A travel Guide to Vishakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam Tourism

One of the primaeval port cities with a classic shipyard from bygones, Visakhapatnam, India is a precious solitaire in the crown of Andhra Pradesh. Visakhapatnam is dotted with beautiful beaches, breathtaking valleys, gushing waterfalls, and affluent wildlife. Visakhapatnam tours offer the picturesque Dolphin’s nose, marvellous Kailasagiri, along with other eye-pleasing landscapes. Fondly known as Vizag, this port city is home to the deepest and land-locked natural harbour in India. Engulfed by the mighty Bay of Bengal on one side and incredible nature on the other, Visakhapatnam attractions are memories to behold. 

Visakhapatnam tourism offers perfect places, be it for friends’ getaway, a family vacation, or couples’ timeout. Visakhapatnam is home to crystal clear streams, lush greenery, and succulent delicacies. This mesmerising coastal town has copious hidden jewels in store, awaiting tourists to explore. Visakhapatnam tourist attractions like the stunning Vuda Park, enthralling Borra Caves, breathtaking Araku Valley, eye-pleasing coasts, serene Varaha Narasimha Swamy and Kanaka Mahalakshmi shrines glue locals and tourists with their elegance and charm.

Hotels in Visakhapatnam add delight to these attractions and endow stupendous sights of pristine nature. Sojourning in hotels here is as blissful as exploring the wondrous city and capturing its mystical beauty.

Places to visit in Visakhapatnam

1. Araku Valley

The crux of Visakhapatnam tourism, Araku Valley is a place with extra-generous nature. It is sprawled over a total of 36km and 1300m above sea level. Colloquially renowned as Andhra’s Ooty, this exquisite hill-station inhabits bygone tribal culture, roaring waterfalls, amazing valleys, lounging coffee plantations, historic tribal museum, and affluent biodiversity. Sheltering the second highest peak of the mighty Eastern Ghats, i.e., the Galikonda Viewpoint, this place must be a part of everyone’s Visakhapatnam travel guide. Araku Valley is acclaimed for lip-smacking bamboo chicken, authentic coffee beans, and yummy hot chocolate.

2. Simhachalam Temple

Simhachalam temple or the abode of Lord Varaha Narasimha Swamy is an excellent replica of the ancient Dravidian architectural marvel. The idol covered in sandalwood paste, the incredible carvings inside the shrine, flocking devotees, and picturesque landscapes are some notable attractions of this temple. The Chandanotsav happening once a year on Akshaya Tritiya in this shrine comprehends umpteen locals and tourists, for it is the only day when the deity’s statue appears in its real form. Perched 800m above sea-level, this is the only shrine of Shri Varaha Narasimha Swamy or Lord Vishnu’s fourth incarnation in the entire country and an imperative part of the Visakhapatnam tourism.

3. Kailasagiri

One of the finest Visakhapatnam tourist places, Kailasagiri is a magnificent hilltop park perched at the height of 360 feet. This park offers a serene ambience and a panoramic view of the incredible Visakhapatnam city. Spread over 380 acres, this park offers cruise and rope-way rides amid breathtaking scenery. The idols of Lord Shiva and Parvati add a divine aura to this place making it one of the best Visakhapatnam attractions.

4. Borra Caves

Nestled amid the Ananthagiri hills at a staggering height of 1400m above sea level, the Borra Caves or Borra Guhalu endows a visual delight of marvellous hilly terrain, amazing landscapes, wild fauna, and moist deciduous forests. Filled with stalactites, speleothems, and stalagmites, these caves comprise karstic limestone structures up to 80m in depth. Renowned as the deepest in India with spectacular rock carvings, these caves account for enthralling trekking and hiking adventures. The Shivling idol inside the caves grabs numerous visitors to this place.

5. Rushikonda Beach

The jewel of the East Coast, Rushikonda beach is situated along the shores of the mighty Bay of Bengal. The serene waters and golden sands in the bosom of Rushikonda hills attract tourists and locals all alike. Surrounded by emerald greenery and frothy sea waters, this beach boasts breathtaking nature and a spellbinding ambience. The enthralling water sports like swimming, skiing, and windsurfing pumping up the adrenaline and the lip-smacking food add excitement to Visakhapatnam tourism. Visited by numerous tourists and locals, this beach is 8km away from the main city with excellent transport facilities.

6. Ross Hill Church

The most tranquil of all the Visakhapatnam tourist places, Ross Hill Church stands atop the lofty and mesial hill of this quaint city. The serene vibes and placid aura from this place frees one from the city’s hassle. The incredible sunrise and sunset and marvellous landscapes reformulate nature’s beauty. The Lord Venkateswara temple on the way to this church is equally enchanting. Climbing up the hill to the sights of fabulous skies, lush greenery, dazzling waters of the Bay of Bengal, and vibrant ships adds poise to any Visakhapatnam trip.

Things to do in Visakhapatnam

This elegant port city offers several engaging and enthralling activities. Here are some rejuvenating things to do in Visakhapatnam.

Go Inside a Real Submarine

A sterling start to exploring Visakhapatnam is visiting the Kursura Submarine Museum, the only submarine museum in Asia. The artefacts and pictures inside the museum depict the life of India’s ferocious warriors when submerged in deep waters. Lounging along the shores of Ramakrishna Beach and open for a visit between 2.30 PM to 8 PM each day, this real submarine is a must-visit.

Ascend the Dolphin’s Nose Lighthouse

The enthralling small trek to the Dolphin’s nose hilltop leads to the stunning lighthouse of the city. Located near the Yarada beach of the Yarada Village, Visakhapatnam, this hill offers ambrosial views of Visakhapatnam. The exciting climb to the old lighthouse on this hill leads to spectacular landscapes and the city’s unexplored beauty. Visiting the Dolphin’s nose hill between 3 to 5 PM endows breathtaking views of glorious sunsets and dazzling sea waters.

Explore the Kashmir of the South

The sleepy hamlet of Visakhapatnam, Lambasingi, is renowned as the Kashmir of South India, for the temperatures never rise above 10 degrees. Milky clouds immersing the lush green mountains, spectacular viewpoints, stunning strawberry farms, and incredible nature make Lambasingi a precious diamond of Visakhapatnam. The mighty trees on either side, all through the roads of this place welcome everyone to a mystic aura.

Visit the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Perceive the affluent flora and fauna of Visakhapatnam by paying a visit to the magnanimous Indira Gandhi Zoological Park. This zoo is home to over 100 different fauna varieties, including the white Bengal tiger, elephants, hippos, lions, black bears, crocodiles, snakes, stunning bird varieties, and the exotic butterfly garden with rare species of beautiful butterflies. You can reach the zoo either through the main entrance near the Kambalakonda wildlife sanctuary or use the second entrance along the GITAM university road.

Trekking to the Katiki Waterfalls

Nestled amid the glorious Araku Valley and Borra caves, the Katiki waterfalls present you with stunning nature, eye-pleasing greenery, and incredible sights of the falling waters. The staircase route of the waterfalls takes you to their top that gives breathtaking landscapes and scenic beauty.

Best time to visit Visakhapatnam

Any time in the year is the best season to visit Visakhapatnam. The beaches and hill-stations cover-up for the hot and humid climatic conditions in summer. With moderate rainfalls, monsoons in Visakhapatnam are ideal for nature lovers, for this splendid place is in its full glory with blooming flora and picturesque ambience. The temperatures in winter here are fairly pleasant and so, the city is crowded with tourists. The extremely soothing and windy weather in winter makes October to March the best time to visit Visakhapatnam.

How to reach Visakhapatnam

Being one of the largest cities of Andhra Pradesh, this place is extremely well connected with the rest of India. So, one need not worry about how to reach Visakhapatnam.

By Airways – The Visakhapatnam International Airport 8 km away from the city’s centre, is the only airline facility to reach this marvellous place with regular flight services from prime Indian cities. Many airlines run various flights to Visakhapatnam from most major cities of India, easing the journey to the place.

By Railways – Visakhapatnam has its own railway station known as Visakhapatnam Junction with regular trains running from most parts of India. You can also use the Duvvada railway station, approximately 25 km away from the main city, to reach Visakhapatnam.

By Roadways – The National Highway-16 running along Visakhapatnam connects this splendid city with prime Indian cities. Multiple public and private organisations run bus facilities to this place from the rest of India. However, most tourists prefer to self-drive to reach this place as the roads are extremely well maintained.

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