A travel Guide to Kutch

Kutch Tourism

This vast white salt desert, resembling the shape of a tortoise, is holding onto its nature from the past. Also known as "the white desert of India", Kutch, India is a pictorial wonderland. Kutch district, with a very low population density, is among the largest districts of India. Parts of Pakistan can also be seen from Kutch as it lies on the India-Pakistan border. With a rich culture and amazing topography, Kutch is a must-visit place in Gujarat.

The Rann Festival from December to February brings Kutch to life. With huge camps everywhere, the culture is celebrated with many programs, functions, and adventurous activities. During the rainy season, the Great Rann of Kutch submerges into the water and becomes dry in the winter season. Kutch tours will take you through the legacy of art and architecture that every ruler from Indus valley civilisation to the Rao dynasty has blessed this place with. There are many must-visit kutch tourist places, including many mahals, museums and Dholavira. The major Kutch tourist attractions are its unique cultural and adventurous experiences.

Kutch is a unique place for you to visit with your friends and family. With many resorts, homestays, and hotels in Kutch, finding affordable accommodation is easy.

Places to visit in Kutch

1. Rann of Kutch

The Great Rann of Kutch tops the list of Kutch tourist places. This wide salt marshland is situated in the Thar Desert. Divided into two parts, the Great Rann of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch, this place has massive deposits of salt. These salt deposits produce mirages that seem as good as real. This region is well known and regularly visited by people from all around the world for its natural beauty. The sunset in the Great Rann of Kutch after a day of exploring is a treat for tourists.

2. Dholavira

Dholavira is a must-visit place among all the Kutch tourist places. This place offers an unforgettable experience. It was one of the most developed cities about 4500 years ago and is now known as an excavation site during the Indus valley civilisation. Many remains such as pots, jewellery and beads were excavated from here. This region also holds the architecture and lifestyle of Harappa. Dholavira is a delight not just for architecture buffs, but for everyone.

3. Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated near the submerged Harappan civilisation in Dholavira, the Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary is the world’s one of the biggest periodical saline wetlands. This sanctuary is home to a wide range of water birds and mammalian wildlife. Thousands of flamingos nest and breed every year in the world-famous "Flamingo City". Note, some parts of the sanctuary are BSF areas and are not open to the general public.

4. Kutch Museum

Initially established as a School of Arts by Maharao Sir Khengarji III, Kutch Museum is the oldest museum in Gujarat. There are two floors with 11 major galleries in this museum, boasting the history and culture of Kutch. Visitors can find a collection of the extinct Kutchi script and ancient coins in this museum. A particular section in this museum is also devoted to the tribal community. Ancient artefacts, folk arts and crafts, and much other information are also available. There are also exhibits of embroidery, arms, musical instruments, precious metalwork, sculpture, and paintings.

5. Anjar

Anjar town is claimed to be one of the oldest towns in the Kutch district. This town is blessed with many fascinating archaeological sites, Hindu architecture, and handicrafts. Tourists can find many temples here in this town to visit. Anjar also has several markets where an exciting range of exquisite metal handicrafts can be found.

Things to do in Kutch

Kutch tourism attracts many visitors from all around the world and there is an abundance of things to do in Kutch. This Kutch travel guide has a list of the best things you can do:

Jeep Safari in Little Rann of Kutch

The Wild Ass Sanctuary in the Little Rann of Kutch is the largest wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary is home to the last Indian wild donkey. A jeep safari is the best way to explore and enjoy the Little Rann of Kutch and the sanctuary. There are early morning and afternoon safaris available. However, the morning is the optimal time for safari in this region. Tourists can go on Jeep safaris from Dhrangadhra, Patdi, or Zainabad. Most options for transport and accommodation can be found in Dhrangadhra. These Jeep safaris are a huge part of Kutch attractions.

Shopping in Kutch

Along with the Great Rann, Kutch is also famous for its artistic handicrafts. The markets of Kutch are a treat for shopaholics. People in small villages are engaged in craft business with their unique handicraft styles. Tourists can find embroidered bed sheets, sarees, jackets, carpets, traditional clothing items, handicrafts, metalwork and alikes in the markets of Kutch. Shopping here is especially a delight for people who admire precious artworks.

Camp stay at White Rann of Kutch

Camping at the White Rann is a must on the Kutch travel guide. During the Rann Utsav, camping in comfortable tents lets tourists enjoy the dazzling blue sky contrasting with white salt plains. The Utsav goes on for about 90 days and is filled with traditions, dance, and musical activities. Camp stay in Kutch, especially during Rann Utsav, is world-famous and tops the list of Kutch tourist attractions.

Camel Safari in Kutch

Camel safari in the Kutch region is an exciting and unique aspect of Kutch tourism. Camel rides are very easy to find in the Rann of Kutch. Especially during the Rann Utsav, tourists can take long camel rides to explore the Great Rann of Kutch. The camels are often decorated with pieces of clothes and jewellery. These camel rides are surreal during sunset.

Best time to visit Kutch

Kutch is extremely hot and humid during the summer season from March to June. With very high temperatures, the heat is intolerable which makes it very hard to visit Kutch in the summers. The best season to visit Kutch is Monsoon, from July to September. This season brings relief and you can have a pleasant stay if you don't mind occasional showers. The hotel rents are on the lower side this time as well.

It's unarguable that the best time to visit Kutch is in the winter season from October to February. Rann Utsav, which is a highlight of Kutch every year, is also held in winters. The low temperature is perfect for exploring and sightseeing. The full moon night during the winter season makes Kutch a paradise.

How to reach Kutch

You can reach Kutch via roadways, airways, and railways. Although, it's easier to visit Kutch by roadways since the city does not have any railway station or airport of its own. Here's how to reach Kutch:

By Airways

Direct flights to Kutch are not available. The nearest airport to the Kutch district is in the city of Bhuj. There are easily available flights to Bhuj Airport, which is only 53 km away from Kutch. You can board a flight from anywhere in the country.

By Roadways

You can either take your vehicle or travel by state transport and private buses. It's very easy to hire a cab from Bhuj to Kutch. There are direct routes to Kutch from Ahmedabad and Rajkot. The best road to reach Kutch is the National Highway 8A.

By Railways

The nearest railway station from Kutch is in Bhuj, with trains coming from many major cities. From there, you can hail a cab or taxi to reach Kutch.

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