A travel Guide to Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Madhya Pradesh, located in the central region of India, is a state that signifies India’s history and is home to three UNESCO world heritage sites. The forts, the monuments and the caves with cultural references, make this state magical. The architectural beauty reflects ancient religions, human life, kingdoms, and their stories. Madhya Pradesh tourism has hill stations, natural parks, temples, heritage sites, and the local culture for you to explore. With this wide range of Madhya Pradesh attractions comes a wide range of experiences.

Madhya Pradesh tours will give you a whole package of experiences, ranging from monuments to cultures and from food to people. The state also has nine National Parks with tiger reserves and forests. Among all the Madhya Pradesh tourist places, Ujjain is very famous because it's one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. For that reason, Ujjain is very popular among the pilgrims.

Madhya Pradesh is also known as the ‘heart of incredible India’. With affordable hotels in Madhya Pradesh, you can plan a long trip to travel the entire state. You can visit Madhya Pradesh with anyone, be it your family, your friends or even you alone. This Madhya Pradesh travel guide is here to help you in planning your trip.

Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

1. Gwalior

Gwalior is widely known for its palaces and temples. This city has had several dynasties in the past which is very well reflected in its architectural structures. The Gwalior Fort is one of the best Madhya Pradesh tourist places to visit. You can stay at a hotel and visit other places in Gwalior including Bateshwar, Gopachal, Gujari Mahal, and Jai Vilas Palace. All these are architectural delights and attract historians from all over the world. Indian traditional music can be traced back to Gwalior. You can enjoy all its glory with some local snacks.

2. Khajuraho

Khajuraho is a small temple situated in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho Group Monuments are declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. The temples reflect the journey of the architecture of the Chandella Dynasty and Indian temple art through the past. The walls of the temples are carved with ancient sculptures. This place is a delight for people passionate about Indian and Jain architectural arts, culture, and heritage. Out of all the Madhya Pradesh attractions, Khajuraho is counted among the best ones.

3. Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh area was previously used by Maharajas as a hunting ground. Now, Bandhavgarh National Park is a world-famous wildlife sanctuary with the largest population of Bengal Tigers in the entire world. If you visit this national park, you’ll get a sight of royal tigers very frequently. Out of all the Madhya Pradesh tourist places, this is a must-visit place for wildlife and nature lovers. You can trek to the top of the nearby hill, where Bandhavgarh Fort once existed.

4. Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi Hill Station, another UNESCO world heritage site, is surrounded by enchanting Satpura forests all around. This Madhya Pradesh tourist place is blessed with natural beauty. The streams and the waterfalls add to the beauty of this place. Five sandstone cut caves here are famous among religious people because of the belief that the Pandavs stayed here during their exile. This is a perfect getaway place to relax.

5. Bhedaghat

Bhedaghat is a small town in Jabalpur which is famous for the magnificent waterfalls. The 100 ft. high marble rocks on either side of the Narmada river will give you a beautiful sight of the place. The sunlight falling on the white marble rocks with contriving shadows on the water is an amazing sight to behold. Boating activities from November to May is a great way to enjoy this place. The boating experience on a moonlit night surrounded by white marbles is a memory you’ll forever hold.

Things to do in Madhya Pradesh

With all the available options and a wide range of experiences that Madhya Pradesh tourism has to offer, here’s a list of the best things to do in Madhya Pradesh:

Wildlife Safaris

A wide range of exotic flora and fauna can be found in Madhya Pradesh. This state is home to 9 National Parks, 25 wildlife sanctuaries, and 6 tiger reserves. The best way to enjoy this exotic wildlife of Madhya Pradesh is a wildlife safari. Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park, Panna National Park, Satpura National Park and Pench National Park are the best options for you to take a safari. Bandhavgarh Wildlife Safari will be a fun trip with your family or friends as you’ll frequently catch sights of the Royal Bengal Tigers.

Trekking to Dhoopgarh

Trekking is a thrilling experience, especially at Dhoopgarh, the highest point in the Satpura range. It is a very famous name to trekkers among all the Madhya Pradesh tourist places. This trek to the height of 4,430 ft leads up to pleasing sight, especially during sunset, which leaves behind a colourful sky. You’ll witness the sight of beautiful waterfalls and water streams on your way up.

Water Sports at Hanuwantiya Tapu

Hanuwantiya Tapu, situated in Indira Sagar Dam, is a water sports hub in Madhya Pradesh. While visiting this place, you should look forward to some very exciting experiences. On this island, you’ll get a wide range of water sports and adventures like sailing, jet skiing, speed boating. To get the best watersport experience, consider visiting this place during the Jal Mahotsav with a wider range of water activities.

Cable Car Rides

In the town of Bhedaghat, you can go for cable car rides over the Narmada river. These cable car rides will give you a magnificent view of the marble rocks on either side of the river. This is one of the most adventurous yet relaxing things to do in Madhya Pradesh. These cable car rides are very affordable and worth the price.

Best time to visit Madhya Pradesh

The best season to visit Madhya Pradesh is the winter season. The summer from April to June can get uncomfortable and unbearable due to the heat. With the vastness of Madhya Pradesh, the appropriate time to visit places can vary. Although, for exploration, it’s better to avoid visiting during summers.

During the monsoon season, from July to March, Madhya Pradesh witnesses heavy rainfalls. Due to the pleasant climate, tourists visit Madhya Pradesh mostly in Monsoon or Winter. But to avoid your plans from getting ruined due to rainfall, the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh is in winters, from October to March.

How to reach Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a major Indian state with good interconnectedness with the rest of the country. You can travel there via airways, roadways, or railways. Here’s how to reach Madhya Pradesh:

By Airways: There are many airports in Madhya Pradesh that receive both national and international flights. You can board a flight to Bhopal, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Indore, and Khajurao from any other domestic airport in the country. For people visiting from abroad, they can take a flight to Bhopal and Indore.

By Roadways: Madhya Pradesh is connected with NH12-A, NH25, NH26, NH69, NH3, NH 92, AND NH12. You can travel by your personal vehicle or with the interstate bus services.

By Railways: Madhya Pradesh is well connected with the rest of the country by Indian Railways. Visitors can board a train to any significant railway junction including Indore, Ujjain, Gwalior, Bina, Itarsi, Katni, Chhindwara, Dewas, and Khandwa.

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