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Mumbai Honeymoon Tours

Glamorous and glitzy, Mumbai is the perfect place to start a new life. The capital city of Maharashtra offers a blend of fun and love. Mumbai honeymoon is an excellent choice for couples who love to dance the nights away or are fond of Bollywood films. The city got the title of the city that never sleeps due to the busy lifestyle of people here. Mumbai honeymoon destinations are packed with serene beaches, wine trails, lush green hills, and picturesque nature. Be it an adventurous trip or a holiday filled with seclusion, Mumbai has everything to account for an ideal honeymoon. The honeymoon destinations in Mumbai sprawl around the incredible Western Ghats, Sahyadri, and Konkan belts, providing excellent trekking routes for couples.

Mumbai honeymoon tours include the breathtaking views of Lonavala, mesmerising sunsets from Matheran, crystal white clouds of Lavasa, and the sparkling waters of Aksa beach. The city is dotted with numerous destinations that present everything for a perfect honeymoon. Different shrines filled with tranquillity, various beaches flocked with locals and tourists alike, and the famous Marine Drive form the crucial part of the honeymoon tours in Mumbai. Due to the numerous people visiting the city every year, a large number of luxurious hotels, resorts and guest houses have been built here. The resorts and hotels in Mumbai account for the cosy mornings at the sight of beautiful views. Mumbai is in its full glory during winters. However, couples can also choose the other seasons for memorable honeymoon holidays in Mumbai. The city is amazing in the summer and winter season as well. Mumbai honeymoon trip packages can be booked as per the preference of the couples.

Be it the first or second honeymoon, Mumbai honeymoon packages provide everything necessary to make memories for a lifetime. The city is famous for its nightlife and many couples select Mumbai as their honeymoon destination for the same reason. Mumbai honeymoon travel packages also include nightclubs as a part of the tour. Apart from the sightseeing, couples can indulge in different fun activities. Exhilarating roller coaster rides, rejuvenating couple massages, exploring the city’s wildlife and the romantic candlelight dinner cruises are covered as a part of the Mumbai honeymoon holiday packages.

Couples can choose any of the Mumbai honeymoon tour packages based on their preference and make the trip the most beautiful one. Different packages are available, each with a unique list of places to explore and things to do. The costs of the Mumbai Honeymoon vacation packages vary depending on the duration of the tours.

Honeymoon places to visit in Mumbai

The Mumbai honeymoon is enthralling and romantic. Below goes the list of places couples can explore and adventurous activities couples can experience.

Places to visit in Mumbai Honeymoon

Mumbai tourism offers the best honeymoon destinations some of which are as follows:


Mumbai honeymoon tours are incomplete without visiting this hill station covered with a lush green blanket of beauty. Located 624m above sea level, this place is 80 km from Mumbai. Lonavala is the ideal spot for escaping the worldly hustle and enjoying a secluded holiday with one’s loved one. Dams alongside lakes, cascading waterfalls, and majestic hills from this place take couples close to nature. Karla caves, Rajmachi fort, Bhaja caves, and Bushi dam are some famous attractions in Lonavala. Khandala, a twin hill station to Lonavala is often visited along with this place. Both the places offer excellent trek routes amid nature. The early morning mist and views from the hotels and resorts here are one of the most romantic ways to start a day.


Matheran, translating to forehead forest, is a breathtaking spot in Mumbai. One of the must-add places of the honeymoon tours in Mumbai, this place accounts for the romantic sunsets. Waking up to the sunrises at this place is a part of most couples’ to-do list on their Mumbai honeymoon. It is renowned as the cutest hill station in India. Located 2600 feet above sea level, Matheran offers spectacular landscapes and utmost peace. This place doesn’t allow vehicles inside it. Couples can enjoy romantic walks along the lanes and perceive the cold breeze. The sweeping views of mountains during trekking make a honeymoon trip here an unforgettable delight.


Karnala is the perfect place for a romantic vacation. This place is full of serenity, seclusion, and beauty. Located at a distance of 50 km from Mumbai, this place is a must-have in most Mumbai honeymoon tour packages. The bird sanctuary in Karnala is a gem of Mumbai’s fauna, with around 150 native exotic bird species. Apart from these, 37 migrant bird varieties add vibrance to the sanctuary. The river cruise along the Karnala lake is the most romantic activity for any couple. This place is a perfect start to get away from the wedding blues and find solace amid the impeccable beauty of nature.


Also known as Alibag, it is a coastal town located 90 km away from Mumbai. This place is flocked by locals and tourist couples all the time. Owning the highest tourist footfall to this place, it is renowned as mini-Goa. Alibaug is a great addition to the Mumbai honeymoon destinations. The place is replete with fresh air, tranquil temples, and sandy beaches. Alibaug is a photography paradise where couples can find numerous romantic and picture-perfect backdrops. Mandwa beach in Alibaug is quite famous for film shootings and also the mesmerising views of the Gateway of India. This place hosts numerous enthralling water sports that can be the source of adventure for couples.


Known as the lovers’ paradise, Khandala is one of the popular honeymoon destinations in Mumbai. This twin of Lonavala is known to offer respite in the ultimate form. It is a romantic hill station encompassing gleaming lakes, enticing valleys, enthralling trek routes and waterfalls with crystal white waters. The place is perfect for spending quality time with a partner. Located 100 km away from Mumbai, a train journey to this place from Mumbai endows couples with the divine bounty of nature.

Things to do in Mumbai Honeymoon tour

1. Stop by the Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a sure thing in Mumbai honeymoon trip packages. The place is in full glory when it is lit up during the nights. Marine Drive is the best place in Mumbai to enjoy the unravelling beauty of sunsets. It is a 3km-long concrete road which is also known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road. Couples can sit along the edges and relish the breathtaking sights. Sprawling along the foothills of Malabar ranges, Marine Drive is always crowded with local and tourist couples. Eateries flock to the place serving lip-smacking food. Couples can relish the food while capturing incandescent sights.

2. Stroll through the beaches

Beaches are a crucial part of Mumbai honeymoon packages. Being a coastal city, Mumbai is abundant with romantic beaches. The glowing waters of Aksa Beach and serene Juhu beach fill the city’s aura with romance. Aksa beach is renowned for its peaceful walks during sunsets. Juhu beach is full of food stalls, popcorn vendors, horse rides, and acrobats. Strolling along these beaches endows amazing sights of nature’s marvel and tranquillity. Several cottages along these beaches provide the perfect romantic ambience to the honeymoon. Couples can spend the evenings at any of the beaches and enjoy private time with their partners.

3. A couple’s massage at Marriott Hotel

Couple massages are relaxing and rejuvenating. Mumbai honeymoon vacation packages offer various premium spa services from the city. It is revitalising and balances the honeymoon. The couple's massage itself is a vacation with no worldly hassle. Mumbai offers several A-grade spas. Couples can choose the massaging style of their choice and de-stress themselves while rekindling the romance. On average, a couple’s massage costs around Rs. 30,000.

4. Try out the candlelight dinner cruise

A honeymoon is incomplete without cruise rides. Paring it with a candlelight dinner is the perfect romantic moment. Mumbai honeymoon holiday packages offer the best cruises in the city. A luxury yacht equipped with a 2-BHK pantry on the decks takes couples along one of the most beautiful journeys ever. The cool breezes from the Arabian Sea add sparks to the romance between couples. This romantic setup is specially dedicated to couples only. Available at Colaba in Mumbai, couples can go on the cruise between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm. The cruise lasts for around two hours and endows memories that are sure to stay for the whole life. The entire thing costs Rs. 25,000 per couple.

5. Visit the Umbrella Falls

The majestic Umbrella Falls are a crucial part of Mumbai honeymoon travel packages. These waterfalls are a part of the Bhandardara hill station which is 160 km away from Mumbai. These cascading waterfalls originate from the Wilson dam. The dam overflows during the monsoon and this is when the waterfalls are at their best. Umbrella falls give the feeling of an umbrella when seen and hence, the name. Couples can take pleasure from the magnificent beauty of nature engulfing the falls using a small bridge present there.

How to reach Mumbai

Mumbai, being the capital city of Maharashtra, is very well connected with the rest of India. Here is how couples can easily reach this romantic city.

By Air – Mumbai has the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport which is nearly 30 km away from the city. Major airlines run flights to Mumbai from all the prime cities of India.

By Rail – Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is the crucial railhead of Mumbai. Regular trains operate to and from major Indian cities to Mumbai.

By Road – Mumbai has a well-connected road network. Government and private bus facilities regularly run buses to Mumbai from Indian cities like Bengaluru, Pune, Nashik and Hyderabad. Couples can also self-drive to this city.

Mumbai Honeymoon FAQs


Is Mumbai good to visit in summer for a honeymoon?


The winter season is usually the most preferred for a Mumbai honeymoon. However, there are different places in Mumbai that offer the best honeymoon in Summer. Monsoons here are also good. But some beaches remain closed due to high tides. So, couples can plan their trip in any season based on the places they wish to cover.


Which is the best place in Mumbai for street shopping?


Mumbai city offers a wide range of street markets. Linking Road in Bandra, Lokhandwala in Andheri, and Fashion Street in MG road are the most preferred markets for both locals and visitors. Couples can buy anything and everything from these places on their honeymoon tours in Mumbai.


Which destination in Mumbai offers the best resorts for couples?


Aksa Beach is considered the best Mumbai honeymoon destination that offers beach-side cottages for couples. Most couples prefer these resorts due to the landscapes and peaceful ambience from the beach. Lonavala is also famous for resorts and hotels for couples.


What is the ideal duration for a honeymoon in Mumbai?


Mumbai honeymoon tour packages offer couples with different staying spans. Usually, it depends on the chosen places and can last for 5-6 days.


What is the best way to travel in and around Mumbai while on a honeymoon?


There are several local trains and cabs in Mumbai that transport couples from one place to another. But if you wish to have a lonely time with your partner, you can hire a rental cab from your hotel or the local network.

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