A travel Guide to Purulia

Purulia Tourism

Purulia’s beauty lies in its essence, history, and tropical location. It is the western-most district of West Bengal, having connections with industrial belts situated in Orissa, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh. The region experiences a sub-tropical climate, with soaring high temperatures during the summer months. Owing to the south-west monsoon currents, Purulia India district receives little rainfall throughout the year.

Despite not having the perfect climate conducive to a vacation, tourists from all around India visit the place to experience rich flora, fauna, and magnificent hill views. Some of the activities one can enjoy here are trekking and camping. Popular Purulia tourist attractions include ancient ruins, historical excavation sites, and tribal areas. The tribes add to the tourist destination’s charm, allowing tourists to get a feel of the raw local culture. Tribes that have their home in the district are the Santhals, the Kurmis, and the Kherias-Sabars.

So if you want to experience the calmness of nature along with the wonders of history and archaeological relics, make sure to plan a trip with Purulia tours and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Places to visit in Purulia

1. Ajodhya Hills

The first spot that tops the list of places in Purulia tourism has to be the great Ajodhya Hills. Having a mythological anecdote attached to itself, it is believed that the hills were the place of accommodation for Ram and Sita during their exile. This is a very important reason behind most of the tourists being devout followers of the Lord. Apart from the religious context, this part of the Dolma mountain range is known for its capacity for being a wonderful trekking spot. Surrounded by mesmerising waterfalls and luscious forests, the Ajodhya Hills is amongst the best Purulia tourist places for nature lovers to visit at least once while here.

2. Saheb Bandh

Another famous one from the natural Purulia attractions is the Saheb Bandh lake. Spread across an area of 50 acres, the water body and the activities surrounding it is a great way to unwind your holidays. It is home to many migratory birds from Baluchistan and Serbia, making it a heaven for birdwatchers. Built-in the 19th century, the tourists can also hitch a Shikara ride and explore the glittering waters of the lake. So next time you want to see the sunset while relaxing on a Shikara, head out to the Saheb Bandh lake.

3. Joychandi Pahar

This one is for the thrill-seekers who are in search of a great rock-climbing spot. Another relatively new part of Purulia tourism, a temple dedicated to Goddess Chandi, lies at the hill’s top. One has to scale around 400 steps to reach the place of worship, making it a good trekking spot too. There is an annual festival by the name of Joychandi Pahar Paryatan Utsav that takes place at the foothills and attracts tourists from different locations. It aims at encouraging local artisans to come out and showcase their immense talents. The hill was featured in Satyajit Ray’s national award-winning film ‘Hirak Rajar Deshe’, from where its popularity began to grow.

4. Deulghata

Purulia has a long history with Jainism, housing several temples that lay in ruins now. Multiple temples can be found in Deulghata. They are one of the popular Purulia attractions, especially amongst history and archaeology enthusiasts. These deul temples houses intricate stucco-based artwork on their walls, attracting tourists with rich cultural tastes and historical curiosities. At present, some of them are complete ruins, while others still stand tall as towering, architectural spectacles. Once finished touring the erstwhile temples, you can click a few snapshots of the surrounding greenery as well. Hence this spot, located 18 km away from the town of Purulia, makes for a wonderful trip for all tourists.

5. Murugama

One of the most visited Purulia tourist places is the tribal village of Murugama. The village is famed for the beautiful Murugama Lake and Dam, which attracts countless tourists. This spot enjoys enchanting views and cool winds that will enhance your trip. After relishing in the grandeur of the dam, you can take a walk through the village and get a first-hand experience of the prevalent tribal life. Some of the surrounding attractions include the Girguri waterfalls and the Ukumburra Hills. Your Purulia travel guide will be able to lead you better through these regions.

Things to do in Purulia

Once you finish exploring all the tourism ambits, the district has to offer. You can engage in some relaxing and exciting things to do in Purulia.

Groove to the local dances

The local culture of Purulia revolves heavily around dance and music. Some of the local dances include the Chau dance, the Pata Nach, and the Jhumur Nach. Many festivals too see the locals revel in a variety of dance forms and folk music. Therefore it is natural for tourists to shake a leg with the locals. Abide by the Purulia travel guide to find out the villages and places offering the best local music and grooving tunes.

Spend time in an Eco-adventure resort

There are multiple hotels in Purulia offering necessary accommodation facilities. If you yearn for that extra bit of adventure, book a stay at any Eco-adventure resorts that provide a complete tourist experience within budget. They offer activities like Kayaking, Mountain biking, Trekking, and much more. In recent days, these resorts have become an essential part of Purulia tourism.

Picnic at Baranti Reservoir

The Baranti Reservoir has turned to be one of the popular Purulia attractions. You can pack a picnic basket and set off with your family to enjoy the gorgeous view of the place. Baranti reservoir offers a road packed with red mud beside a few verdant hills. Overall, with its chilled out vibe and calm atmosphere, the place assures great therapy to the mind and body. 

Best time to visit Purulia

For the entire part of the year, the district has a hot and humid temperature. Therefore the best time to visit Purulia is between December and February when the surroundings enjoy cool and pleasant weather. The average temperature of the place ranges between 32.7°C to 25.4°C. Hence, the best season to visit Purulia would be the winters. The Teesta Tea and Tourism Fest, held during December, is an excellent opportunity to indulge in activities like cultural events and water sports. 

How to reach Purulia

In case you are wondering how to reach Purulia? The following facts will help you reach there.

By Air: There are no direct flights to Purulia. You can book a flight to the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International airport in Kolkata or the Birsa Munda airport in Ranchi, from where you can reach your destination via taxis or buses.

By Road: There are six direct bus services available to Purulia from Kolkata. You can also book a bus ride to the place from any part of West Bengal as per convenience. In case you are visiting during the peak season, pre-book hotels to enjoy convenient accommodation.

By Rail: The Purulia Railway station is well-connected with Kolkata, Howrah and other cities of the country. So you can surely board a train to Purulia and enjoy your stay.

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