A travel Guide to Ooty

Ooty Tourism

Nestled amidst the Nilgiris is the popular resort town of Ooty. Holding the title of the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’, the peaceful little town in Tamil Nadu is known for its calming nature and beautiful landscapes. The British, during their rule, had founded this hill station due to the visual treats it offered. They had even gone to the extent of calling it the ‘summer capital’ of the erstwhile Madras presidency.

Unlike other resort-towns, most of the Ooty tourist attractions lie in their natural beauty and the walks one can take amongst the calm nature. There are some other places like the Botanical Gardens that offer to show visitors the diversity of flora that the city houses. It is also home to many hilltops and peaks that can be scaled to experience the most splendid views of the surroundings.

Ooty India, therefore, should be visited if you desire a quick little getaway to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. The perfect combination of God’s gifts and Man’s marvels allow tourists to have a memorable experience here.

Places to visit in Ooty

1. Ooty Botanical Gardens

Ooty tourism is incomplete without mentioning the ever-wonderful Botanical Gardens. Maintained by the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department, the garden has a terraced layout. It houses a wide gamut of trees and flowers, waiting to welcome each visitor with its uniqueness and pristine beauty. It also houses more than a thousand species of plants like herbs, ferns, shrubs, and more. It is a good place to learn about new types of vegetation and an even better place to take a soothing walk, clear your mind and take in nature at its finest.

2. Avalanche Lake

Away from the bustle of human touch, Avalanche Lake poses as one of the perfect Ooty tourist places to escape reality and immerse in the foggy surroundings of the lake. Flowers like Magnolia and Rhododendrons and waterfalls from the nearby mountains add to the already beautiful lakeside. The spot is famous amongst nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts as well as photographers. People who are avid campers can also set up a tent and spend it stargazing. If you are looking to spend some quality time with your family or yourself, you should give this lake a visit.

3. Deer Park

It is not often you find a whole park dedicated to deer. Here, Deer Park is one of the very famous Ooty attractions. Only about a kilometre away from Ooty Lake, you can easily stroll inside and treat yourself to the wonderful animals and nature in general. Apart from the many species of deer like Sambhar and Chithal, you can also find an array of adorable hares, rabbits, and birds. There are a few Ooty hotels, restaurants, and resorts that outline the park. Therefore Deer Park is the perfect destination for animal lovers who desire a quiet walk that will help them admire the majestic creatures.

4. Needle View Hillpoint

Every place has one of those lesser-known jewels, hidden from society. Here, it is the Needle View Hillpoint. Your Ooty travel guide is sure to know of this spot and must take you here. Once atop the hill, you can reach for the clouds as the peak and clouds are almost at the same level. Sometimes, the clouds may part and you can see tiny villages down below, looking like dots on a vast stretch of land. The point is surrounded by dense forests, which is why the visit should be made during the day to avoid meeting any wild animal. The hill remains unknown to a majority of tourists but if you are aware, then you must visit the point and take a picture with the heavenly view as a backdrop.

5. Ooty Rose Garden

With over twenty thousand varieties of roses present, the Rose Garden is one of the most visited Ooty attractions. The climate of the town makes it possible for the flowers to bloom for a longer period. Maintained by the Tamil Nadu Government, the garden is divided into five terraces, spreading over four hectares. If you have a knack for photography, this place will be perfect to take some snapshots of the beautiful shapes and forms the roses are arranged in. If you want to experience a romantic evening with your loved one, the Rose Garden fits the portfolio perfectly.

Things to do in Ooty

The ‘Scotland of the East’ has several things in its kitty that make sure tourists have a nice and adventurous stay. Here are some things to do in Ooty:

Go on a shopping spree

Ooty is a perfect place for shopping. Apart from its handmade chocolates, Ooty is also famous for cheese products, essential oils, tribal art, and more. There are a lot of shops that are bound to satisfy the shopper inside you. One such market in Ooty is the Tibetan Market. It is a great place to buy presents for people back home. You find a variety of warm woollen clothes, along with some necklaces and bags to accessorise your clothes. Shopping is a key part of Ooty tourism.

Learn Tea making

Ooty is popular amongst tea connoisseurs. When visiting, you can visit the Dodabetta Tea Factory, where you can learn about the process of tea-making. Once done, you can hop inside the Ooty Tea museum, just adjacent to the factory. Here you can delve deep into the rich history of tea plantations in the Nilgiris. You can also take different tea leaves for your family and friends from the souvenir shop. Getting to know about the nitty-gritty of tea making is one of the more fun and knowledgeable Ooty attractions around.

Visit Higginbotham’s bookstore

If you are an avid reader, Higginbotham’s will be your haven from the boisterous world outside. One of the oldest bookstores in the country, your Ooty travel guide can take you here to experience several worlds inside the confines of hard-bound binding. You can find books hailing from different genres. When visiting, do not forget to buy some postcards from here as some unforgettable memories.

Eat out in cafes and restaurants

A major part of the charm in Ooty tourism lies in its small cafes and restaurants. Although diminutive in stature, they are big on delivering the perfect eating experience to all the visitors and tourists. You can sip some coffee at the old school Ooty Coffee House, enjoy authentic South-Indian food at the Nahar Restaurant, or enjoy the lavish decor of the Selbourne Bar.

Best time to visit Ooty

The best time to visit Ooty largely depends on the reason behind the trip or the activities you want to experience. If you want to feel the rains of the hill station then you can visit between July and September. To bask in the chilly weather, the ideal time for a visit would be in the winter months of October to February.

By a great mile, the best season to visit Ooty would be the summers, that is, between March and June. The destination provides much-needed relief from the heat that prevails in other parts of the country.

How to reach Ooty

While it may seem the diminutive town is isolated from the mainland, there are many ways to reach the hill station. Here are some tips on how to reach Ooty:

By Air: You can take flights to Coimbatore International Airport, which roughly is a two-hour drive from Ooty. While direct flights to Ooty are not available, the airport is well connected with all the major cities of the country and allows people from foreign lands to visit this magical destination.

By Train: Ooty has its railway station called Ooty Railway station, which is connected to all the cities of Tamil Nadu. It also allows inter-state travel, connecting the town to major cities like Delhi, Kochi, and so on. From the station, you go to the many hotels in Ooty via a taxi or a bus.

By Road: Ooty is well-linked with cities like Coonoor, Coimbatore, Pollachi, and more. This is made possible by the Tamil Nadu State Road Transport Corporation. You also have the option to book private vehicles from the nearby cities, which helps you to reach your desired hotels in a quick and efficient manner.

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