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Rajasthan Honeymoon Tours

Rajasthan is unequivocally one of the most beautiful destinations in India for a honeymoon. In terms of culture and heritage, this is a land of forts, palaces, havelis, temples, rich cuisines, colourful traditions, and handcrafts. The honeymoon holidays in Rajasthan are also packed with naturally blessed places including beautiful lakes, Aravali Range, and breathtaking deserts. The legacies of the kings that ruled this land can be witnessed in its culture. Because of the abundance of experiences awaiting here, Rajasthan honeymoon packages are on the top of the list for many honeymooners. The people of this land are also known for their great hospitality. Rajasthan honeymoon destinations are perfect for a wholesome trip filled with romance, thrill, fun and spirituality. The world-famous markets of this land of medieval beauty are a fun experience on their own. Antiques, handcrafted items, traditional jewellery and beautiful souvenirs collected from these markets can be lifetime reminders of Rajasthan honeymoon tours. The simplicity and uniqueness of this place are truly captivating.

The best choice for a luxurious romantic trip with a life partner is the Rajasthan honeymoon trip packages. The pleasant climate and soothing air in the winters are the best time to soak in the beauty of this place. Honeymoon tours in Rajasthan have it all, from a hill station to a desert and from majestic forts to beautiful lakes. It’s a perfect destination to start the journey of married life with a life partner. The tranquillity of some honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan like lakes, deserts, and mountains lets couples have quality time together surrounded by natural beauty. The local markets, temples, and villages of Rajasthan are a treat for people who love exploring cultures. The Rajasthan honeymoon tour packages also let couples witness the pristine wildlife of this region in the Wildlife Sanctuaries. It's a beautiful honeymoon destination with several famous temples to take blessings while starting a new chapter of life. Exploring the royal history reflected in the palaces and forts is an important part of Rajasthan honeymoon vacation packages. The honeymoon experiences in Rajasthan leaves people with unforgettable memories.

The luxurious Rajasthan honeymoon travel packages include resorts, villas, heritage hotels and spas that add grandeur to honeymoons. A good number of affordable yet good hotels can also be found in Rajasthan to have a great honeymoon on a budget. The price bracket of these Rajasthan honeymoon holiday packages is wide. Couples are allowed to customise their honeymoon packages as per their preference. This helps newlywed couples to make the best out of their Rajasthan honeymoon.

Honeymoon Places to visit in Rajasthan

Honeymoon holidays in Rajasthan are slightly different from traditional honeymoon destinations, yet they still offer a plethora of experiences for couples to cherish forever.

Places to visit on Rajasthan Honeymoon

Given below are the best Rajasthan honeymoon destinations to make the best of a romantic trip.


Famously known as the Pink City, Jaipur is a great destination for couples to explore the Rajputana culture of this royal state. A perfect blend of the new and old culture can be witnessed in Jaipur. It’s one of the most famous places included in Rajasthan honeymoon trip packages due to its UNESCO declared World Heritage Sites, palaces, forts, and bazaar. The Amer Fort, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Tripolia Bazar are among the many attractions to visit in this city. Couples here can travel like a local in metro and tuk-tuks. Being a prime holiday destination in India, there are a few of the most exotic resorts and hotels in Jaipur.


Located amidst the Aravali Range, Pushkar is a simple pilgrimage town in Rajasthan. Newlyweds on their honeymoon tours in Rajasthan visit its famous Brahma Temple to take blessings. One of the biggest camel fairs, the Pushkar Mela, is organised here every November. It’s also a beautiful destination with a shiny dessert on one side and lush green trees on the other three sides. Couples can spend time with each other taking a stroll through its narrow alleys, attending magic shows, folk performances, and sipping chai at the Ghats. With more and more people visiting this place every year, this town has been developing into a multicultural social hub.


Home of the famous Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur is an enchanting place for couples to include in Rajasthan honeymoon vacation packages. The temples, lakes, blue houses, and shops filled with shops of Jodhpur creates a lively aura. The top attractions in Jodhpur include Umaid Bhawan Palace, Umaid Garden, Jaswant Thada, Udai Mandir, and Mandore Gardens. With hundreds of eating joints, guesthouses, vendors, and shops near the clock tower and Sardar Market offer a lively vibe. From romantic dinners at rooftop restaurants to watching the sunset at Kailana Lake, it’s one of the most romantic destinations in Rajasthan for couples on their honeymoon.


The Golden City of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is a perfect blend of adventure, heritage, and exotic Indian desert culture. The magnanimous golden dunes and castles covered with honey-golden sandstones offer visitors a sight to behold. The city is also known for its ornate Jain temples, lakes, and havelis. The Jaisalmer Fort, surrounded by narrow alleys, is a must-visit attraction here. The markets of Jaisalmer are famous for their colourful handicrafts. Staying in the desert camps, watching folk dances, and enjoying camel safaris makes the Rajasthan honeymoon trip memorable. It's a must-visit destination for couples to add in Rajasthan honeymoon travel packages.

Mount Abu

Being the only hill station in the state, Mount Abu witnesses one of the highest inflow of newlyweds on honeymoon in Rajasthan. Covered in dense forests, Mount Abu also has the highest peak of the Aravali Range. Visitors are attracted to this place for the Dilwara temples and the architectural beauty. These marvel temples were built over 2 centuries ago. Honeymooners can enjoy the Honeymoon Point, watch the sunset from Sunset Point, and go boating in Nakki Lake to spend some quality time. Adventures can also trek through trekking trails surrounded by beautiful views. The romantic aura makes this one of the best honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan.


Ajmer is a charming city, famous for its craftsmanship. With its spiritual aura, it’s a great destination to visit before starting a new chapter of life. Architectural buffs can enjoy the exquisite Mughal architecture around the city. The main attractions here include Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, Taragarh Fort, Akbar Fort & Museum, Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer sharif Dargah, Lake Foy Sagar, and Golden Jain Temple. It’s a great destination to include in Rajasthan honeymoon tour packages to feel the true spirit of Rajasthan.

Things to do in Rajasthan Honeymoon Tour

1. Camel safari

The camel safaris of Rajasthan are famous all around the world. On these safaris, couples get to witness several tiny settlements while riding on a camel’s back. To enhance the safari experience, couples can take breaks to explore the lifestyle of such settlements and villages. Several places in Rajasthan where camel rides are conducted are Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, and jodhpur. The experience of camel safaris over the golden dunes of Jaiselmer is captivating. Camel safaris are a must-include activity in Rajasthan honeymoon holiday packages.

2. Hot air balloon ride

There is nothing much more romantic than floating over the beautiful landscapes of Rajasthan with one’s life partner. These rides offer an exhilarating experience of being at the top of the world. The rides are mainly conducted either very early in the mornings or the evenings. The photographs captured in the air hold a lifetime of unforgettable memories. One of the most famous destinations in Rajasthan to enjoy a hot air balloon ride is Jaipur.

3. Boating

Rajasthan honeymoon packages are not complete without a boat ride. Boating for couples has always been among the top romantic activities. There are several places in Rajasthan to enjoy boating but the main destinations are Nakki Lake in Mount Abu, Chambal River in Kota, and Siliserh lake in Alwar. Banana boat rides are organised in Alwar and Kota. A romantic dinner on a banana boat ride is a different experience a couple can have in Rajasthan.

4. Shopping

Shopping in Rajasthan is a wholesome experience filled with handicrafts, royal ornaments, colourful art, traditional jewellery, antiques, and spices. There are several markets in Jaipur famous for specific items. Johari Bazar for jewellery and Kundan work, Bapu Bazar for textile and handloom, Clock Tower market is famous for handicrafts and antiques, Bada Bazar for traditional clothes, Hathi Pol Bazar for home decor and artwork, and Sadar Bazar for silver ornaments and camel leather items. Shopping in the local streets of Rajasthan is a memorable experience.

5. Savour the Rajasthani cuisines

The rich taste of Rajput culture in Rajasthani cuisines makes it popular all over the country. For non-vegetarians, the authentic laal maas is a must-try dish on Rajasthan honeymoon tours. Delicious food of Rajasthan like dal baati churma, aam ki launji and pyaz kachori are also must-tries.

How to reach Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the largest and important states on India’s map. It’s very well connected with the rest of the country via airways, roadway, and railways. Here’s how to reach Rajasthan:

By Air: Airways is considered as one of the most convenient ways to reach Rajasthan. The Jaipur International Airport is the significant airport connecting Rajasthan to the rest of the world. Frequent flights to Jaipur can be boarded from major cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

By Train: The major railway stations in Rajasthan are Kota Junction, Jaipur Junction, Jodhpur Junction, Ajmer Junction, Marwar Junction, Bandikui Junction, and Bikaner Junction. Taxi, cabs, and rickshaw services are available from the railway stations to reach hotels.

By Road: There are about 20 National Highways that connect to Rajasthan. Many options are available like private corporations operated and state government operated bus services to reach Rajasthan by bus.

Rajasthan Honeymoon FAQs


Is December a good time to visit Rajasthan on a honeymoon?


Yes, December is a good time for honeymoon tours in Rajasthan. The Winter season from November to February is the best time to visit Rajasthan. During this time, the temperature is between 10 and 25-degree celsius. The pleasant climate allows the best experience for a romantic trip.


Is Udaipur in Rajasthan good to visit on a honeymoon?


Udaipur is a good Rajasthan honeymoon destination. The stay in this city is pleasant. Couples can enjoy boat rides in Lake Pichola or they can hop on a camel and enjoy a camel safari in the desert. The experiences are endless.


How many days are required for a honeymoon trip in Rajasthan?


Rajasthan is a large state packed with a myriad of places to visit and things to do. A short honeymoon trip of 2 to 3 days is enough to explore major tourist cities and activities in Rajasthan. To truly explore multi-city tourist attractions, Rajasthan honeymoon tour packages of 6 to 7 days should be booked.


How to plan a perfect honeymoon trip to Rajasthan?


The best way to plan a perfect Rajasthan honeymoon is to book a honeymoon package in advance. These packages can be customised according to preferences to make a perfect romantic trip. They are the best because every single detail is taken care of under the package and couples can enjoy their honeymoon without any burden.


What does luxurious Rajasthan honeymoon packages include?


Rajasthan is known for being a royal state and royal experiences in Rajasthan tourism attracts tourists from all over the world. As for luxurious honeymoons in Rajasthan, there are many resorts, heritage hotels, villas, and jungle lodges that allow couples a luxurious experience throughout their romantic trips.

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5 Star Hotels & Resorts in Rajasthan

Rambagh Palace

₹ 33880 per night

Jai Mahal Palace

₹ 16193 per night

Umaid Bhawan Palace

₹ 35189 per night

RAAS Devigarh

₹ 20000₹ 18000 per night

The Raj Palace

₹ 19793 per night

Trident, Jaipur

₹ 6890 per night

Taj Lake Palace

₹ 32879 per night

3 Star Hotels & Resorts in Rajasthan

Bhanwar Niwas

₹ 8182 per night

Narain Niwas Palace

₹ 5909 per night

Fort Rajwada

₹ 27672 per night

Vesta Maurya Palace

₹ 3299₹ 2310 per night

Ranbanka Heritage Resort

₹ 2791 per night

Fateh Safari Resort by Fateh Collection

₹ 5917₹ 4697 per night