A travel Guide to North East India

North East India Tourism

North East India is the land of glorious beauty and spectacular landscapes. The delightful octet of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Assam, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Tripura, Nagaland, and Mizoram collectively form this beautiful emerald of India. Lush green forests, traditional and cultural diversities, picturesque hill-stations and lounging greenery are some marvellous North East India tourist attractions. These beautiful states are surrounded by the mighty Himalayas and treat you with breathtaking beauty.

Stretching over 2,62,230 Sq. Km., the North East India tours walk along the wondrous Brahmaputra river, Buddhist monasteries, dazzling lakes, and splendid mountains. Being abundant with incredible nature, North East India offers various adventure sports, trekking and camping. Travellers can also perceive some remarkable North East India tourist places like the Kaziranga National Park, Kashi Hills, Elephant temples, and the magnanimous Kanchenjunga.

An excellent blend of scenic beauty and warm hospitality from the locals make North East India a precious gem of the Indian crown. Each state of the region has a unique culture and heritage.

Places to Visit in North East India

1. Assam

Assam is home to the rarest wildlife species in India, with 18 wildlife sanctuaries full of fauna. Located along the Brahmaputra valley, this place is home to a string of temples, mouth-watering delicacies, the precious one-horn white rhinos from the Kaziranga National Park, artistic beauty, and sprawling tea estates. The highlands of Nagaland and Meghalaya, the blue mountains of Arunachal complete the picturesque sceneries of Assam, making it a quintessential tourist destination. One can find multiple homestays along with many hotels in Guwahati, Silchar, Tezpur and other cities of Assam.

2. Arunachal Pradesh

Known as the land of the dawn-lit mountains, Arunachal Pradesh rests on the north eastern tip of India. It is the first Indian land to perceive the rising sun. Home to more than 500 rare orchids, Arunachal Pradesh endows a marvellous array of flora and fauna. The various waterfalls, hills, rivers, archaeological relics, and historical monuments from this place treat the travellers with their beauty and take them on a spiritual journey. Arunachal Pradesh is a perfect destination to escape the city’s hassle and a must-have in the North East India travel guide.

3. Meghalaya

The abode of clouds, Meghalaya is a mesmerising hill-station of North East India. Pitch dark caves, captivating waterfalls, terraced slopes, foggy hills, and gushing rivers make this place a paradise for nature lovers. Situated between Bangladesh and Assam, Meghalaya is inhabited by rare bird and animal species. Meghalaya is perfect for a romantic getaway or for a trip in the lap of nature.

4. Manipur

Manipur or the Indian Switzerland settles along the South Himalayan belt. This land of jewels is dotted with various North East India tourist places where nature is at its best. Gleaming lakes, misty hills, carpets of dense forests, splashing rivers, lush green valleys, intricate arts, and exquisite handicrafts account for Manipur’s picturesque beauty.

5. Sikkim

Sikkim is dotted with spectacular landscapes, including rolling green mountains, milky waterfalls, blue rivers, and the Kanchenjunga. Zuluk, Gangtok, Namchi and Pelling are must-visits. The distinctive beauty makes Sikkim one of the best places to visit in North East India.

6. Tripura

The cultural reservoir of India, Tripura, is a land of magnificent mountains and numerous lakes. It has roots in indigenous culture and spiritual harmony. The places to visit in Tripura are Tripura State Museum, Neermahal Water Palace, Tripura Sundari Temple, Chaturdash Devta Temple, Kasba Kali Temple, Unakoti Archaeological Site, and Pilak Archaeological Sites. North East India tourism is incomplete without Tripura on the list.

Things to do in North East India

There is a mammoth of things to do in North East India. This paradise on earth is a hub of various intriguing activities, some of which are listed below:

River Rafting

North East India attractions are an abode of alluring rivers surrounded by a bounty of nature and lofty mountains. The Brahmaputra in Arunachal and Assam, the Teesta, and Ranjit in Sikkim present some intense rapids in the country. The boat rafting ranging from grades I to IV is a perfect kick to adrenaline.


The narrow yet scintillating passes and appealing terrains make northeast India a nirvana for bikers. Sikkim and Arunachal are the most popular biking routes among the eight states. Capture the picturesque meadows and sky-touching mountain peaks when you ride your bike amid the enchanting routes.

Mountain Trekking

Northeastern states account for India’s most popular trekking spots. Nagaland, Meghalaya, Arunachal, and Sikkim are some enthralling trekking routes in the country. Being surrounded by the beautiful Himalayas, trekking here isn’t just fun but a test to your skill.

Eco-touring the States

North East India tourism is blessed with abundant nature. All eight states starting from Sikkim to Arunachal Pradesh are home to opulent beauty. No other place in India promotes ecotourism as these states do. Grab the real essence of Mother Earth while touring along these places as a part of the North East India travel guide.

Visit the Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga is the only home of the endangered one-horned rhino in the entire world. Located in the fairyland of Assam, Kaziranga protects various wildlife species. Make your travel remarkable by spotting these rare species protected here.

Check Out the Largest River Island

Majuli, the largest river island in the world is a quintessential place covered by the mighty Brahmaputra and Kherkutia. A visit to North East India isn’t complete without perceiving this pristine beauty. Explore the diverse flora and fauna when you visit this alluring island.

Best Time to Visit North East India

Any season in the year is the best time to visit North East India. However, all the states experience heavy rainfalls during monsoons making it inconvenient to visit them. There is a dramatic change in the climate between the Assam valleys and the other hilly regions. The high-altitude areas of Arunachal, Nagaland, and Meghalaya are extremely cold in winters.

March to June is the best season to visit North East India to enjoy the most. Also, some hotels in North East India offer additional discounts for travellers between March and June.

How to Reach North East India

Over the years, North East Indian states have significantly improved their transport connections across the cities. Here is how to reach North East India using different transports:

By Roadways – All the states in North East India have efficient road systems. You will get several bus services in the states. Self-driving isn’t advisable for safety reasons.

By Railways – All of the major Indian cities have trains running to the northeast, except for Sikkim and Mizoram, as they don’t have direct access to the rail network. You can reach there by boarding off at the nearby stations.

By Airways – The airports in Guwahati are the most connected in the northeast region. Major cities in India have direct flights to Silchar and Guwahati. Arunachal Pradesh is the only state without any flight service.