TruJet Airline Web Check in Online

TruJet Web Check in

Trujet is an Indian Airline service headquartered in Hyderabad. It caters to low-cost regional flights across cities in Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. Trujet Airlines Web Check In helps passengers save their time, besides offering the liberty to select a preferable seat of their choice. Travellers can web check in from the comfort of their home and skip long queues. For which they need to enter their PNR Number, name and email-ID.

Trujet flight web check in facility starts 48 hours before the scheduled departure and ends 2 hours prior to the departure time. Passengers with their baggage need to report to the airport 2 hours before the scheduled departure, after completing their web check in process. Travellers who have opted for Trujet online web check in, can cancel their tickets 3 hours before the final departure by dialling the call centre at 040 4090 4090.

Trujet flight web check in is not available for

  • Passengers with group bookings
  • Passengers that require special assistance
  • Passengers on discounted fares
  • Unaccompanied Minors

Steps for Trujet Web Check in

Here is a list of steps that you need to follow before opting for Trujet online web check in.

  • Visit the official website of Trujet Airlines ( and click on the ‘Fly’ menu made available on the home page.
  • Select the Web Check In tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, passengers need to fill a self-declaration form.
  • You can avail Trujet Airlines Web Check In service by entering a PNR Number or E-ticket Number along with your full name.
  • Next, a seat map will be made visible on the website. You can select a seat of your choice or even skip it. The system will allocate a seat in an automated manner.
  • Confirm the web check in procedure after which a link to the boarding pass will be displayed.
  • The boarding pass is also mailed to your registered email address. You can either download them or get a printout.

Trujet Web Check in Baggage Allowance

Trujet Airlines has made certain pre-scheduled terms and conditions mandatory regarding baggage that passengers need to adhere to. They are mentioned below.

  • Passengers are allowed to check in baggage of up to 15 kg on their Trujet flights, which shouldn’t exceed 158 cm in overall dimensions (L+W+H). Baggage exceeding the weight limit will be charged INR 400 per kg. That needs to be paid at the check in counter.
  • Passengers can carry one hand baggage which shouldn’t exceed 7kgs. Moreover, the dimensions of the handbag should adhere to measurements: 50 cm + 45 cm + 20 cm (L+W+H).
  • Trujet baggage web check in service is not activated yet. Travellers can pre-book excess baggage by calling the airline’s customer care number.
  • Passengers connecting from/to international flights within 24hours of their journey with Trujet are offered economy baggage allowance.

Points to note during Trujet Web Check in

  • With the help of the web check in facility, passengers can select a seat of their choice.
  • Passengers’ PNR numbers or E-ticket numbers are important for the Trujet flight web check in. So it is advised to keep them handy.
  • They can avail of this facility only between 48 hours to 2 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.
  • Passengers should carry a printed or soft-copy of their boarding pass and baggage tags. In case of a soft copy, they can get it printed at the airport.
  • All passengers need to adhere to the maximum check in baggage allowance, which is 15 kg and for handbags it is 7 kg.
  • If the check in baggage weight exceeds the set limit, passengers will be charged INR 400 per kg.
  • Travellers carrying check in baggage need to report at the airport 2 hours before the scheduled departure, once they get done with Trujet Flight Web Check in.
  • For cancellation after web check in, they need to contact the customer care service, 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Trujet Web Check in FAQs

1. What type of policies are made mandatory by Trujet Airlines for expecting mothers?

A. Expecting mothers can fly with Trujet up to 32 weeks of their pregnancy, provided that they do not have any medical complications. They need to carry a fit to fly certificate from their obstetrician dated within 24hrs before the scheduled flight in case the pregnancy is between the 28th week and the 32nd week.

2. How early can I opt for Trujet Web Check In?

A. If you are opting for the Web Check in service, you can book your seat anytime from anywhere between 48 to 2 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.

3. Is web check in mandatory?

A. Due to the COVID 19 situation, the Government has made web check in mandatory. However, unaccompanied minors, passengers with group bookings, the ones with special assistance and those who have purchased flight tickets on discounted fares can’t use the web check in facility. However, Trujet baggage web check in facility is not available yet.

4. Can I cancel my ticket once I’ve web checked in?

A. Yes, you can cancel your ticket after you’ve opted for the online web check in facility. To go ahead with this, you need to contact customer care 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time. Trujet’s customer care number is 040-4090-4090.

5. What do I do if I misplace my boarding pass?

A. It is very convenient to recover your boarding pass. You will have to revisit Trujet's official website and click on the web check in tab. Since you’ve checked in already, the system will provide you with an option to reprint your boarding pass.

6. What type of services are offered by Trujet in case of missing, mishandled and damaged baggage?

A. In case of missing, damaged or mishandled baggage, passengers can contact the staff members of Trujet airlines at the desk, situated by the arrival hall of the destination airport.