A travel Guide to Kashmir

Kashmir Tourism

Kashmir is a mesmerising destination for tourists where nature meets Almighty’s blessings. This marvellous beauty stretches along the mighty Himalayas and Pir Panjal ranges, offering delightful views of the glowing saffron fields, flamboyant apple orchards, breathtaking valleys, sprawling tea gardens, and pristine nature. Famous as the ideal tourist destination, Kashmir India is visited by various populations from all around the globe. 

The place comprises tranquil nature, pyramid-shaped mountain peaks and adventurous trekking routes. If you are interested in exploring more of Kashmir tourist attractions, the enchanting landscapes, scenic beauty, snow-capped mountain peaks, endangered wildlife reserves, glittering blue lakes, and spectacular monasteries are refreshing. You can even enjoy adventurous sports like rafting, trekking, mountain biking, paragliding, and skiing. Besides unparalleled beauty, its generous locals make Kashmir Tours a must on everyone’s bucket list.

Places to Visit in Kashmir

1. Srinagar

The city of abundance and wealth, Srinagar is the most sought-after place in Kashmir tourism. This place is often referred to as the mirror to mountains, for the verdant green peaks enclosing the city with their grace. It can be one of the first places to stop by in Kashmir travel guide. Further, picturesque shrines, gushing lakes, enchanting Mughal gardens and architectural wonders assures a great visit. Known as the Indian Venice, Srinagar will enthral you with its mesmerising charm.

2. Gulmarg

Known to be one of the best skiing destinations in India, Gulmarg beholds magnificent beauty. Nestled in a cup-shaped valley beside the Pir Panjal range, this place endows lofty snow mountains along with marvellous carpets of greenery and splendid flowers. A perfect holiday destination for any traveller who wants to enjoy the Indian version of ski resorts. Listed among other Kashmir attractions, the place assures panoramic views of the colossal Himalayas in an adventurous form.

3. Patnitop

Stretching along the river Chenab banks, Patnitop offers an incredible view of the Pir Panjal Range belonging to the magnificent Himalayas. Moreover, freshwater springs located here have medicinal properties in them. In case you are an adventure lover, pave a visit to the place to enjoy activities like paragliding, skiing, walking, camping, and trekking. Teeming snowfalls menace this town now and then, making it a sure shot place to visit in every tourists’ Kashmir travel guide. The holy shrines of Sudh Mahadev, Amarnath and Vaishno Devi near this town complete the picturesque nature with godliness.

4. Sonmarg

Another gem of the Kashmir tourist places is Sonmarg, also known as the meadow of gold. This exceptionally beautiful place is home to spectacular flower varieties, great trekking routes, foggy hills and incredible landscapes located 85Km away from Srinagar. Sonmarg marks the trekking route to Amarnath cave, Lord Shiva’s abode and ultimate solace.

5. Leh

Tucked amid the two mighty mountains, i.e., the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram, Leh is a land of pristine nature and enthralling adventures. With a plethora of activities like mountaineering, yak safari, jeep safari tours, mountain climbing, etc., the place turns out to be a quintessential paradise for adventure seekers. Also known as the little Tibet, Leh is dotted with boasting volumes of Buddhist architecture, intricate arts, holy shrines and rich cultures. The Vishwa Shanti Stupa located here is an abode of copious arts and mesmerising beauty. Thus paving its way as one of the best Kashmir attractions.

Things to do in Kashmir

There’s a mammoth list of things to do in Kashmir, ideal for every traveller. Here are a few of the notable activities.

A Shikara Ride on the scenic Dal Lake

An intrinsic part of Kashmir tourism is a Shikara ride by the glorious Dal lake. Where travellers can simply relax on the boats amid the phenomenal nature. They get to capture the true essence of tranquillity while floating amid the lake, besides enjoying the place’s spectacular beauty.

A Houseboat Stay in Srinagar

Go on a houseboat stay in Srinagar to perceive the alluring nights of Kashmir. Not only will this mesmerise you with breathtaking beauty, but it will also give you the reasons why the particular paves its way to the top-most list of Kashmir attractions. The houseboats come equipped with Wifi and meal facilities as well.

Gondola Cable Car Ride in Gulmarg

There’s no better way to enjoy the incredible Himalayas and pristine nature, other than the Gondola car rides. The world’s second-highest operating cable ride in Gulmarg, assures spectacular views of lush green meadows and the enthralling snow-capped mountain peaks. Grab an enchanting view of the mesmerising beauty, majestic mountain ranges and serene lakes while you are on the Gulmarg Gondola cable rides.

Sightseeing in Jeep Safaris

Kashmir leaves no stone unturned in surprising its visitors. This land of marvellous glaciers and incredible beauty provides jeep safari rides to explore further. Be it a drive along the valley roads, Ladakh, or any preferred location, one can perceive the best of Kashmir through these rides. Other than adventures like skiing, paragliding, etc., the jeep sightseeing takes you along the alluring trails of the Himalayas. You can opt for pick-up rides and enjoy nature at its best. However, it is best to check the safaris’ availability before planning your itineraries of Kashmir tourism.

Relishing the Adventure Sports

Kashmir is a delight for sports lovers. The place as a home to various adventure sports assures the best experience. Pahalgam, Gulmarg, and Sonmarg are the destinations to be. Skiing, snowboarding, and paragliding offer enthralling experiences for both amateurs and experts.

Take a walk by Old Srinagar

Three different architectural styles influence four centuries-old structures at Srinagar. You can plan a visit to this historical place out of other Kashmir tourist places and get into more details about the heritage that it beholds.

Best time to visit Kashmir

Each season offers a memorable and unique experience of its own. However, to enjoy the glorious mountains and the blooming flowers all alike, the best time to visit Kashmir is between March and October. The place gets a temperature as low as -2°C during the winters, which gets really unbearable at times. As winters are extremely cold, the best season to visit Kashmir is either spring or summer.

During peak seasons, hotels in Srinagar, Gulmarg and other major cities are packed with crowds. Prior hotels booking is advised to avoid any hassle on the trip. However, winters are the ideal time for snow sports. So, visitors who want to enjoy the snowy surroundings can plan their travel to Kashmir accordingly.

How to reach Kashmir

Travelling to this place of alpine beauty and mesmerising valleys isn’t hard as the major Indian cities are well connected in multiple ways. Be it any mode of transport one need not have to worry about how to reach Kashmir.

By Airways – The nearest airport is the Srinagar International airport, 15km away from the city. This airport is well connected to India’s prime destinations. You will get regular flights to Srinagar. Travellers can also board on a flight to Jammu airport or the Kushok Bakula airport in Leh, to reach Kashmir.

By Railways – You can reach the place using the nearby stations of Jammu and Srinagar. Jammu railway station is currently the best, as Srinagar station isn’t well connected and not a part of the Indian Railways yet.

By Roadways – Kashmir is well connected to other parts of India by a private and state bus network. You can board buses from nearby cities and towns to get there. The National Highway 1-A connects Srinagar with Jammu.

Plan You Travel

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