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Mangalore Honeymoon Tours

Mangalore, the port city, is a romantic yet offbeat honeymoon spot for couples in our country. Mangalore honeymoon comprises an array of palm and coconut trees along with sparkling beaches. It is a major container port city with a tropical monsoon climate which implies pleasant weather all year round. Mangalore honeymoon destinations amid peaceful chapels, temples, and ancient forts, are perfect for couples looking for a serene getaway. With mesmerising sunrise and sunset viewpoints, Mangalore has a beautiful and calm ambience for the perfect romantic trip. Meadowy landscapes, picturesque beaches, and beautiful parks especially made for couples form the core of the honeymoon destinations in Mangalore. These places fulfil the requisites of a secluded romantic trip with memories of the serenity that will last forever.

Watching the sunset from bridges or taking a leisurely walk by the beach in the evening with one’s partner is the attraction of this place. Mangalore honeymoon tours are full of quaint and intricate colonial establishments, vibrant populated streets and holy temples that ignite faith. This seascape is the best place for couples seeking a break from their daily life. Honeymoon tours in Mangalore provide couples with the perfect beach trip. Whether an adventurous couple or a peace-loving couple, this city has some destinations to charm every type of couple. The ardent green lands that spread far and waterfalls with a gushing flow display the beauty of nature. Honeymoon holidays in Mangalore are a blend of beaches, museums, and forts. From travelling along the coastline to visiting museums to gain insight into the history of the city, a trip to Mangalore with one’s partner will be a fulfilling experience. There are many fancy as well as decent hotels in Mangalore that offer customised and high-quality services. Couples can choose any of the hotels in Mangalore listed in their packages for lodging to enjoy this honeymoon experience.

Going for a trip to the trekking routes and fortresses by the sea are included in the Mangalore honeymoon trip packages to add thrill to the trip. There are a variety of beaches in Mangalore where people go swimming or for a simple walk by the beach. Mangalore honeymoon tour packages arrange for everything from accommodation to meals. The sightseeing trips are the most important highlights of the packages.

This place is populated equally during summer and winter every year because of the pleasant weather. Mangalore honeymoon travel packages are available for all seasons. Couples can choose a duration suitable for them and book their holiday flexibly. Mangalore honeymoon vacation packages will chalk out a perfect itinerary for couples. This place offers a stellar honeymoon trip to every couple and makes it worthy of remembering for a lifetime. All Mangalore honeymoon holiday packages allow couples the benefit of modifying trips according to their personal preferences. Each package has various perks on it. Couples must choose the best of all Mangalore honeymoon packages for a hassle-free honeymoon.

Honeymoon places to visit in Mangalore

There are several Mangalore honeymoon destinations to explore. Here are some of the best places for a honeymoon trip to Mangalore.

Places to visit in Mangalore honeymoon

The following places from Mangalore tourism are some of the best to visit in India.

Someshwar Beach

Someshwar Beach is one of the cleanest and most popular beaches in Mangalore. The clear and shimmering sands on the beach are not the only attraction there. The large rocks of Rudra Shile also contribute to the overall beauty of this beach. Couples who are nature lovers or wish to go swimming in the clear blue waters will surely love this beach. It is one of the most romantic places to go on a Mangalore honeymoon. Couples can also visit the famous Somnath temple situated nearby and spend some time in the holy environment.

Kumara Parvatha

Most Mangalore honeymoon holiday packages include the Kumara Parvatha as a part of the tour. A vast stretch of lush greenery with picturesque views of the peaks captivates many couples. It is also a favourite trekking spot for couples and tourists. This place is located in Pushpagiri reserve forest near Somwarpet Taluk. A trek to this range is a challenging adventure. However, the bird’s-eye view of the beautiful landscape at the end of the trek is worth the effort. For couples who enjoy nature walks, it is an ideal location and provides a refreshing experience.

St. Lawrence Church

This church is one of the awaited honeymoon destinations in Mangalore. The famous St. Lawrence Church in Airport Rd, Bondel, is a must-visit site. Couples visiting this place will be blissfully surrounded by the vast acre of greenery. This church is sure to give harmonious vibes and it is a unique experience that couples will encounter. Established in the year 1845, this church is popular in the area and hosts a lively festival in January attracting thousands of people to this place.

Adyar Falls

The sight of misty waterfalls is a calming experience for couples on Mangalore honeymoon tours. Adyar Falls is located 12 km away from the city of Mangalore. The beautiful sight of these falls will sweep couples off their feet with their exquisite beauty. This place is visited by locals and tourists alike to relax and refresh themselves. Apart from witnessing the sonorous rippling of this waterfall that can be heard from a distance, couples can click pictures with this picturesque backdrop.

St. Aloysius Chapel

Located in the heart of Mangalore, this Chapel is a famous place listed in Mangalore honeymoon tour packages. This Chapel was established in the year 1900 by Father Joseph Willy. The walls of the chapel exhibit the work of Italian artist Antony Moshaini. This church is a must-visit for all couples who have an interest in artworks. This place is compared to the famed Sistine Chapel in Rome. The Chapel is adorned with mesmerising paintings. Since this church is close to the Mangalore railway station, visiting this place is convenient.

Things to do in Mangalore Honeymoon Tour

1. A trip to the oldest Chandragiri Fort

Situated on the banks of river Chandragiri, this famous fort is visited by many couples and tourists. It was established in the 17th century and is almost 4 centuries old. After the end of colonial British rule, the State Archeology Department has preserved this place. It is now a protected monument adding value to this ancient historical heritage site of this city. This place also gives a spectacular view of the Arabian sea around sunset from the Vintage viewpoint included in Mangalore honeymoon trip packages.

2. Walking through the Pilikula Botanical Garden

For couples who have a knack for gardening and botany, Pilikula Botanical Garden must be included in their Mangalore honeymoon travel packages. This ecotourism garden is famous for having a zoo, botanical garden and park. Couples can also go boating in the lake. For couples looking for a one-day outing in Mangalore, this is the ideal place packed with romance. This garden covers 350 acres of land. There are 15,000 species of flora that allure couples with their vibrance. Couples can also find many wildlife creatures in the zoo, like leopards, lions, tigers, wild boars and snakes.

3. Historical sightseeing at Sulthan Bathery

Mangalore honeymoon vacation packages comprise a tour of the best historical forts in India. This is a watchtower built by the figure of history, Tipu Sultan. Established in 1784 using black stones, the mini fortress offers an impressive view of the Arabian Sea. The old canyons that are vintage material now add a charm to this fort. This spot that is 5 km from Mangalore is perfect for having a private date with one’s spouse while watching the ocean.

4. Climbing granite steps at Jamalabad Fort

Honeymoon tours in Mangalore often include some secluded spots for couples to enjoy their privacy. This fort is also another place that makes a perfect couples spot away from the Mangalore city area. This fort is named after the name of Tipu Sultan’s mother and is built on a hilly area of granite. Couples will need to climb 1800 granite steps to reach the top. Mangalore honeymoon packages include this as one of the adventurous activities to do on a honeymoon tour.

5. Enjoy reading inside Tagore park

Mangalore is like a fairy-tale meeting point for partners. Also known as Light House Hill Garden, this garden was established in the 18th century by Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan. The park consists of a lighthouse from where couples can enjoy the views of the Imperial sea. There is even a public library below the lighthouse. This is the ideal retreat for couples who would like to spend their honeymoon on a rendezvous with literature. Book lovers can spend hours reading the diverse range of books that the library has to offer.

How to reach Mangalore

Mangalore is a famous hill station that hosts numerous visitors all the time. Here is how couples can easily reach the place.

By Air- Mangalore has its airport located around 15 km away from the city centre. Couples can depart on flights to Mangalore from almost all important cities across India. Several flights from different domestic and international destinations serve Mangalore daily. Depending on need and availability, passengers can board a direct or stopover flight from anywhere in India and abroad.

By Road- Direct and regular buses from different parts of Karnataka and nearby states are available to reach Mangalore. State and private buses connect Mangalore with the neighbouring cities. Buses are available at frequent intervals.

By Railways- Couples can reach Mangalore via train while enjoying the panoramic views. Mangalore is served by the Mangalore Junction Railway Station. Several regular and super-fast trains run between Mangalore and most of the metropolitan cities.

Mangalore Honeymoon FAQs


What is the approximate cost of a honeymoon package to Mangalore?


There are several Mangalore honeymoon tour packages with different choices of lodging, food, and trip schedule. The price range depends on these factors and the number of days that couples prefer to spend at their destination. The ideal package to make the best of the Mangalore trip costs around Rs.35000. The cost may be higher or lower than this depending on the services availed.


Which hotels are best suited for accommodation during a honeymoon in Mangalore?


There are a large number of hotels in Mangalore that are known for their quality service and accommodation. Some of the hotels that are best suited for booking during honeymoon tours in Mangalore are Goldfinch Hotel, The Gateway Hotel, Moti Mahal and Hotel Poonja International.


Which Mangalore honeymoon destination is the best for shopping?


Central Market is the best Mangalore honeymoon destination for shopping. It is a famous and frequently visited tourist location in Mangalore. Couples prefer to buy souvenirs from this market that would make them cherish their honeymoon memories in the future.


How many temples are there in Mangalore?


There are a total of 8 temples in Mangalore. These revered temples can be visited by couples on their Mangalore honeymoon for a holy retreat. The ambience at these temples is quite soothing and divine.


What is the distance between Chandragiri Fort and Mangalore? How long does it take to reach the fort?


The average distance of Chandragiri Fort from Mangalore is 59 km. It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the location when travelling by car via National Highway 66.

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