IndiGo Airline Web Check in Online

Indigo Web Check in

The IndiGo Airlines Web check in online facility can be availed by any traveller who has a confirmed reservation to any of its domestic flights. Passengers can check in from the comfort of their home. Moreover, the IndiGo airlines web check in facility also lets the passengers choose seats, select meal options and check in their luggage, beforehand.

Passengers who are willing to opt for IndiGo check in online can do so anywhere between 48 hours to 1 hour before the scheduled departure of the flight. To avail this facility, the passengers need to login to the official website of IndiGo and provide the necessary details. Once done, they can get their boarding passes sent to respective email ids, or they can be printed immediately.

It is worth mentioning that after you have done the IndiGo flight web check in, the tickets cannot be cancelled online. For this, the passengers need to contact the IndiGo customer care at least two hours before the scheduled departure.

Steps for IndiGo Web check in

The passengers need to follow the below-mentioned steps to avail the IndiGo online web check in.

  • Visit the official website of IndiGo airlines ( and click on the tab “Book”. Next, a drop-down menu will appear where you will find the web check in facility option. Click on this option and you will be redirected to the IndiGo flight web check in facility.
  • On this page, you will need to input the Booking Reference Number or PNR along with your email ID or your last name.
  • Next, you will be given the option to select seats. After the seats have been selected and confirmed, the boarding passes will be issued.
  • The passengers can save the passes as a soft copy or get them printed. The boarding passes can also be mailed to the registered email address for future usage.

IndiGo Web check in baggage allowance

Passengers can also avail the Indigo baggage web check in. Add your check in baggage details and the baggage tag will be generated. Below are the details of how much luggage you can check in or carry along with you.

  • Effective from 1st October 2020, passengers availing domestic flights are allowed to carry check in baggage of a total of 15 kg per person. In the case of double or multi-seat bookings, an extra 10 kg of baggage will be allowed. Once this limit is crossed, the person has to bear extra charges, which is Rs. 500 for 5 kg and Rs. 1500 for 15 kg.
  • For hand baggage, the maximum permissible weight limit is 7 kg. Moreover, the dimension of the bag needs to be within 115 cms (L+B+H).

Points to note during IndiGo Web check in

  • To avail the IndiGo online web check in, the passengers need to keep their Booking Reference Number or PNR handy. This will ensure a smooth process without any log-out sessions.
  • The web-check in can be availed between 48 hours to one hour prior to the departure schedule.
  • The IndiGo web check in option lets the customers choose seats. Depending on the availability, the passengers can also choose to upgrade seats.
  • It is mandatory that the passengers carry a printed or soft copy of their boarding passes and baggage tags. If you are carrying a soft copy, you can get the printed copy from the airport kiosk.
  • Keep in mind that the maximum check in baggage allowance is 15 kg and for handbags, it is 7 kg. The passengers need to pay extra if they carry baggage more than the given limit.

Indigo Web check in FAQs

1. What are the mandatory guidelines one needs to follow keeping in mind the Covid 19 situation?

A. As per the latest Covid 19 scenario in our country, it is mandatory for the passengers to declare their health status while opting for IndiGo flight web check in. The boarding pass will be issued or mailed to the customers only after they have successfully updated their health status. Moreover, while at the airport, one needs to wear a mask always and it is advisable to carry a hand sanitiser.

2. Is web check in mandatory?

A. Keeping in mind the Covid 19 situation, the government has made web check in mandatory. However, passengers with medical cases, unaccompanied minors and those travelling on a stretcher are exempted from it. Note, IndiGo baggage web check in is not compulsory.

3. How early can I opt for IndiGo Web check in?

A. The IndiGo airline web check in online services can be availed 48 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. However, keep in mind that this service will not be allowed anywhere less than 1 hour from the departure schedule.

4. Can anyone access the IndiGo Web check in service?

A. Yes, almost everyone can access the IndiGo web check in services. However, there are some exceptions. Pregnant women, people who need a wheelchair, people with firearms, or guide dogs, etc., may not be able to use this facility. Moreover, passengers booking tickets under special categories such as Indian Armed Forces will also not be allowed to avail this service.

5. Can I avail the IndiGo Web check in service with my family?

A. Yes, you can surely use the online check in service to issue the boarding pass for all your family members. Keep in mind that the number of family members should not be more than nine. The IndiGo flight check in can not be availed by more than nine members with a single booking reservation for a maximum of four segments.