A travel Guide to Warangal

Warangal Tourism

Warangal is the fifth largest city of Telangana and it is situated 145 km away from the state capital, Hyderabad. Warangal is recognised as a city that has one of the best heritage sites in India. Its name has been derived from the word Orugallu, which means one stone. Warangal, India is also known as Ekasila Nagaram.

Warangal tourist attractions reflect the rich history of the region in its historical monuments and culture. Various forts and temples of Warangal are proof that the city had great importance in the past. During the 12th to 14th century, Warangal used to be the capital of the Kakatiya Kingdom. People believe that the Prola Raja of Kakatiya was the one who built this city to rule over this region. Because of the beauty of the Warangal tours, the city is also named as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The tourism ministry of India has also recognised it as an important heritage city.

A right Warangal travel guide covers all the important places for which Warangal tourism is famous. From forts to temples, forests to lakes, hotels to local markets, the city has everything to entertain you when you’re here for a vacation.

Places to visit in Warangal

1. Pakhal Lake

Happens to be a man-made lake in the city, Pakhal Lake is one of the best Warangal attractions. The lake is located 50 kms away from the city centre and it covers an area of 30 square km. The lake is located in the middle of hills, and the combination of both forms an astounding landscape. Visiting the lake is a very refreshing experience. There is also a wildlife sanctuary near the lake, and if you have a little luck by your side, you may encounter beautiful animals drinking water near the lake.

2. Thousand Pillar Temple

Warangal tourist places have many temples among which the Thousand Pillars Temple is visited by the most number of people. As its name suggests, the temple is standing on more than 1000 pillars, which generates curiosity in the mind of people. It is a star-shaped temple with a huge monolith of Nandi made of black basalt stone. Three shrines are also located in the temple, collectively known as Trikootalayam.

3. Warangal Fort

Warangal Fort is another most visited place and also a prominent landmark in the city. The fort has a special place in Warangal tourism and it is also a learning site for historians and archaeology scholars. It is located 19 km away from the city of Warangal and Hanamkonda. The local people of the city believe that the fort is carved out on a single piece of rock. It was built in the 12th century during the medieval era under the reign of King Ganapati Deva, a Kakatiya king.

4. Kakatiya Zoological Park

Kakatiya Zoological Park was founded in 1985 by the district administration of Warangal to protect the environment of the region. In 2013, due to its rich diversity and contribution to the ecosystem, it gained the status of National Park. Today, it serves as a good place for both education and the environment. The zoo is spread across an area of 50 acres and on your visit; you can get a chance to see various wild animals from a close distance. The park is home to a number of animals, including Leopard, Bear, Black Bear, Peacocks, Ostrich, Golden Jackals, Crocodiles, and tortoise among others.

5. Warangal Museum

Apart from the great natural and historical places of the city, Warangal attractions also include educational museums that tell its visitors about the culture and traditions of the people who used to live in this region. The museum is operated and maintained by the Archeological Survey of India and it exhibits a great collection of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain sculptures. The main highlight of the museum includes the large Nandi, Marble Chamunda and Buddha, and other Saivite Sculptures. The museum also possesses a rich collection of ancient coins and pottery that were in use in the 11th to 13th century.

Things to do in Warangal

There are plenty of things to do in Warangal that you can enjoy with your family and kids. Some of the best ones are mentioned below.

Listen to the melody of Musical Garden

Kakatiya Musical Garden is located near the famous temple of Bhadrakali in Warangal. Covering a total area of 15 acres, this unique musical garden is one of the best Warangal tourist places, especially for kids.

The main attraction of the garden is the musical fountain that starts at 7 pm every evening. This fountain is decorated with spectacular colourful lights. The park has a large area for the kids to run and play around. The park also has a man-made waterfall and lake which facilitates leisure activities like boating.

Go on a Safari in Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 110 km from Warangal. It is one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in Telangana and covers a large area of 806 sq km.

Going on a safari in this sanctuary is an amazing experience. On safari, you can get a chance to spot a number of wild animals, including Tiger, Panther, Leopard, Wolf, Wild Dogs, Bear, Black Buck, Chousingha, Nilgai, Sambhar, Spotted deer, and many other species of birds and reptiles.

The region is also famous for its enchanting beauty. The Dayyum Vagu River is flowing through this sanctuary that creates picturesque scenes everywhere.

Learn about nature in a fun way at Mini Zoo

The Mini Zoo of Warangal consists of Kakatiya Zoological Park and a beautiful Butterfly Garden. At the zoo, Vana Vigyan Park organizes teaching sessions for the visitors in which they learn about nature, the environment, and what we humans can do to preserve it.

The place has an education centre within its premise where kids learn about the importance and ways of preserving nature and understand the role of nature in their own lives. The zoo in itself is a unique element in Warangal tourism.

Celebrate the Shakumbhari Festivals with Zeal

If you’re planning to visit Warangal in the first week of January then you must come to the Shakumbhari festival and experience the religious and cultural roots of the native people. The festival is dedicated to the Goddess Bhadrakali. At this festival, people cook rice and milk and offer them to the Goddess.

For the tourists, it is a great time to see the traditional greatness of Warangal. You can enjoy the music, dance, and food prepared by the devotees. Coming here with the Warangal travel guide would be a plus because he will educate you about different rituals that people perform and tell you the meaning of their songs and dance gestures.

Best time to visit Warangal


The months from March to May see a great variation in temperature from 20? C to 40? C. The air becomes too hot and humid and does not allow any outdoor activity. So this is not the best time to visit Warangal.


In the months of June to September, the entire Warangal experiences heavy rain showers along with strong winds. People who don’t like rain much, can avoid going to Warangal during the monsoon season. However, it can be a good time to see those Warangal attractions where there is a roof over your head, like Thousand Pillar Temple.


The best season to visit Warangal is winter. The weather remains mild during the day and gets a little chilly at night. This is also the best time for sightseeing and other outdoor activities.

How to reach Warangal

Here is a simple guide for you on how to reach Warangal.

By Air

Warangal has a small airport that is not fully operational. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is the nearest airport to Warangal, which is located at a distance of 160 kms. You can take flights to Hyderabad and then reach Warangal by bus or taxi.

By Rail

The Warangal railway station is well-linked by the many major cities of India. Warangal railway junction is a major junction on the Chennai-Kolkata and Hyderabad-New Delhi routes. Many luxurious hotels in Warangal are also located near Warangal railway station.

By Road

Warangal bus stand is connected with major cities of south and southeast India. You can find long route deluxe buses from various cities of India to Warangal. Cabs, buses, and auto-rickshaws are also easily available from the bus stand.