A travel Guide to Kochi

Kochi Tourism

Kochi, or Cochin, is one of the best tourist destinations in Kerala. The place is adorned by the charm of the Arabian Sea and the thick green canopy that covers the entire city. Kochi India is the perfect combination of old-world charm and the elating beauty of the modern world. The city is located in the Ernakulam district and also known as ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ because you can find plenty of Kochi tourist attractions along the seashore.

Kochi is an important and the most popular port city of Kerala. Due to its straight and gradual coastline, it has remained a primary spice trade centre for various countries like Arab, Syria and China in the past. Because of this outer world interaction, it showcases a mixed basket of culture. You can see the effects of Indian, Dutch, Portuguese, and British essence and charm in Kochi tours.

Kochi is also ranked in the list of ‘50 Greatest Places to Visit in a Lifetime’ by National Geographic Traveller Magazine. The history, nature, and culture are equally responsible for great Kochi attractions.

Places to visit in Kochi

1. Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple

This is a highly revered and most visited temple that is part of Kochi tourism. The temple is dedicated to two healing goddesses – Chottanikara Bhagavathy Amman and the Keezhu Kavu Bhadrakali Amman and is said to be 1500 years old. People believe that the deities of this temple cure life-threatening diseases if you worship them. The temple premises comprise a Pala tree that has thousands of nails pierced in its stem. These nails are pierced here by the people who got cured of mental illness after worshipping in the temple. There is a specific attire that one must wear if they want to enter the temple; men are required to wear dhotis and no shirt, while women are requested to wear their traditional attire.

2. Folklore Museum

This museum was established by Mrs & Mr George Thalinath with the aim to preserve the culture and heritage of Kerala. The museum has a great collection of Folk art, Tribal art, Anthropology, Architecture, and the history of South India. It took 8 years and 62 artisans’ woodwork to complete this museum. The museum is one of the most popular Kochi attractions. Some of the rare artefacts, like paintings of Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswati marriage, Sri Guruvayurappan painting, and other fabulous oil paintings are placed in the museum.

3. Santa Cruz Basilica

Santa Cruz Basilica is one of the most visited Kochi tourist places. Constructed in the architectural grandeur of gothic style, it is considered to be one of the eight Basilicas in Kerala. It was constructed by the Portuguese, but later it was elevated as a cathedral by the Pope. The famous Italian painter, Fr. Antonio Moscheni has painted the main altar of the church. The beautiful stained glass painting, which is named The Last Supper, is the main highlight of this church. On the exteriors, two lofty spires are adorning its facade. The Basilica is located in the centre of the city, so you can also visit nearby restaurants and markets for shopping. Many luxurious hotels in Kochi are also located near this cathedral.

4. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

The Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is the best place for you if you are a bird lover. This bird sanctuary covers the area of 2.74 hectares. It has a special place in Kochi tourism. The park is full of different varieties of migratory birds. The sanctuary has thick vegetation, because of which it is also known as the ‘green lungs of Kerala’. The place attracts many tourists, environmentalists, and nature enthusiasts every season. Here, you will find over 72 species of birds that add to the biodiversity of the place.

5. Athirapally Falls

Athirapally is the largest waterfall in India. Its height is 80 meters and it is often regarded as the ‘Niagra of India’. The milky white water coming from the Anamudi Mountains of Western Ghats forms a picturesque cascade that mesmerises every visitor. The road leading to this waterfall has many small but beautiful destinations that exhibit splendid views in the lap of nature. So it would be great to have a Kochi travel guide along with you, who can show you those hidden places.

Things to do in Kochi

There are many exciting things to do in Kochi that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Enjoy fun activities at Wonderla Amusement Park

To beat the heat of Kochi, you can visit this amusement park that has water rides, 3D rides, land rides, and various other entertaining activities. The place is among the best Kochi attractions and offers you many fun activities with your kids and friends who are adventure seekers.

The major attractions of this park are Caterpillar Village, Dashin Cars, Adventures of Chikku, Sky Wheel, Fire Brigade, and Wonder Splash. The place remains filled with local tourists on weekends. You can also avail the benefit of special discount packages if you make a Wonderla Pass on your visit.

Play with Elephants at Kodanad Elephant Training Center

If you are an animal lover, then ask your Kochi travel guide to add Kodanad Elephant Training Center to your itinerary. At this place, besides watching the training sessions of Elephants, you can also play around with them.

There’s also an Abhayaranyam mini zoo and shelter that is known to be one of the best initiatives of the Kerala government. The zoo gives food and shelter to the orphaned wild animals that are too young to look after themselves. This place gives you an amazing experience of interacting with animals and watching them living peacefully in nature.

Watch a Kathakali dance show

One of the key elements of Kochi tourism is its culture, and the culture’s main component is the dance. Kathakali is a dance form that originated in Kerala.

Kerala Kathakali Center was established in 1990 to promote this dance form of Kerala. Here, you can have an amazing experience of watching the dancers performing this beautiful art. The dancers paint their faces, wear colourful attire and visualize the epic stories in the form of dance. The place also gives you a chance to learn a few dance steps from the experts.

Take a walk at Marine Drive

One of the best Kochi tourist places is Marine Drive. The place shows the splendid view of both the Kochi shore and the backwaters at the same time. People visit this place during the morning or evening, to walk or to sit on the beach.

The Rainbow Bridge of Marine Drive also attracts many tourists. There are many food stalls along the path where you can enjoy delicious local cuisines. The path also has many benches facing the ocean where you can sit for relaxation while feeling the gentle breeze.

Best time to visit Kochi


October to February is the best time to visit Kochi. The temperature level goes down during this time and the city opens up many sightseeing options for visitors. The other thing that makes winter the best season to visit Kochi is it creates ideal conditions for the visitors to roam around in the city and indulge in fun activities.


The rising temperature during the months of March to June slows down the tourism in the city a bit. However, due to the presence of the Arabian Sea in the west, cool air blows towards land to save people from the harsh summer heat. Hotels also offer special discounts during this season.


Monsoon is another good time to see Kochi attractions. In the months of July to September, the real charm and appeal of Kochi come back with the rain. During this season, the entire city gets covered under a blanket of greenery and makes scenic views all around.

How to reach Kochi

Here’s a simple guide for you on how to reach Kochi.

By Road

Kerala has a very good road network and all the major cities of South India provide bus services to Kochi. You can easily find a bus to Kochi from many cities located near it, including Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

By Rail

Ernakulam Junction and Ernakulam Town Station are the two stations that are very near to Kochi. Both of these stations are very well connected with other cities and many express trains reach these stations from other parts of India.

By Air

The largest airport in Kerala is the Cochin International Airport. The airport operates regular flights to other parts of the country. You can also find flights to Kochi from many other countries, including the USA, UK, China, and Australia.

Plan You Travel

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