature in a unique form. The traditional Kettuvallam in Kerala is modified to be at par with luxury resorts. Every couple is looked after by the crew properly while they enjoy the cruise. It costs around Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 11, 000 for staying over in the boats. Cruise rides cost around Rs. 600 per hour for couples.

2. A treehouse stay

Treehouse stay is another delight from most Kerala honeymoon tour packages. Treehouses are surrounded by numerous acres of lush greenery and dense forests. They are perhaps the most peaceful, private and romantic experience for any couple. Kerala treehouses are wooden houses built over 15 feet above the ground and are well equipped with all the modernisations. They offer equal luxury and service as provided by luxury resorts and villas. Wayanad, Thekkady, Munnar, and Vyithri offer treehouse stay to couples in Kerala. Couples can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and relish God’s special blessings to nature in Kerala while staying at a treehouse. These account for the far-from-routine experiences too. The prices start from nearly Rs. 10,000.

3. An ayurvedic couple massage

Honeymoon tours in Kerala are incomplete without an ayurvedic massage. Couples’ ayurvedic massage is quite famous here. Massage therapy according to most couples is the most relaxing and charming of all the activities. Ayurvedic massage therapy originated in Kerala and has been prevalent for 5,000 years. The place is full of herbs and medicinal plants. So, couples can avail themselves of the therapies anywhere in Kerala. Home to some of the finest ayurvedic and spa resorts in India, Kerala is indeed the best place to perceive the skill of masseurs. The prices depend on the type of massage chosen.

4. Spice tour

Kerala is quite famous for its lounging tea and spice plantations. Authentic cinnamon, black pepper, exotic vanilla pods, and walking amid nature are some delights from visiting the plantations. Most Kerala honeymoon vacation packages surely include spice tours in their travel. Munnar, Wayanad, and Thekkady are known for the tea and spice gardens in Kerala. Couples can also take these tours personally if they are not a part of the package. It would cost around Rs. 200 for entry.

5. Jeep rides along the Sanctuaries

Jeep rides and safaris are the fascinating part of Kerala honeymoon holiday packages. Thekkady is the best place for these trips. Covering dense valleys, exotic mammals, and aquatic life, Kerala has numerous sanctuaries and safaris to roam over. These rides are often combined with overnight camping or treehouse stays. Apart from vegetable farms, couples can also enjoy the sight of vineyards and sometimes the endangered lion-tailed macaque. These rides would cost around Rs. 1900 for a person.

How to reach Kerala

Kerala, being the prime holiday destination, is well-connected with all the prime cities of India. Here is how couples can easily reach the place.

By Air – Major airlines run regular flights to Kochi, Kozhikode, and Thiruvananthapuram, which are the three international airports in Kerala. There is also a domestic airport in Kollam.

By Road – Couples can either choose to drive here or opt for the bus facilities. Most cities in Kerala have government and private-run bus facilities with regular busses from most cities of India.

By Train – Kerala has two railway stations in Cochin and Ernakulam. From the railway stations, couples can reach desired destinations by buses or cabs.

Kerala Honeymoon FAQs


What are the best trekking spots in Kerala?


You can go to Chembra Peak, Top Station, Anamudi Peak, Agasthyarkoodam, Eravikulam National Park, Ramakkalmedu and Dhoni Hills on your Kerala honeymoon trip.


Is Thekkady a good destination for a honeymoon?


Thekkady is an important Kerala honeymoon destination, as it offers some exciting activities for couples. Be it touring along the tea and spice plantations, jeep rides along with the sanctuaries, or the treehouse stays, Thekkady has everything for a romantic timeout. It also hosts some of the best hotels in Kerala for couples to stay over.


What are the best resorts in Kerala for a honeymoon?


The Spice Tree Resort in Munnar, the Ayur Villa Kovalam, the Zuri resort in Kumarakom, and the Marari beach resort are the most sought-after resorts for couples as a part of their honeymoon tours in Kerala. It is best to make advanced bookings as these resorts are often crowded with couples coming from all parts of India.


What is the average cost of a tour package to Kerala for a honeymoon?


There are numerous Kerala honeymoon tour packages offering different facilities at different pricing. It varies with factors like the number of days, places to be visited, and others. The basic package is mostly for four days and three nights. Its average cost starts at around Rs. 15,000.


What is the average cost of a safari ride for couples in Kerala?


The pricing depends on the safari or the sanctuary chooses, as each of them has different prices. However, on average, a ride for a person would cost around Rs. 1900. So, it might be around Rs. 3,600 for couples.

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3 Star Hotels & Resorts in Kerala

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₹ 6319 per night

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₹ 2879 per night

Joys Resort Munnar

₹ 8000₹ 7200 per night

Hotel Indraprastha

₹ 1900 per night

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₹ 1872 per night

Hotel Brahmaputhra

₹ 2340 per night