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Shillong Honeymoon Tours

Shillong is a hill station situated in the northeastern part of India and is the capital of the Indian state of Meghalaya, which translates to The Abode of Clouds. It is often referred to as the Scotland of the East. Shillong has rapidly grown in its size since it was made a civil station of the Khasi and Jaintia hills in 1864 by the British. Shillong tourism boasts a convenient location between the Brahmaputra and Surma valleys and a climate cooler than tropical India. Shillong honeymoon serves a perfect blend of the old charm and the fresh essence. Its bliss of solitude carries several places like falls, parks, peaks, landscapes, and museums to keep couples engaged. Shillong honeymoon destinations float high over vales and hills. The pine trees and the enchanting blue sky add to their heavenly beauty. Shillong honeymoon tours include cascading waterfalls, lively lakes, lush gardens, abundant pine trees, breathtaking greenery and museums showcasing the culture of the Khasis. This place is a top-rated honeymoon destination in Northeastern India for couples. The honeymoon destinations in Shillong are a perfect mix of the unique culture and the natural heritage of the place.

Honeymoon tours in Shillong serve a romantic environment and take couples through trendy honeymoon destinations in North-Eastern India. It is one of the best-known hill stations to complement the couples' bond of Love. Shillong has a pleasant climate throughout the year and can be visited at any time. The honeymoon holidays in Shillong are best to plan during the Spring season as it offers the best climatic conditions to enjoy Shillong exploration. However, one can have a great time in Shillong even in Summers and Winters. The Cherry blossom trees in Shillong are a sight to behold in October. Shillong honeymoon packages are immensely customer-friendly and provide the best services. They charge some reasonable prices. The packages make everything ready and available beforehand, from the hotels in Shillong to the transports and meals. These packages ensure couples have comfortable and stress-free vacations. Shillong honeymoon travel packages costs may differ according to the unique preferences of the couples.

The Shillong honeymoon trip packages include various thrilling, romantic, and adventurous honeymoon destinations. They also offer many adventurous activities, including trekking, camping, mountain biking and kayaking. The Shillong honeymoon vacation packages customise the trip according to the experience a couple wants to have. These packages give ample opportunities to couples to have a secluded vacation. The Shillong honeymoon tour packages are very famous for providing a mix of romance and adventure. Couples can have a private space while camping and offer a memorable experience. The Shillong honeymoon holiday packages also provide significant discounts.

Honeymoon places to visit in Shillong

Shillong is a fantastic getaway for new couples to spend some memorable time together. This place brings couples very close to nature where they can cherish the memories for a lifetime. It has a calm atmosphere and hanging clouds, which have always been a centre of attraction.

Places to Visit in Shillong Honeymoon

Shillong honeymoon packages have a list of attractive and romantic places to visit. Here are some of the places which give the most beautiful experiences for life.

Ward's Lake

The lake is situated in the centre of the town and is a magnificent tourist spot. Couples can rejoice in the natural beauty, plan a picnic by the lake or watch the fountain shows. The lotus fare present on the sides of the lake, make it even more attractive and a must visiting place for couples. Due to its very romantic ambience, couples enjoy exploring Ward's Lake together and the lake is counted as one of the best Shillong honeymoon destinations. The time to visit this lake is from 8:30 am. At 5:30 pm. The entry fee is Rs.10 per person.

Shillong peak

Shillong Peak offers a mesmerising astounding view of the surrounding valleys and hills. It is the supreme outlook and one of the surpassing places to visit in Shillong. For trekkers and naturalists, this place is best for a 360-degree view of distant hills, the city, and the waterfalls. Moreover, the cloud floating above is perfect for couples to visit for their romantic Shillong honeymoon. The visiting time is from 9:00 am To 3:30 pm and the entry fee is Rs. 30 per person.

Bishop Falls

Bishop falls, located at Mawprem, is the 22nd highest fall of India, which makes it popular among visitors. It encourages couples to visit the place at least once. The waterfall disembarks from a height of 443 ft. Beadon Falls is partnered with Bishop falls. Due to this, it gives a beautiful double scene to the eyes. The other thing which makes this area a must-include in the Shillong honeymoon trip packages is its pappy green surroundings. The visiting time is 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and no entry fee is required.

Don Bosco Museum

This Museum stores the native-born cultures of Shillong. It is the best place to witness the handicrafts collection, weapons, attires, ornaments and art galleries. Learning about new cultures is also an excellent idea for honeymoon holidays in Shillong. People can view the whole of northeast India in the Don Bosco Museum. It is situated at the premises of Sacred Heart Church. The time to visit the Museum is from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm every day except Sunday, and the entry fee is Rs.50 per person.

Phan Nonglait Park

Phan Nonglait Park is located at the heart of the city Shillong. This Japanese-style park is home to many wild animals like jackals, leopards, porcupines and Himalayan black bears. Plantation and the ponds inside the park surely entertain the couples who come to visit this park. A boating facility is also available at the lake. It adds flavour to the honeymoon destinations in Shillong. For adventure-loving couples, this place is a must-visit. The time to visit this park is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The entry fee is Rs.10 per person.

Things to do in Shillong Honeymoon Tour

1. Trekking

Trekking is one of the most exciting things that couples can add to their Shillong honeymoon holiday packages. The David Scott Trail is the best option for couples. This 16 km trail can be covered in 4 to 5 hours. People are greeted by waterfalls, meadows, and incredible valleys on the trek. Trekking can be a great option to make the honeymoon adventurous. The time for trekking is from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm.

2. Camping

Camping, a classic idea to spend quality time with one’s partner on honeymoon tours in Shillong. Camping offers a chance to get cosy in small tents under the starry sky and spend that time with the partner in beautiful nature. Bonfires and stargazing make camping a magical experience for couples. The woods of Shillong gives the best camping experience. Camping is available 24 hours and costs Rs.1000 per person.

3. Kayaking

People who kayak at Umiam Lake can feel the adrenaline rush inside their bodies. A guide is accompanied who does this for the first time so that they can avoid any mishap. With the ultimate adventure, couples also get to enjoy swimming, water slides, and canyoning. Getting into kayaking together is an enriching experience offered in the Shillong honeymoon vacation packages. The best time for Kayaking is from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and it costs Rs.1500 per person.

4. Mountain Biking

While biking to Sohiya village, couples get a chance to witness the mesmerising beauty of Shillong. The rough corridors of the forests with many species of birds make it a perfect scenery for pictures. Couples also get acquainted with the locals. It adds a taste of adventure amidst everything beautiful in Shillong honeymoon tour packages. The time for mountain biking is from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

5. River rafting

A thrilling experience of river rafting at Dawki River is the most exciting thing on the to-do list of Shillong honeymoon tours. It is a one-hour activity. However, the excitement that runs through blood while conquering the bold waves and successfully rafting through them is something that couples remember forever. The best time for river rafting is 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. It costs Rs. 2,800 per person.

How to reach Shillong

One can reach Shillong by boarding on flights to Shillong or via railways and roadways.

By Air- Shillong has its airport, located 35 km away at Umroi. It is a domestic airport that connects the hill station with Kolkata via Air India regional flights. Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport at Guwahati is another airport, 130 km away from Shillong. Regular flights are offered by most of the primary carriers.

By Rail- The nearest railhead to Shillong is the Guwahati railway station, which is about 135 km away. The Guwahati Railway Station is well linked to major cities in India via an extensive rail network. Trains like Rajdhani Express take about 34 hours to reach Guwahati from New Delhi.

By Road- Several Assam State Transport Corporation and Meghalaya Transport Corporation buses operate from Guwahati to Shillong. Depending on the budget and requirement, couples can choose from a wide range of busses. People may also drive to Shillong.

Shillong Honeymoon FAQs


What are the best cheap hotels in Shillong?


Shillong honeymoon destination serves fantastic vacation, and the best cheap hotels in Shillong are: Hotel Polo, Hotel Centre Point, Pinewood Hotel, Hotel Assembly and Best Holiday Inn.


Does Shillong experience snowfall?


No, Shillong does not experience snowfall, but it is still a renowned hill station. One can visit Shillong even during winters without bothering about getting stuck in bad weather conditions. Therefore the honeymoon tours in Shillong are highly recommended for newly married couples. Shillong offers a pleasant climate throughout the year. Shillong honeymoon tour packages may avail special deals, discounts, and offers to newly married couples.


What are the best lodges in Shillong?


There are many lodges in Shillong. There are luxurious ones and pocket-friendly ones as well. Based on their budgets, couples can choose any of the following Baba Tourist Lodge, Phi Ro Sha, Saw Aiom.


Do we need a permit to visit Shillong?


Indian tourists, except for natives of Arunachal Pradesh, need to access ILPs or inner Line Permits. Authorities of any Arunachal Pradesh government with offices at Shillong Guwahati, Tezpur, Kolkata, Jorhat, Delhi, and Lakhimpur issue the permits. One can even apply for it online.


What are some of the most romantic restaurants in Shillong?


There are many romantic restaurants that couples can visit on their Shillong honeymoon trips. Here are some of them: Dejavu, City Hut Family Dhaba, Cafe Shillong and Heritage Club - Tripura Castle.

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3 Star Hotels & Resorts in Shillong

Hotel Assembly

₹ 3689 per night

Ladybird Hotel

₹ 3834 per night

The Habitat Shillong

₹ 4900 per night

San Nael LaResort

₹ 3899 per night

Woodstock Farmhouse

₹ 4000 per night

Hotel Sapphire Shillong

₹ 3330 per night