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Tamil Nadu Honeymoon Tours

Tamil Nadu, a South Indian state, is known for its affluent culture, heritage, and connection to history. Honeymoon holidays in Tamil Nadu allow couples to witness some unique forms of art, dance, and classical music. Tamil Nadu tourism offers beautiful heritage sites, temples, and significant destinations that mould the culture of this state. There are some places established through the native culture that can be witnessed on honeymoon tours in Tamil Nadu. These are also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tamil Nadu is a state bestowed upon with sprawling landscapes, wildlife parks, cascading waterfalls, majestic mountains, and a formidably long coastline. Tamil Nadu honeymoon destinations are some of the most beautiful destinations in the country. Couples will feel mesmerised with their partners while travelling there. Tamil Nadu honeymoon tours offer a visit to some state-of-the-art establishments. The cultural diversity of this state makes it an enriching trip for couples. Honeymoon destinations in Tamil Nadu have something for every newly married couple out there. There are different destinations to be explored and various activities to indulge in. Tamil Nadu honeymoon covers everything from quiet and serene hillscapes, spots for watching birds and establishments seeping with folklore from every corner, to enchanting sunrises and sunsets at the end of the day.

This state’s architecture is of the Dravidian style. Tamil Nadu honeymoon holiday packages include these places on their travel itinerary. There is a plethora of destinations to visit in this state. Tamil Nadu honeymoon tour packages provide couples with the choice of their destinations according to the duration and budget of the trip. Couples can add their preferred activities to the packages as well. Tamil Nadu honeymoon trip packages organise all the activities while couples enjoy their time without bothering about anything else.

Tamil Nadu honeymoon packages offer some amazing locations to make a trip to. Visiting these locations for one’s honeymoon is a definite tryst with nature. These sites are spread throughout the state and it takes at least four to five days to explore them all. Tamil Nadu honeymoon vacation packages can be arranged to fix a trip to the landmarks of the state. Walking by the misty hills and on the serene beach are some of the things that stimulate romance on a honeymoon tour and can be added to the trip. It is best to book one of the Tamil Nadu honeymoon travel packages in advance and customise the package accordingly.

Honeymoon places to visit in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is filled with romantic places and thrilling activities to create a perfect honeymoon trip for newly-wedded couples.

Places to visit in Tamil Nadu Honeymoon

Here is a list of some of the best places to stop by on a Tamil Nadu honeymoon trip.


Kodaikanal, meaning the gift of the forest in Tamil, is a charming hill station located in the Dindigul district of the state. It is one of the popular Tamil Nadu honeymoon destinations that is a habitat to scintillating lakes, high rising mountains, and alpine forests. A range of enthralling activities is organised within this area like trekking, camping, and boat rides. Kodaikanal is an ideal spot listed in Tamil Nadu honeymoon trip packages for adventure-loving couples. Couples can go boating in the lakes, exploring the Guna caves, visiting the College Museum and the Wax Museum, overlooking the vast valleys, and walking through the pine forests. Couples can book hotels in Kodaikanal to make the most out of this place.


Ooty comprises a picturesque natural landscape. Couples can go for strolls and arrange for a picnic. The carrot fields, botanical gardens and Doddabetta are some major highlights here. Doddabetta Mountain Peak is usually listed in the Tamil Nadu honeymoon tour packages for tourists looking for a trekking expedition. There are many places like Ooty Lake, Pykara Waterfalls, Tiger Hills, Mukurthi National Park, Government Rose Garden, Avalanche Lake, St. Stephen’s Church, and Botanical Garden that are must-visits in Ooty. To visit these locations and enjoy some time with nature, couples can add Ooty to their Tamil Nadu honeymoon vacation packages.


This is a hill station that is full of dams and waterfalls. The mystic mountain range is one of the lushest honeymoon destinations in Tamil Nadu. The high wavy mountains in this location give a panoramic view when riding by car. There are several viewpoints like Thekkady Viewpoint that give a bird’s eye view of the hill scape situated amid the Western Ghats. Honeymoon tours in Tamil Nadu in this location consist of trips to the Meghamalai Rain Forest, Manalar Waterfalls, and several tea plantations and their estates.


Coonoor is a location that must be visited during Tamil Nadu honeymoon tours by couples who are wildlife enthusiasts. The paths comprise looped narrow paths where a couple can enjoy a long car drive and cherish some peaceful moments with each other. Coonoor is a small hill station that is far away from the hustle and traffic of the cityscape and is adept with abundant flora and fauna. Some places to visit in Coonoor on honeymoon holidays in Tamil Nadu are Nilgiri Hills, Sim’s Park, Catherine Waterfalls, Hidden Valley, Droog Fort, Lamb’s Rock and Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint.


Yercaud is a hill station where couples can witness beautiful coffee plantations, parks, and waterfalls. It is ideal to add a one-day trip to Yercaud to the Tamil Nadu honeymoon packages. The pathway of this location stretches for as long as 32 km. Pagoda Point is famous for its enchanting views. The silk farm, rose garden, Kottachedu Teak Forest and Kiliyur waterfall are some of the beautiful places to visit in Yercaud. The place is known for organising hiking adventures at certain locations.


Kanyakumari is an ideal honeymoon destination for couples wanting to spend their romantic trip by the beaches. Some of the popular beaches are Sanguthurai Beach, Sothavilai Beach, and Kanyakumari Beach. The beautiful waves, cool soothing breeze and golden sunsets are a regular sight at this destination. Kanyakumari is a convergence point of three oceans surrounding the southern part of India. This place is also scattered with gushing falls like Thirparappu Falls, ancient forts, and temples like Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Vattakottai Fort, Chitharal Jain Monuments, Thanumalayan Temple and Kumari Amman Temple.


This famous hill station is flourishing with the flora and fauna of the Western Ghats with a quaint view of greenery all over. There are waterfalls by the name of the Whispering Falls and Monkey Falls. Couples can indulge in photography against this aesthetic background, enjoy quiet walks in the heart of nature, take a view of the city from the Thottapuram Viewpoint, or try adventurous activities like hiking and trekking. This place is surrounded by rocky hilly areas and misty weather for a momentous romantic journey.


This city is a famous honeymoon spot for couples as they can witness some exquisite ancient Dravidian architecture. This place also has a large and happening marketplace for couples to buy souvenirs and a food court for tasting some authentic South Indian delicacies. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park are situated there along with other famous landmarks like Black Thunder Amusement Park, Gedee Car Museum, and Adiyogi Shiva Statue.

Things to do on a Tamil Nadu Honeymoon Tour

1. Jeep safari through Masinagudi

This wildlife sightseeing tour involves a glimpse of various animals like wild boars, jackals, chitals, elephants, and panthers. Masinagudi is a small town where the Mudumalai Wildlife sanctuary is situated and it is surrounded by the Moyar River. This safari takes place for two hours and apart from animals, couples can also come across many rare shrubs. The significance of the flora and the fauna in this wildlife sanctuary is explained by an experienced guide who drives through the forest.

2. Fishing and having seafood in Pondicherry

There is a thrill about catching fish using fishnets, baits, and fishing poles and then cooking those fresh catches for a hearty meal. This offbeat activity is surely on the list of adventurous activities to do for couples. This takes place near paradise beach in Pondicherry. Couples can enjoy eating freshly cooked delicious seafood by the beach.

3. Scuba diving in the waters of Chennai

Scuba diving amid the clear turquoise waters is a favourite activity among couples and tourists. There is a variety of underwater flora and marine animals that couples can witness together on this refreshing adventure. To experience this, couples should book slots via Tamil Nadu honeymoon travel packages and embark on this marine trek with the help of a qualified instructor. This activity takes place near Taj Fisherman’s Cove in Kovalam.

4. Shopping in Pondicherry

The local markets in Pondicherry are filled with markets of different sizes selling colourful jewellery, vibrant clothing items, and curated handicrafts of different styles. Shopping in Pondicherry is a favourite activity for couples and tourists because of the unique souvenirs sold there. Couples can splurge on upholstery, home decor items, stylish shoes, and fashionable garments in the local markets.

How to reach Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is easily accessible from all Indian cities. Here is a list of how to reach Tamil Nadu via flights, trains, and buses.

Airways- The Chennai International Airport of Tamil Nadu is known as the fourth busiest air terminal in India. Flights to Chennai are available for major cities in India as well as the world. Domestic flights are running from the Kamaraj Terminal, and International flights run from the Anna Terminal. Couples can also board on flights to Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli and Vellore.

Railways- Chennai has a suburban railway network that connects it to the major cities. Chennai Central is the main railway station in Tamil Nadu. There are several other train stations in Tamil Nadu that include Madurai, Salem, Katpadi, Coimbatore, and Tiruchirappalli Junction.

Roadways- The road system in Tamil Nadu comprises around 1.70 lakh km. Government and private buses travel to and from Tamil Nadu. Buses can be availed from Kerala, Pondicherry, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh to reach Tamil Nadu. Couples can book rental taxis or cars for a drive to Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu Honeymoon FAQs


What are some offbeat places to visit on a honeymoon trip to Tamil Nadu?


Some of the offbeat places to visit on a honeymoon trip are Tharangambadi, Kotagiri, Pollachi, Sirumalai and Valparai.


What are some of the less populated tourist spots in Tamil Nadu for a peaceful and private honeymoon?


Tamil Nadu is usually a highly visited tourist spot. It is best to go on honeymoon tours in Tamil Nadu during the off-season to get more peace from crowds. Some locations in Tamil Nadu that provide essential privacy to couples on their honeymoon are Megamalai, Yelagiri hills, Dhanuskodii and Gingee.


What are the best honeymoon resorts in Tamil Nadu for couples?


The best honeymoon resorts for couples on a honeymoon are The Tamara Kodai, Great Trails Kodaikanal, and Four Points. For couples on a cost-effective trip, some pleasant hotels are Delightz Inn, Sterling Yercaud, Hill Country Kodaikanal, and Fortune Resort Sullivan Court in Ooty.


What is the best time of the year to visit Tamil Nadu for a honeymoon?


The best time of the year to visit Tamil Nadu on a honeymoon trip is during late November or December through February. The winter season is ideal to spend time with one’s partner. Rainfall in Tamil Nadu is also beautiful and is an off-season time to visit for couples seeking less crowd in any Tamil Nadu honeymoon destination.


Are auto rickshaws available in Tamil Nadu for couples travelling short distances on their honeymoon tour?


Commutes can be easily arranged when going on a honeymoon trip by booking one of the Tamil Nadu honeymoon tour packages. Travel agents arrange commutes for both long and short distance travel. For couples who insist on getting the local feeling on their Tamil Nadu honeymoon, auto-rickshaws can be availed from various locations.

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