A travel Guide to Mysore

Mysore Tourism

Known as the ‘Land of Palaces,’ Mysore is the southernmost city in Karnataka. Mysore has played an important role in the country since the days of the British. The silk, spices, food, temples, and natural delights of the city are enchanting. Here the history blends with spirituality beautifully. Nature plays one of the starring roles to make Mysore charming.

Mysore Tours shows how vibrant the city is. During the night, the city comes to its true colours. Thousands of Indians, as well as foreigners, visit the city every year and leave awestruck. Dussehra is an important festival here. During this festival, most hotels in Mysore stay booked. Hence, a trip to Mysore during Dussehra will require prior hotel bookings.

People mainly know about the Maharajah Palace and the Brindavan Gardens, but there are plenty of Mysore tourist attractions. Recently, the government has opened doors for many adventure activities to promote tourism. All these make Mysore, India, one of the best places to plan a vacation in.

Places to visit in Mysore

1. Maharajah Palace

The popularity of the Maharajah Palace in Mysore is immense and it ranks top among the Mysore attractions. Another name of this place is Ambavilas Palace. The architecture will have you staring at the palace. The Indo-Saracenic designs are fascinating. The grounds that surround the structure are decorated with seasonal flowers, which enhance its beauty. The nights are brilliant as the palace is brightened with amazing lighting.

2. Brindavan Gardens

The Brindavan Gardens holds an important position in Mysore Tourism. This breathtaking garden is one of Karnataka’s finest gems. Being located close to Krishna Raja Sagara Dam, the garden receives a lot of footfall. It is recommended to visit the gardens just after the sunset for the beauty is at its peak during those hours. The place is perfect for family trips.

3. Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills has the best scenic beauty. The locals view Chamundi Hills as an excellent weekend excursion. The hill summits are accessible via roads and stairs. It is a good spot for trekking as well. The summit offers a mesmerising view of the city and houses a few temples.

4. Sri Chamundeshwari Temple

The Chamundeshwari temple is located at the top of Chamundi Hills and is a must-visit. The temple was built when Mysore was ruled by the Maharajah. Goddess Chamunda or Durga resides here. The idol sits on a lion and is seen killing a demon with her trishul. The seven-tier tower of the temple is impressive. The temple was built and expanded during the rule of the Mysore Royal family.

5. Karanji Lake

Karanji Lake is quite renowned for being the largest lake in Karnataka. The lake is located near Chamundi Hills. The lake used to serve as a source of drinking water and was taken under the Mysore Zoo in 1976. The lake has boating services. There is a special corner for children. The lake is a famous spot for picnics.

6. Talakad

Talakad is an amazing place to pay a short visit to. The city is of utmost historical significance. It is this place that is called to be the origin of the great Cauvery River. A lot of temples reside in this area. Also, the landscapes are rugged and beautiful. Some rare birds can be spotted in this area.

Things to do in Mysore

There is a myriad of things to do in Mysore. Here are some of them:

Watch the light and sound show at Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan Gardens is the one that looks the most beautiful at dusk. The light and sound show here is one of the most fun parts of Mysore Tourism. Different lights are lit when it gets dark, which makes strolling in the gardens extra alluring. The lighting timing is 7 pm to 8 pm. The timing for the music fountains show is from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm on weekdays and from 6.30 pm to 8.30 on weekdays. On a Mysore Travel Guide, the light and sound show is a must.

Go River Rafting in Varuna Lake

The rough water of Varuna lake makes it perfect for river rafting. The river rafting timing is 6 am to 4.30 am. One river rafting trip generally lasts for 45 minutes. There are experts that will guide you through the process. Everything is done with proper safety measures.

Buy famous Mysore Silk Saris

Mysore is famous around the globe for the high-quality silk it produces. This silk is considered to be one of the softest and smoothest variants in the world. The silk saris are one of the major Mysore attractions. You can buy silk saris Government Silk Weaving Factory for the finest saris at an affordable price.

A walking tour of Mysore

Mysore has some of the best arrangements for anyone willing to put in some extra effort. The city has a lot of walking tours. These tours last for 1-3 hours. The tour goes around the Mysore tourist places and comes with an expert guide, who tells the history and stories of the places. Recently, the travel experts in Mysore have come up with an idea of a night walking tour. The city of Mysore gets all lit up and decorated in different lights as soon as the sun sets. The tour is the same as that of any morning ones, lasting for 2 hours. The night tours show the grandeur shining brightly during the night time.

Best time to Visit Mysore

Summer is not the best season to visit Mysore. It gets extremely dry. In such a session, you would not be able to enjoy all of the delights as well as the culinary delicacies that Mysore that to offer. Even the monsoons are far more enjoyable than the summers. It gives you a great chance to get to taste all of the local delights. But if it continuously rains, you will have to stay in your hotels.

Winter or November to February is the best season to visit Mysore. Mysore is at its best during these months. The weather is not too cold, and it is sunny. You can enjoy all of the Mysore attractions in pleasant weather.

How to Reach Mysore?

You can choose flights, trains, cars, or buses to get to the ‘City of Royals’. Here are some tips on how to reach Mysore:

By Air: Flights to Mysore are available from almost all of the Indian cities. It is a well-connected city. The Mysore airport or Mandakalli airport is a domestic airport and is close to Srirangapatna. However, it does not have an international airport. If you are venturing from out of India, you need to get a flight to Bangalore and make it a road trip from there.

By Rail: To take a train to Mysore is the best option for the Mysore Railway Station is in the centre of the city.

By Road: The roads of Mysore are excellent. The State Road Corporation of Karnataka operates multiple bus services. You will get many public and private bus services. The well-maintained roads make good road trips. People mainly drive down to Mysore from Bangalore, which is almost 150 km away.

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