A travel Guide to Raipur

Raipur Tourism

Raipur, the capital and the largest city of Chhattisgarh, is blessed with natural resources. Many useful mineral ores are found in this region from which metals are extracted to produce steel. The steel has given affluence, prosperity, and a modern look to the city, which reflects well in Raipur tourist attractions.

Regardless of all the modernisation that the city has seen in the last few decades, the people of Raipur have not forgotten their ages-old culture and traditions. Raipur tours give us a rare opportunity to see and experience the life of local people and their symbiotic relationship with the environment they live in.

Most of the tourist places of Raipur are not located far from the city center. So it is easy to find good hotels in Raipur which also makes traveling to tourist spots easy and hassle-free. Take a look at this short and crispy Raipur travel guide if you're planning to visit this city.

Places to visit in Raipur

1. Ghatarani Waterfall

Ghatarani is the largest waterfall in the entire Chhattisgarh state and it is one of the most visited Raipur attractions. The milky white water emerging from the lush greenery looks so mesmerising that attracts the eyes of every spectator. The Ghatarani waterfall is a great picnic place where you can go with your family. The place allows you to relax in its calm environment and enjoy the breathtaking view while playing in the water. You can visit this place during summer, but you should avoid going there in the monsoon when the water flows rapidly increasing the chances of accidents.

2. Purkhati Muktangan

Purkhati Muktangan is a garden in Raipur that shows us the rich bio-cultural diversity of the region and its people. This park was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam in November 2006. This garden is a good place to see the folk art, breathtaking sceneries, and life-like tribal figures. The garden also gives learning opportunities to the visitors. There are various statues present in the temple which generate cultural awareness in the mind of people and encourage them to preserve it. It is even better if you're going there with a Raipur travel guide who can explain all the features of the park correctly.

3. Mahant Ghasi Memorial Museum

Mahant Ghasi Memorial Museum is one of the best places in Raipur tourism. The museum has a great collection of artifacts, coins, carvings, models, and other interesting items that show the rich tribal culture of Raipur. The museum has five galleries and a big library where you can find the most precious artifacts and books related to the tribal groups of Raipur. The museum also portrays the rich history of Raipur and the different phases of changes it went through before attaining its modern industrial form. The museum building also has an open-air restaurant that serves delicious local food to the visitors.

4. Banjari Mata Mandir

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Banjari Mata and it is considered to be one of the holiest places of Raipur. People from all over India come here to blend into the pleasant and divine aura of this place, especially during Navratri and Dussehra festivals. The temple opens on all weekdays from 6:00 AM to 7:30 PM. Many people prefer to visit the temple in the evening to perform aarti. The temple's exquisiteness and religious importance make it one of the best Raipur tourist places.

5. Champaran

Unlike the other Raipur attractions that are located in the main city, Champaran is a place that invites you to its rural tract. The Champaran village is situated 50 km from the city center and holds great historical as well as religious importance. People believe that the great saint and founder and reformer of the Vallabh Sect, Sant Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya was born in this village. For this reason, it is also a popular Vaishnava Peeth. Mool Prakatya mandir and Prakatya Baithakji mandir are two temples in the village that are visited by many people. Both of these temples are dedicated to Shri Mahaprabhuji, the founder of Vaishnavism.

Things to do in Raipur

There are plenty of amazing things to do in Raipur that mainly involve interesting outdoor activities.

Go on a Safari at Nandan Van Zoo

Nandan Van Zoo is a key element in Raipur tourism. The zoo is located in Naya Raipur and covers a total area of 800 acres.

The zoo is a great place to go on a safari and see wild animals from a close distance. The place is a home to many animals, including bears, chital, blackbuck, blue bull, barking deer, among others.

Other than safari, the place also offers you to enjoy boat rides and exposure to unique trees and plants. The food and accommodation are also available at reasonable prices at the zoo.

Enjoy water park at MM Fun City

MM Fun City is an amusement park located on the outskirts of Raipur. It is the largest water amusement park in Chhattisgarh and a great place for you to enjoy a day with your family.

The amusement park allows you to have unlimited fun by experiencing various activities like water slides, rain dance, family pool, and a wave pool. The place also has a restaurant and a special kids zone.

You can visit this tranquil place to lower your stress level and make plenty of memories with your family that you'll cherish for the rest of your life.

Discover the natural beauty of Raipur at Vivekanand Sarovar

If you want to discover the natural beauty of Raipur, then make sure to visit the Swami Vivekanand Sarovar located at the heart of Raipur.

This crystal clear lake is surrounded by lush green plants that enhance its beauty. These features of this lake also make it an ideal picnic spot. You can also enjoy the local food of Raipur and walk along the shore in a tranquil breeze.

The picturesque view of the lake along with local cuisines makes it one the best Raipur attractions.

Shopping at Pandri Market

Apart from the natural destinations, Raipur tourist places also include local markets where you can shop a plethora of things. Raipur is a place where people have been living for centuries. Today's generation has not forgotten the indigenous things that their ancestors used to make.

In Pandri Market, you can buy various things, including textile, kitchen utensils, and decorative items made of wood and metal.

Best time to visit Raipur


Winter is the best season to visit Raipur. From November to January, the weather remains pleasant and ranges between 14 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius. This is the best time to visit Raipur when you can enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities


Summer is an off-season in Raipur tourism. From March to June, the entire region experiences scorching heat which puts limits on outdoor activities. But you can find cheap deals on hotels at this time.


Monsoon is another good season to see the beat places of Raipur tourism. From July to September, the region receives an average amount of rainfall, which is around 1300 millimeters.

How to Reach Raipur

Rail, road, or flight, all are good options to reach Raipur. Look at this simple guide on how to reach Raipur for better understanding.

By Flight

Swami Vivekananda Airport is the main airport of Raipur and it is located at a distance of 20 km from the main city. But you'll easily find a bus or taxi from the airport to reach the city. You can find flights to Raipur from all the major cities of India.

By Road

All the highways leading to Raipur are broad and well maintained. The main bus stand of Raipur is located on Pandri road and operates both deluxe and normal buses to all major nearby towns and cities regularly.

By Rail

Raipur Junction Railway Station is the main railway station in Raipur. It is well-linked with many major cities of India, like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, etc.

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