A travel Guide to Mumbai

Mumbai Tourism

Nicknamed, ‘The City of Dreams’, Mumbai is a perfect blend of the old with the new. Located along the coast of the gorgeous Arabian Sea, Mumbai has some of the best sea views. The city is loud, chaotic, vibrant, and one of the best destinations if you are looking for some fun. Mumbai tours are extremely popular among both the young and old generations for a plethora of places to visit and activities to do.

The largest city of India, Mumbai is the Bollywood hub. Not only you are going to see the homes of the most famous celebrities, but if you are lucky enough, you can spot some of them as well.

Mumbai tourist attractions have something for everyone. Beach lovers are going to love Mumbai because beaches are an essential part of this city. The world-famous Marine Drive is going to steal your heart for sure. Juhu Beach is calm and has a rhythm of its own. And, if you are looking for some action, the Elephanta Caves lie on an island.

An amalgamation of renowned history, fashionable film industry, best nightlife, and pretty tourist spots makes Mumbai India a perfect destination for your next vacation.

Places to visit in Mumbai

1. Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves are among the most popular Mumbai tourist places. Being enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the caves gather a lot of visitors. Situated at an island lying 11 km from Mumbai, these caves used to be an example of mesmerising artwork. But, all you are going to see right now are the ruins of those. History buffs love to explore the alcoves. Don’t miss out on the different Hindu and Buddhist caves in there.

2. Marine Drive

A list of Mumbai attractions is incomplete without the mention of Marine Drive. This drive extending across almost 3.6 km along the Arabian Sea, is an iconic location when it comes to Mumbai tourism. Starting from Nariman Point and ending at Girgaum Chowpatty, Marine Drive is almost in the shape of an arc. The night view of this drive is beyond beautiful. When it gets all lit up, the arc shape almost makes it look like a necklace. For this reason, locals also call it the Queen’s Necklace. Most of the five-star hotels in Mumbai are located around this posh region.

3. Juhu Beach

One of the most picturesque beaches, Juhu Beach falls on the list of mandatory places to visit in Mumbai. Being a hub for all the rich celebrity homes, Juhu Beach also happens to be one of the most popular beaches here. The ambience reflects that of the true Mumbai culture. Street foods rule the place. Hang out at Prithvi Cafe to catch a theatrical show.

4. Gateway of India

Gateway Of India has to be on the list of top Mumbai attractions. Built in 1924, Gateway of India sits there proudly offering some of the most charming views of the Arabian Sea. And, the exquisite location of Apollo Bunder makes the monument even grander. The architecture was a commemoration of Queen Mary’s Mumbai trip. Essentially an Indian landmark, Gateway of India marks the importance that Indian ports once used to hold.

5. Colaba Causeway

If you want to give a treat to the shopaholic inside you, Colaba Causeway will not disappoint you. Many people term this as a slice of paradise for shopping lovers. Located at the heart of Mumbai, Colaba Causeway is close to the Gateway of India. Not only modern clothes, but you can also get your hands on some amazing home decors here. You can also look up to catch a glimpse of one of the world’s most renowned hotels, Taj Mahal Palace. There are a lot of great cafes around here. Catch a bite when you are tired and hungry after shopping.

6. Siddhivinayak Temple

This temple entirely dedicated to Lord Ganesh holds a special place in the heart of all Indians. No matter at what time you visit, you will always be surrounded by thousands of devotees praying for peace and prosperity in front of the almighty. The construction dates back to the 1800s and the architecture is utterly mesmerising.

Things to do in Mumbai

From tasting the local delicacies to spending a night at the Marine Drive, there are a lot of things to do in Mumbai.

Walk along the Marine Drive

First in our Mumbai travel guide comes walking along the Arabian Sea. Ask anyone about their favourite Mumbai tourist attractions, and they are bound to name Marine Drive at the very beginning. Marine Drive is quite literally as pretty as a picture. You can see couples enjoying their dates holding hands along the Arabian Sea, old men playing cards, and little kids jumping around. This is the most vibrant part of the city that stays awake all night. Visit the Marine drive at 2 am, and you are bound to find the same lively ambience as at 2 pm. This 'Queen's necklace’ has a positive effect on people’s minds, making them never wanna leave the spot.

Explore the Elephanta Caves

Take a ferry straight from the Gateway of India to the Elephanta Caves. The caves are spread across 60,000 square feet. If you want to indulge in a bit of adventure, explore around the alcoves and the rock caves. Visit the main shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. The courtyards and the halls inside the temples are presented brilliantly. Make your way through these halls and don’t forget to click a few snaps for your Instagram feed.

Go on a shopping spree at Colaba Causeway

The shopping scenes of Colaba are some of the very best that Mumbai can offer. Most of the clothes, accessories, and other stuff you see in the Bollywood movies are available here. You will be greeted by a crowd of over-excited boys and girls as you make your way through the market. Jewellery, shoes, dresses, bedsheets, and all other home decors are scattered throughout Colaba Causeway. Make sure that you bargain well enough to get a great deal, otherwise you will end up paying a lot more.

Taste a few local delicacies at Juhu Beach

When it comes to experiencing the local culture, none of the Mumbai attractions is as good as the Juhu Beach. The beach is well known for its street foods, the Bhelpuri, and the special Maharashtrian delicacy, Vada Pav. Explore the authentic taste of Mumbai while enjoying a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea. Don’t miss out on the sunset because the colours are amazing.

Best time to visit Mumbai

Now that we have covered all aspects of Mumbai tourism, there is still an important question that tourists often ask, ‘What is the best time to visit Mumbai?’

The alluring city of hopes and dreams has some of the most gorgeous views one could ever find. But, during the summer, the presence of the sea makes Mumbai a bit too hot. You would not be able to enjoy sightseeing and street food as much. And, in the rainy season, Mumbai is well known for floods. Heavy rains almost drown the city making it impossible for tourists to have a great time.

So, the best season to visit Mumbai is October to February. The winters are just perfect here. Being close to the sea, the temperature does not drop that low. It gives you pleasant and moderate weather to enjoy the sea and other Mumbai attractions.

How to reach Mumbai?

Being the commercial hub of India, Mumbai also happens to be one of the best-connected cities here. However, if you are a bit lost about how to reach Mumbai, you can choose from any of the three means of transport - roadway, railway, or airway.

By Airways: Tourists can take direct flights to Mumbai from any of the major Indian cities. Mumbai is also well connected when it comes to international destinations. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport deals with international flights while Santa Cruz Domestic Airport deals with domestic ones.

By Railways: Mumbai is well connected by trains to all the major cities. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus receives trains from Eastern, Western, and Central India. The Mumbai Central Station receives the rest of the trains.

By Roadways: If you want to take a bus, you can get direct buses from almost all other states. The main bus depot is the Mumbai Central Station.

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