A travel Guide to Puri

Puri Tourism

Puri, the land of temples, is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway tour. The beaches blending in with the magnificent temples seem to attract a lot of people. During the winters, people like to bask on the warm sunny beaches and Puri tours give you exactly what you want.

Puri India is one of the four pillars that make up the famous ‘Char Dham’ of the country. The older and younger generations have different reasons for choosing Puri. One chooses the destination for its several temples while the other loves Puri for its natural attractions.

The heritage of Puri is deep-rooted. You can find historical stories going back to the 3rd century. History buffs especially love Puri for the different kings and dynasties it has seen throughout the entire course of its being. There is something about Puri’s atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.

Places to visit in Puri

1. Jagannath Temple

Puri tourism has a lot of things to show you, but Jagannath Temple still ranks at the top. This majestic temple that was built under the reign of King Indradyumna, happens to be one of the top religious places in India. Its history dates back to the 12th century. The architecture is a work of wonder. Jagannath Deva is the ruling deity of this auspicious temple and you can find a huge number of his devotees in the temple no matter when you go.

2. Puri Beach

Puri Beach happens to be one of the top Puri attractions for families. With the waves being gentle, there are ample scopes of taking a dip in the warm waters of Puri. During the sunset, the sky becomes vibrant portraying a lot of colours making it look like a beautiful painting. The beach is best known for selling all of the local delicacies. Try out the fried seafood that is available during the evening. No matter when you go to the beach, it is always crowded with kids and adults.

3. Chilika Lake

Chilika Lake is one of the best places that Puri tourism has to offer. The beauty is beyond words. You can always drive up to the lake which lies at a distance of almost 50 KM from Puri. This saltwater lake is not only the largest one in India, but it also happens to be the biggest on the entire continent. Travellers love Chilika for it offers a plethora of activities. Also, it has islands where you can grab a good brunch.

4. Narendra Tank

Narendra Tank attracts a lot of tourists. It is said that the tank’s construction dates back to almost the 15th century. Being one of the oldest spots in the city, this water tank plays an important role in tourism. A lot of temples and shrines are lined up around the tank. You can even see an island that lies just at the centre of the tank. There is also a temple located on this island that goes by the name of Chandana Mandapa. Do visit Narendra Tank to learn more about the spiritual aspects of Puri.

5. Swargadwar Beach

Located just beside Puri Beach, Swargadwar Beach is one of the most crowded places in Puri. Most of the hotels in puri are clustered around this region. You can spot the Swargadwar crematorium just outside the beach. The famous ‘Kakatuya’ restaurant of Puri where you can find the local delicacy ‘khaja’ is just behind this beach. Make sure you plan your breakfast right there. It is the second most-visited beach after Puri Beach.

Things to do in Puri

Puri tourist places have a myriad of activities to take part in. Let us have a look at what else Puri tourism has in store for you.

Go boating in Chilika Lake

You cannot go to Chilika and come back without boating in the gentle waters of the lake. The boatmen will even take you to see Honeymoon Island and Breakfast Island. You can get some good meals and beverages at Breakfast Island while Honeymoon island sells exclusive pearls and gems from the ocean. The views during boating are serene and absolutely beautiful. Bird lovers treat Chilika as a slice of paradise because they get to see a lot of rare birds. Chilika even has flamingos.

Make a day-trip to Pipili

Pipili is one of the most colourful towns within Puri. A perfect blend of shopping and food prevails in this city. You cannot get enough of the bedsheets and cushion covers that are sold in the markets of this tiny city. The shops are vibrant and filled with colours of different fabrics. Get the authentic taste of Puri through the street foods of Pipili.

Buy some souvenirs from Raghurajpur Craft Village

One of the best things to do in Puri is going to the Raghurajpur Craft Village and buying some beautiful home decors. You can find some affordable souvenirs in this village which is solely known for its talented artists. Lying at a distance of 11 KM from the heart of Puri city, the village is vibrant and is famous for its stone-carved handicrafts. It has a long history of creating some of the best artists in Odisha.

Enjoy the marvellous Rath Yatra of Puri

Puri’s Rath Yatra is famous all over the world. Rathayatra which is also known as the Chariot Festival in Puri is the biggest festival in this area. Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra are taken out of the Jagannath Temple and carried in a humongous chariot. The footfall during this festival is uncountable. The chariot is carried by men of the temple and taken to the Gundicha Temple. Experiencing this festival in the heart of Puri is considered to be one of the best feelings. During the Rathayatra, it is hard to find hotels in Puri easily, hence booking in advance could be a good idea.

Best time to visit Puri

Puri tourist attractions are always pleasant no matter when you visit them. But, what is the best time to visit Puri? Every beauty is said to have a peak time when it is at its prettiest. The same is the case with Puri.

Puri has a difficult summer. Being on the seashore, it gets a bit hot. In such a humid climate, it may be difficult to make the most out of the trip. During the monsoon, Puri gets heavy rainfall. The rain makes it difficult to see all the tourist spots. You will just have to stay at your hotels.

So, what is the best season to visit Puri? Winters are no doubt the best time to indulge in the true essence of Puri. The climate is pleasant with the temperature being moderate. It does not get too chilly. You will have a delightful time exploring Puri from December to February.

How to reach Puri?

Now that we have covered the whole Puri travel Guide, we still have a very important question that remains unanswered, how to reach Puri? Puri is an extremely popular Indian city. You can get to the city from any part of India. You have three main modes of transportation to choose from - airways, railways, and road trips.

By Air: Puri does not have its airport. Therefore you will have to book flights to Bhubaneshwar, which lies 60 km away from Puri.

By Train: It is best to get to Puri by train as Puri Station receives trains from all the important parts of India. It even has some of the best superfast trains connecting the city to all other important cities.

By Roads: Roads leading to Puri are smooth. You can avail yourself of a lot of buses from Kolkata and Visakhapatnam. You can even get on a bus from Bhubaneswar and enjoy a smooth journey.

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