A travel Guide to Punjab

Punjab Tourism

The land of five rivers, Punjab is a north-western state in India. The five rivers that flow through it are Ravi, Beas, Sutlej, Chenab, and Jhelum. The state is landlocked by Pakistan in the west, Jammu and Kashmir in the north, Himachal Pradesh on the east and Rajasthan on the south. Agriculture is the main source of income in the state while other occupations include manufacturing of various types of goods, financial services, and so on. Punjab India is one of the fastest-growing states in India, both economically and culturally.

Punjab is a land of the past, with colonial influences at every step of the way. It has always been a place of great saints and fighters. With its unique language, culture, and people, the state on its own is a separate identity. There are many Punjab tourist attractions one can visit as there is more to the state than weeding lands and running factories.

One thing that attracts tourists from all around is the cuisine of this place. Source of some of the most delicious dishes, Punjabi cuisine is a must-try. Punjab tours will allow you to experience the raw, authentic, and robust culture and cuisine of the most friendly people you will find anywhere.

Places to visit in Punjab

1. The Golden Temple

Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about Punjab is the Golden Temple. The famous place of worship is the crown-jewel of Punjab tourism. The gurdwara is also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib, which means the ‘abode of God’. People come from different corners to experience holiness. The temple is not only a central religious spot for all Sikhs, but it is also a harbinger of equality and fraternity. People, irrespective of their caste or religion, can come here and revel in the culture of the Sikhs. The golden dome becomes a sight to behold during sunrise or sunset, with the light reflecting off and blessing the eyes of all devotees. During a trip to Punjab, visiting the Golden Temple is a must.

2. Jallianwala Bagh

A lot of brave men and women had given up their lives to make India free. The Jallianwala Bagh is a garden that serves as a reminder for the same. It is one of the most important Punjab attractions you will come across. It was at this spot where hundreds of Indian men, women, and children were mercilessly gunned down by their British oppressors. Even today, people from around the country and the globe visit this place. When you visit this 30-feet high central pylon, you can still see the bullet marks on the wall.

3. Wagah Border

Another spot on the list of Punjab tourist places that are historical and oozes patriotism is the Wagah Border. Both the countries’ army lower their respective national flags with a side of pomp and show just before sunset. This daily ceremony is done in the sense of mutual respect and joviality. The energy and passion from both sides are fascinating. Every single day of the year, people from Pakistan and India gather around the border to witness the spectacle. A person on either side rouse the general public with nationalistic slogans and chants, and the people oblige.

4. Harike Wetlands and Bird Sanctuary

Apart from the spots with national importance and significance, you can also experience the comfort of nature here in Punjab. The Harike Wetlands and Bird Sanctuary are another one of Punjab attractions that captivate all nature lovers in an instant. The wetlands are the largest in northern India and they came into being after the construction of barrages across the Sutlej river. It is a unique ecological environment that is home to many rare species of birds that add to the beauty of the sanctuary. The destination is perfect for avid photographers and birdwatchers. So next time you visit Punjab, grab your binoculars and head here.

5. Kila Raipur

Kila Raipur is one of the most interesting parts of Punjab tourism. In the diminutive village of Kila Raipur, the acclaimed Rural Olympics takes place every February. You will find bullocks, mules, dogs and other animals being used in events like racing. The whole event is one of a kind which showcases the spirit of the people. Ask your Punjab travel guide to bring you here and cheer on the strong men and women of the state.

Things to do in Punjab

In a state where you find the beautiful coexistence of agriculture, history, and modernity, you will find a lot of interesting things to do in Punjab on your trip. Some of them are:

Stroll through Sarson ka Khet

Sarson ka Khet, i.e., the mustard fields, are one of the most famous Punjab tourist places. You can see farmers toiling hard in these fields and you can also interact with them regarding their occupation. The sea of yellow makes the perfect background for pictures.

Experience the taste of Punjab

The short phrase ‘Makki di Roti, Sarson da Saag’ is known to every Indian. Punjab tourism cannot be completed without having a taste of this dish. Apart from this famous dish, you can taste the different types of parathas and a chilled glass of delicious Lassi. While you find these in many restaurants and hotels in Amritsar, Ludhiana and other cities, the most authentic Punjabi food can be found in the households.

Have a go at Bhangra

Bhangra is the traditional dance style of Punjab and is a popular phenomenon worldwide. Bhangra is performed in almost all celebrations in Punjab, from weddings to festivals. Plan your trip around any festival or ask your Punjab travel guide to take you to the place where you can enjoy Bhangra.

Shop at Hall Bazaar

Located in Amritsar, the Hall Bazaar is one of the popular Punjab attractions that entice several shoppers to quench their purchasing desires. The market is famous for its Phulkari Dupattas and Nagra Juttis that are the perfect representation of the Punjabi culture.

Best time to visit Punjab

Summer is not the best season to visit Punjab. The state is known to record very high temperatures from April to June. Usually, it is advised to avoid a trip during this time. The best time to visit Punjab would be during winter, between October and March, when the climate is very pleasant and conducive for tourist activities.

How to reach Punjab

If you are wondering how to reach Punjab, do not worry. There are a host of ways to reach the northern state.

By Air: The main airports of Punjab are Amritsar and Ludhiana. You will get many flights to Amritsar or Ludhiana from major cities in the country. You can also board a flight to Chandigarh.

By Rail: Punjab has a well-connected railway system. You will get trains to Ludhiana, Amritsar, Ludhiana and Chandigarh from many cities across the country.

By Road: The highways here are very well maintained and provide routes for people to visit. You can easily avail of these roads, dotted with dhabas and many hotels.

Plan You Travel

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