A travel Guide to Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Tourism

Nestled amid the rolling Palani hills’ slopes, Kodaikanal, India, is a lakeside resort town and the queen of hill stations in Tamil Nadu. This notable honeymoon destination leaves every visitor awestruck with its scenic beauty. The Kodaikanal tourist attractions have verdant valleys, towering granite cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and serene lakes. The salubrious weathers and eye-pleasing surroundings make this place a heavenly abode of nature.

Kodaikanal tours include witnessing the picturesque nature, gleaming lakes, lush green valleys, roaring waterfalls, and magnificent mountains. This gift of God is renowned as the Switzerland of South India and the king of romantic destinations. The enthralling adventures, affluent flora and fauna, tantalising hills, enchanting landscapes, mist-covered cliffs, and pleasing temperatures welcome tourists and luxuriate these once-in-life memories.

The hotels in Kodaikanal accentuate the time spent in this place, for they serve as the masterpieces of nature’s beauty and local culture. Multiple hotels amid the bewitching landscapes offer tourists panoramic views of pristine nature, making this hill station befitting to every visitor.

Places to visit in Kodaikanal

1. Kodaikanal Lake

This star-shaped, man-made lake is a major attraction of Kodaikanal tourism. Boating over the tranquil lake waters while enjoying the marvellous landscapes entrances everyone. The natural beauty of the lake places it on the list of Kodaikanal attractions.

2. Pillar Rocks

The three 400-feet tall looming rocks in Kodaikanal are mystical. The pillar rocks are popular among trekkers, mountain climbers and adventure lovers. This famous picnic spot from Koidakanal tourism enchants people with breathtaking landscapes and a picturesque backdrop. The space amid these rocks, clouds, and mist offers a bird’s eye view of nature.

3. Bryant Park

The Bryant park near the Kodai lake adds poise to the Kodaikanal attractions. This botanical garden is filled with over 300 species of trees and shrubs with blooming flowers. It looks like a rainbow of vibrant colours amidst stupendous nature. The exotic rose garden is nurturing in a section of this park, flourishing rare flower species. The greenhouse with thriving plants, the ardent Annual Horticulture shows, the precious green roses, and the calm ambience grab numerous tourists and locals alike, making this park one of the most tranquil Kodaikanal tourist places.

4. Vattakanal Falls

With breezy cool surroundings and tucked in mist pervading magnificent hills, the Vattakanal falls are a must-have in most tourists’ Kodaikanal travel guide. The Vattakanal waterfalls belong to the Vattakanal village nestled in the mighty Western Ghats. They are packed with sublime nature, teeming valleys, and breathtaking landscapes. The bridge between the Vattakanal falls is perfect for photographers. Here, you’ll get enthralling trekking routes, wild bison idling along the sprawling eucalyptus trees, lush green carpets, and roaring waterfalls cascading from heights.

5. Dolphin’s Nose View Point

The protruding rock piece at 6600 feet height resembling a dolphin’s nose, i.e., the Dolphin’s nose viewpoint is one of the best Kodaikanal tourist places. The rugged terrains, plunging valleys, lucid skies, and nature’s splendour are perceived best from this place. Not only is this place a visual delight, but also a beguiling adventure. You can trek along the Palani hills to reach this spot. Dotted with whizzing waterfalls, yummy food and fruit juice kiosks, and enchanting mountains, the Dolphin’s Nose View Point is a rejuvenating adventure.

6. Coaker’s Walk

Coaker’s walk is a must according to any Kodaikanal travel guide. This 1 km walk amidst mesmerising mountains throngs astonishing vistas and appealing landscapes. Strolling along the lane amid milky clouds while suspiring the montane air and savouring the enchanting landscapes shuts out all the life’s bustles. Mountain biking is available here.

Things to do in Kodaikanal

Here are some of the most exciting things to do in Kodaikanal.

A Misty Boat Ride along the Kodai Lake

Most tourists embark on the trip to Kodaikanal from the beguiling Kodai lake. Evening boat ride in the immaculate water of the star-shaped lake is an exciting adventure and a visual feast. You can choose anything between motor notes and paddle boats to enjoy these chilly boat rides along the misty lake.

Tryout the Bottle Boomerang Challenge

The Caps Fly valley in the Berijam road, Kodaikanal, is an off-the-beat tourist destination renowned for the boomerang challenge. Hurl in a light object like an empty water bottle or your cap and see the magic! The astonishingly strong air currents and atmospheric pressure return these lighter objects to the owners. Also known as Thoppi Thooki Parai in the native language, translating to the cap lifting valley, this place welcomes numerous visitors and locals all the time.

Go on a Night Safari

Night safaris in Kodaikanal, set up in lush plantations and verdant forests, are poles apart from the usual night safaris. The night safari will give surreal night views of dazzling lakes, tranquil Palani temple, and affluent fauna.

Rejuvenate with a Yoga Session

The yoga retreats at the enlivening Karuna farm detach your mind, soul, and body from worldly chaos. The experts from this pristine ecological farm belonging to Prakasapuram village help people cleanse, meditate, and practice different yoga forms. Being one of the finest yoga retreats in India, this place welcomes many locals and tourists. The trainers render visitors with top-notch yoga in the eye-catching landscapes and serene aura.

Embark on a Spiritual Expedition

Kodaikanal is not only known for breathtaking beauty but also for placid shrines tucked amid incredible nature. The Kurinji Andavar temple dedicated to Lord Muruga is a marvel of bygone Indian archaeology. It fascinates the devotees, amateur and expert archaeologists. Spectacular surroundings, picturesque ambience, charming shops selling intricate tribal handicrafts as souvenirs, and the rare Kurinji flower blooming only once a year welcomes tourists and locals with a mesmerising charm.

Explore and Camp in the Pine Forest

The Pine forest is a significantly preserved heritage of Kodaikanal. Long walks amid scenic views, gigantic pine trees, and unwinding ambience accounts for ensnaring camping spots. You’ll need permission from the local governing authorities for camping in the pine forest. Walk along the forest or ride a horse while capturing the picturesque sceneries.

Best time to visit Kodaikanal

Any season is the best season to visit Kodaikanal. Summers here teem with enthusiasm and immerses the tourists in the rich Indian culture through vibrant festivals. The monsoons here are pleasing with fresh air and blooming greens around, making it the apt time for connoisseurs of nature.

The winters are chilling and fantastic, offering adrenaline-pumping adventures, angelic fog wisps, lip-smacking hot chocolates, and delightful nature. All in all, the best time to visit Kodaikanal would be between October and June to relish all the attractions alike.

How to Reach Kodaikanal

With excellent connectivity to prime Indian cities, one need not be concerned about how to reach Kodaikanal. Here is how you can plan your trip to this stupendous hill-station using different transport facilities:

By Roadways – Most tourists prefer roadways to reach this place for the surrounding nature and panoramic landscapes. Several private and public busses are available for people to reach Kodaikanal. You can either use these facilities or self-drive to get there. 

By Railways – Kodai road railhead, 95km away from the Kodaikanal town, is the nearest rail station connecting this place to prime Indian cities.

By Airways – Madurai International airport, 120km away from Kodaikanal, is the nearest airline facility to Kodaikanal. You can board on regular flights to Madurai. You can also board a flight to the 150 km far Trichy airport or the 175km far Coimbatore airport to reach Kodaikanal.

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