A travel Guide to Wayanad

Wayanad Tourism

Kerala is home to many unknown gems that are worth a visit. One of these gems is known as Wayanad. Geographically, the district is located on the southern part of the Deccan plateau and is surrounded by the mighty Western Ghats. The town is dotted with several pristine lakes, forests, and other geographical wonders that can be experienced through Wayanad tours.

Historically, this mystical land dates back to the Neolithic age. The Edakkal caves are one of the first signs of any human settlement found here. The town is also home to a lot of old temples and was responsible for the worldwide spice trade. It was the spices found in Wayanad that prompted the Europeans to make their way to India. In the modern-day, there are various spots of excellence that can be called Wayanad tourist attractions.

Both geographically and historically, Wayanad, India, is unique and has a charm of its own. A visit to this place will give a perfect insight into Kerala in the span of a few days.

Places to visit in Wayanad

1. Edakkal Caves

The history of the town originates from these caves. A trip into the long-forgotten past of India, these caves, has given important information to historians regarding the lifestyles of your ancestors. To reach this chart-topper in the list of famous Wayanad attractions, one needs to trek through the gorgeous Ambukuthi Hills. While taking in the irresistible aroma of the coffee, you can enjoy the beautiful carvings you find inside these caves.

2. Neelimala View Point

Neelimala View Point is surrounded by different types of plants, flowers and hues. It is a very important part of Wayanad tourism. You will have to trek to the Neelimala View Point. It might take a little time and energy to reach the point, but the destination overlooks the majestic Western Ghats. The view makes for a perfect backdrop for amazing pictures and snapshots to keep as a cherished memory.

3. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Kerala is home to some beautiful animals, and so is Wayanad. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the famous Wayanad tourist places. The sanctuary was established to preserve the biological heritage of the area, keeping in mind the needs and lifestyles of the tribal people living there. The sanctuary is also under consideration to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Entry into it is allowed only through jeep. The authorities organise various jeep safaris for the tourists to experience the environment. Most of the spot is covered with deciduous teak forests and semi-evergreen pastures. The sanctuary boasts 900 types of elephants amongst animals like panthers, deer and wild dogs.

4. Banasura Dam

The list of most famous Wayanad attractions includes the grandiosity of the Banasura dam. It is one of the largest earthen dams in the world and the second-largest in Asia. The embankment has been made up of elements like clay, soil, and sand. The dam has been built along the Karamanathodu river, which is a tributary of River Kabini. Various small islands are dotting around the dam, which adds to the picturesque beauty of the spot. You can also do some horse riding, go boating or simply take a stroll and take in the fresh air.

5. Priyadarshini Tea Environs

Another fun-filled destination in Wayanad tourism is the Priyadarshini Tea Environs. There is a tea estate, a tea factory, a tea museum, and a tourist resort. Walking through the fragrance of fresh tea leaves is bound to be an another-worldly experience. There are many accommodation facilities like treehouses, where tourists can have a short stay. The estate also houses an amphitheatre, herb gardens, and a natural pond. You can also taste some local delicacies cooked by the hands of the ever-so-friendly natives of the place. To get a feel of Wayanad and its people, a trek through these estates is a must.

Things to do in Wayanad

There are many things to do in Wayanad. Whether trekking or indulging in some lip-smacking delicacies, the district offers many fun things for the tourists.

Cycle through the Nilgiris

Since Wayanad shares the border with the state of Tamil Nadu, it also has the privilege of having a portion of the majestic Nilgiris. One of the most exciting aspects of Wayanad tourism is cycling through the winding roads of the Nilgiris. Depending on your cycling ability, you can choose a path.

Experience luxury at Vythiri Village resort

A famous spot on the list of Wayanad tourist places is the luxurious Vythiri Village resort. They make sure that you receive a five-star treatment amidst the natural beauty of the district. Whether a family vacation, a corporate retreat, or a getaway with your better half, staying in this resort will provide you with calm and peace. The resort also offers zip-lining and yoga.

Indulge in some adventure sports

Be sure to ask your Wayanad travel guide about places where you can take part in various adventure sports. Activities like paragliding, zip-lining and skydiving, all can be found in the district. Many private and state companies offer tourists these adventurous experiences.

Relax at the Kuruva Island

The Kuruva islands are a throng of three islands in the Kabini river that stretch across 950 acres of land. This spot is one of the famous Wayanad attractions because it is known for bamboo rafting. While drifting through the islands, one can find an assortment of wild vegetation and unknown species of animals. This journey on the waters of the Kabani is the perfect chance to experience the real Kerala and in turn, the real Wayanad.

Best time to Visit Wayanad

The Wayanad district is filled with lakes, hills, caves, and museums. The summers here are filled with festivals but come with uncomfortable heat, which is not very conducive for tourist activities. The monsoons, on the other hand, are for relaxation, but it sees constant showers and thunderstorms. The winters provide the perfect environment for exploring the spots. Hence, the best season to visit Wayanad is winter.

The best time to visit Wayanad, hence, would be between October and February. This time sees an increase in the influx of tourists and can be considered as the peak season.

How to reach Wayanad

Here are some ways on how to reach Wayanad:

By Air: There is no direct flight to Wayanad. The Karipur International Airport in Kozhikode is the closest to the district. You can take flights to Kozhikode. From here, you can take a cab to Wayanad.

By Rail: Wayanad is not connected to the railway network. The nearest railway station is the Kozhikode station. You will get trains to the Kozhikode station from many major cities in the country. You can take a bus from the station to the many hotels in Wayanad.

By Road: There is a good network of roads that will allow you to travel from the neighbouring states in a private car. You can also take a state bus from other states and reach your preferred hotels in the district.

Plan You Travel

5 Star Hotels & Resorts in Wayanad

Vythiri Village

₹ 18500 per night

Morickap Resort

₹ 12417₹ 11167 per night

3 Star Hotels & Resorts in Wayanad

Adithya Nature Resort & Spa

₹ 4449 per night

Kallat British Resort

₹ 8000 per night

Banasura Hill Resort

₹ 8697₹ 7797 per night

Ripon Heritage Bungalow

₹ 3921 per night

Wayanad Stay the Pepper Suite

₹ 2615₹ 2301 per night

Edakkal Hermitage

₹ 9000₹ 8100 per night

Grassroots Wayanad

₹ 10699₹ 8774 per night

Le Villagio Resort & Domes

₹ 7743 per night

Crescent Residency

₹ 5000 per night