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Matheran Honeymoon Tours

Matheran honeymoon is the perfect choice for newlyweds. This cosy little hill station is 100km away from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Matheran honeymoon destinations are nestled amid the Sahyadri range of the mighty Western Ghats. Matheran is the smallest hill station in India and is perched at an altitude of 2600 feet above sea level. The name translates to overhead forest and Matheran justifies its name with lush greenery, breathtaking valleys, and spellbound nature. The honeymoon destinations in Matheran endow couples with an old-world era. Matheran is one of the few places all over the world that doesn’t allow any vehicles. Right from the time the couples step in here, red-soiled roads free of automobiles treat them with fresh air amid eye-pleasing sceneries.

Matheran Honeymoon tours are an excellent escape from a worldly hassle into the incredible nature. This beautiful hill station rejuvenates couples and provides them with quality time. The honeymoon holidays in Matheran are a delight to every couple, owing to the secluded ambience and spectacular vistas. Matheran hosts around 38 magnificent viewpoints that offer stunning views of the Sahyadri Ranges. These sweeping views make the honeymoon tours in Matheran a bliss to the soul and senses. The real beauty of this town can be perceived the best by exploring it on foot while getting lost in its charm. These romantic walks enchant couples easily. Several Matheran honeymoon packages compensate for this rush and ensure that every couple enjoys their trip.

Monsoons in Matheran can be challenging due to landslides. Matheran honeymoon tour packages usually booked during the remaining seasons. Winters and summers account for the most romantic time when Matheran is in its full glory. Matheran is pleasant and tranquil in these seasons and makse for an ideal honeymoon for every couple. Matheran honeymoon holiday packages present lively waterfalls, scintillating sunrises and sunsets from the viewpoints, enthralling adventures, and a serene ambience. The hotels in Matheran also offer the most alluring views. Travel, hotels, and sightseeing are included in these packages as well. Couples can choose the appropriate package based on the time of visit, places to see, and activities to take part in.

Matheran is one off-beat destination with a lazy retreat and idyllic ambience. Matheran honeymoon trip packages help couples in planning the best moments and grab the most out of this hill station. This hill station can be a romantic weekend getaway for couples as well. Be it short or a long one, Matheran honeymoon vacation packages ensure that couples have the best secluded holiday. These packages allow couples to customise their choices and plan the trip accordingly. Matheran honeymoon travel packages present couples with unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

Honeymoon places to visit in Matheran

The unique geography of Matheran makes this hill station a romantic paradise. It hosts some of the most spectacular destinations and gripping adventures in India. Honeymoon tours in Matheran included the following places and activities.

Places to visit in Matheran Honeymoon

The following are some must-visit Matheran honeymoon destinations.

Louisa Point

Louisa Point is very famous among the honeymoon destinations in Matheran. It has two different views from the top. The first one is the view of the glorious mountain peaks touching the skies. Another visual delight to couples is the panoramic views of the verdant valleys beneath the viewpoint. The place welcomes numerous couples throughout the day. Louisa Points offers some marvellous photographic locations that could be an excellent addition to photo albums. A clear view of the magnanimous Prabal Fort from this viewpoint also attracts numerous couples. It is around a 15-20 minutes trek and provides splendid views of nature.

Charlotte Lake

Charlotte Lake, also known as Sharlott Lake, is a perfect destination for couples seeking secluded time in nature’s lap. The lake is a famous picnic and camping spot. It is located amid a dense forest and is the prime water source for Matheran hill station. The lake has a dam on one side and the Pisharnath Mahadev Shrine on the other side. The charming views of the vantage Louisa and Echo viewpoints from this lake are a crucial addition to its charm. Charlotte Lake is a must-visit place during a Matheran honeymoon for most couples. Birdwatching alongside this lake is a famous activity in this hill station. Couples can stroll around the lake while gazing at the migratory birds in vibrant colours.

Chanderi Caves

Chanderi is a grand mountain range extending to an altitude of 800m. Matheran honeymoon tours are incomplete without a trek to these caves. These caves are engulfed by the amazing landscapes of colossal mountains. On reaching the top, couples witness the four mighty pinnacles and the enthralling sights of Sahyadri Ranges. Trekking along Chanderi Caves is one of the most prevalent and popular treks in the Western Ghats. A small reservoir of fresh water along the route adds to the caves’ beauty. There is also an idol of Lord Mahadev in the caves. Couples usually en route to this trek early in the morning, the time when the caves’ marvel is at its best.

Irshalgad Fort

Irshalgad Fort is the sister to Prabalgad Fort and is perched at an elevation of 3700 m above sea level. The fort’s pinnacle is one of the best spots in Matheran for mountaineering. Irshalgad fort was constructed by the Bahmani Sultans during their reign. It is engulfed by dense forests and hosts numerous trekking trails. Matheran honeymoon Packages include Irshalgad as a part of the tour owing to its alluring beauty and charm. The panoramic views of the magnificent Western Ghats from the top of this fort add to the fort’s marvel and attract numerous couples.

Ambarnath Temple

Ambarnath Temple is the abode of Lord Shiva and was built in the year 1060. This tranquil shrine is situated on the banks of the river Waldhuni. It is a belief that the temple was constructed by King Mahamandaleshwar as a tribute to his forefathers. Ambarnath temple is carved out of a stone in Hemadpanthi architectural style. The temple’s complex is an architectural wonder, a sight to behold. Newlyweds seek the blessings of Lord Mahadev to embark on new beginnings. Most Matheran honeymoon trip packages include Ambarnath Shrine as a part of touring the hill station.

Things to do in Matheran Honeymoon Tour

1. Visit the Honeymoon Point

Honeymoon Point is a must-do thing as a part of Matheran honeymoon holiday packages. It offers grand views of Matheran’s mountains and deep valleys. This place is renowned as the Grand Canyon of India. The facts that it is one of the most secluded places in Matheran and provides a perfect romantic setup justifies the name. Honeymoon Point is the biggest valley crossing point in this hill station and is a crucial adventure destination. Couples enjoy the scenic views of the lush mountains and deep valleys from this viewpoint. The entry costs Rs. 40 per person.

2. Waterfall rappelling at Dodhani Waterfalls

Matheran hosts enthralling waterfalls rappelling at Dodhani Falls. The activity is popular among couples and is a must-include in Matheran honeymoon travel packages. The ambience around the place is filled with solace and the picturesque landscapes soothe couples with their captivating beauty. Be it amateur couples or people with former experience, this water sport amazes all alike. This once-in-life experience is monitored by experts. Couples are safeguarded with high-quality ropes, helmets and seat harnesses. It costs Rs. 1,550 for a person to rappel at Dodhani. These waterfalls are perfect for peace-loving couples as well.

3. Rock climbing

Among the many adventurous activities, couples can add the remarkable experience of rock climbing to their honeymoon holidays in Matheran. This hill station offers several locations for this adventure. Alexander Point, Louisa Point, Shivaji’s Ladder, and Prabal Fort are some ideal destinations for this recreation. Adventure-loving couples can also go on an overnight climb along Garbett Point. Rock-climbing in Matheran costs Rs. 600 per person and is one of the unmissable things to do in this little hill station.

4. Trekking to the Kalavantin Pinnacle

Kalavantin Fort, known as the Kalavantin Durg, stands amid the Western Ghats at a height of 2,300 feet. There are numerous trek routes added to the Matheran honeymoon tour packages. The Kalavantin Pinnacle often excites numerous couples. It is not only a perfect location for trekking but also an intriguing place to explore. It is considered as one of the most challenging trek routes of all those from the Western Ghats. The trek route diverges into two paths after a certain distance. The shorter route leads to Kalavantin Pinnacle and the longer to Prabalgad Fort. The rock-cut steps are at a 60-degree inclination and around 2-feet high, making the trek challenging yet exciting. The pricing starts at Rs. 550 per person.

5. Neral Matheran Toy Train Rides

Toy Train rides are a must-have in Matheran honeymoon vacation packages. Enjoying the hill station’s panoramic views through the train’s window is the best thing in Matheran for couples. The journey begins from Amar Lodge and ends at Matheran. Couples can enjoy the lush green forests and scintillating weather of Matheran while the train roars into its hills. The Toy Train is listed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. The train covers 21 km in 2 hours approximately. Three trains run between 7.05 am and 5.45 pm and the journey costs Rs. 300 per person.

How to reach Matheran

Here’s how couples can reach this destination for their honeymoon.

By Airways – Matheran doesn’t have an airport of its own and so, there are no direct flights to Matheran. The nearest airport to this hill station is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and Pune Airport. Couples can board flights to Mumbai or Pune and reach Matheran by road.

By Railways – The nearest railhead to Matheran is at Neral. Couples can reach Neral from Pune and Mumbai and take the toy train to Matheran.

By Roadways – Several public and private transportation facilities are available from most Maharashtrian states to Matheran. However, they stop 2.5 km before the destination. Couples need to either trek or hire a rickshaw or horse to cover the remaining route.

Matheran Honeymoon FAQs


Is it possible to book the tickets for Toy Train online?


Toy Train rides are a crucial part of the Matheran honeymoon. Couples can either book the tickets from Neral station or use the IRCTC website for booking. The code for Matheran is MAE and for Neral is NRL. Booking is quite easy with these codes.


Are there any prerequisites for rappelling in Matheran?


Rappelling is one exciting activity from the honeymoon tours in Matheran. Couples are advised to refrain from consuming alcohol or smoking a few hours before and during the activity. They are also asked to stick to the advice from the instructors throughout the activity.


Which is the best month to visit Matheran?


Matheran is usually visited throughout the summer and winter. However, the best time to visit this hill station would be in October and November. This is the time when the intense monsoon season eases and Matheran appears in beautiful green cloaks. Couples can plan their trip through Matheran honeymoon tour packages and have the best of the romantic escape.


What is the stopping point for vehicles in Matheran?


Any vehicle heading to Matheran stops near Dasturi Naka. This is the place where the hill station starts. Since it is an eco-friendly and pollution-free destination, UNESCO bans the entry of vehicles into it.


Is Matheran good for a second honeymoon?


Every Matheran honeymoon destination lures couples into visiting the place often. Most couples from Maharashtra head to Matheran for a weekend retreat. So, Matheran is a perfect choice for as many times as couples can visit the hill station.

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3 Star Hotels & Resorts in Matheran

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The Byke Brightland Matharean

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Radha Cottage

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Hotel Kumar Plaza

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