A travel Guide to Indore

Indore Tourism

Indore is located on the Malwa Plateau at an average height of 550 m above sea level. It is the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh and considered a metropolitan city. Indore tourist attractions are famous for their magnificent architecture, delicious food and rich cultural heritage. From experiencing the grandeur of palaces like Rajwada and Lal Bagh to trekking to Kalakund in the dense forest, an Indore tour is the perfect getaway from your hustle-bustle of city life.

Having numerous water and amusement parks make this city a good place to visit with your family and friends. Visiting the Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary to explore the biodiversity of this city and the Central Museum to know about its history would be a great educational trip for children too. This city has its own authentic flavour that would satisfy your food cravings. Leaving Indore, India without eating poha and jalebi is a big no-no. Let’s dive further into the details and know this city better.

Places to visit in Indore

1. Rajwada Palace

Built by the Holkars of the Maratha dynasty, Rajwada Palace is a magnificent piece of architecture that nobody should miss out on. It is a seven-storied building standing strong for about two centuries. This structure is divided into two subparts, half of it is a temple and the other half is a palace. The key attractions of this place are its archways, jharokhas, chattries and wooden jalis. Apart from this, they also conduct some splendid light and sound shows that make it one of the best places to visit in Indore. The historical significance that this palace holds and the scenic beauty that it offers to its visitors make it an important part of any Indore travel guide.

2. Lal Bagh Palace

Lal Bagh Palace should be the next on your list. Being the residence of Holkars, this place will give you a glimpse of their royal lifestyle. Walking through this structure which was the home for a family once and seeing its Italian marble floor, shining chandeliers, and gorgeous paintings will teleport you into another era. The palace occupies a total of 28 hectares and is situated on the bank of the Khan River. One of the most striking features of this site is that the front gate of this palace resembles the gates of Buckingham Palace of London. This place is also not far from the Indore airport and thus can be reached in almost 20 minutes.

3. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

If you have a soft corner for animals, then this place must be on your Indore travel guide. A home for various animals, plants and birds, this wildlife sanctuary was built in 1881. It is one of the oldest sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh. You can spot plants like bamboo, babool, eucalyptus teak, and rich wildlife in this park. The interiors of this place can be best visited through a car and bike. Here the bonus part comes, you can also enjoy a camel ride here.

4. Central Museum

If you want to know further about the rich culture and history of Indore, then Central museum should be your go-to place. Built-in 1929, it exhibits several artefacts that date many centuries ago. This museum boasts of many things of historical significance like the cannons used by Mughal emperors, a door frame decorated with ornaments and figure forms and sculptures belonging to pre-medieval and medieval Jain and Hindu culture. The museum is divided into two parts, each with its own gallery. The prehistoric artefacts are held in Gallery I, while the intricate carvings based on Hindu mythology are shown in Gallery II.

5. Annapurna Temple

Apart from having high religious importance, this temple is also a great piece of architecture. The detailed carvings and the elaborate painting along with the four elephants adorning the main gate of the temple make it an exquisite site. It was established as a tribute to the goddess of food and every year, tourists and pilgrims come in abundance to offer their prayers to her.

Things to do in Indore

From being a good picnic spot to offering a soul-fulfilling experience, Indore attractions give you a diversified plate to choose from. Let’s see some of the things to do in Indore.

Try your hands on adventurous activities

This place is not only filled with cultural and historical places but has a fair share of fun activities. If you are looking for some recreational activities, then Safari Adventure Park has a lot to offer. You can hike, enjoy a campfire and also try a number of rope activities. Wall climbing and numerous water sports can be enjoyed here too. Having several water and amusement parks like Mayank Blue Water Park and Crescent Water and Amusement Park makes this place a good picnic spot to rejuvenate. You can come here along with your family and friends and feel your adrenaline getting higher.

Become a foodie at Sarafa Bazar

Indulge yourself in the yummy delicacies available at Sarafa Bazar. This place will bring out your inner foodie and you could not stop yourself from tasting each one of them. This Indore tourist place is busy throughout the day. There are a large number of stalls available to shop from. Try the real taste of authentic Indore food by tasting aloo tikkis, samosas, kachori, panipuri, pav bhaji, dahi-papdi, sabudana ki khichdi and the list goes on.

Trek at Kalakund forest trek

Indore is filled with picturesque beauty and trekking is one of the best activities that Indore tourism has to offer. The hilly terrains along with green surroundings provide a great experience to adventure lovers. The 9-km-long Kalakund Night Trek is considered to be the most popular one. You get a completely different experience by trekking in dense forest areas at night. It would get your heart beat faster and would give you the most fulfilling experience of your life.

Best time to visit Indore

The best time to visit Indore is in between the months of October and March. These months provide an ideal temperature and suitable weather conditions to make the best out of your tour. The best season to visit Indore is winter. The summer season is extremely hot and will make the sightseeing exhausting. Winters are quite pleasant here.

How to reach Indore?

The capital city of Madhya Pradesh has good connectivity with the rest of the country. Let’s see how to reach Indore by various modes of transport.

By Roadways: Bus connectivity is quite good from nearby plain regions. Regular buses from Delhi, Jaipur could be boarded to reach here. You can choose from affordable to luxurious buses depending on your budget.

By Railways: Indore has its own railway station that connects it to the rest of India. The connectivity through this mode of transport would be convenient if you are coming from a faraway city. Some of the best hotels in Indore are located nearby the station.

By Airways: The nearest airport to Indore is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport which is 8 km away from the city. Flights to Indore are readily available from cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. It is an international airport that makes it accessible from the rest of the world too.

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