Australia Honeymoon Destination

Australia Honeymoon Tours

Australia is a sovereign country and a subcontinent comprising the mainland of the Australian continent and the islands of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. Australia is the sixth-largest country with a population of 26 million and Canberra as its capital. Australia is a megadiverse country, and its size gives it a wide variety of landscapes and climates. It has deserts in the centre, tropical rainforests in the northeast and mountain ranges in the southeast. Australia tourism offers unique experiences, natural beauty and landscapes bursting with colour and culture. It is an excellent place to relieve stress and have a little spice to life. Australia honeymoon offers some of the best romantic destinations on the globe. It is a magnificent island located at the confluence of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Australia honeymoon destinations are renowned for their picturesque beaches, alluring landscapes and colourful vineyards. It is an excellent place to have private, quality time with one’s life partner. The Australia honeymoon tour is popular as this tropical paradise offers excitement and thrill in every moment. A tour to Australia is sure to add the essence of romance to your newly married life. The honeymoon destinations in Australia are a compiled package of exciting cities and scenic landscapes.

Australia is a one-stop destination for a secluded honeymoon. Honeymoon tours in Australia become memorable as it offers luxurious and secluded islands with all the peace and beauty needed after a wedding. The tours to Australia are incomplete without enjoying warm cups of coffee and delicious food at any one of Melbourne's quirkiest cafes.

Honeymoon holidays in Australia are best to plan between September to November and March to May. The seasons during these months are neither too cold nor too hot, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities. Couples can book Australia honeymoon packages during this time for the best experience. The travel packages have destinations like Boat Harbour for a romantic candlelit dinner, exotic wildlife safari and hiking through the lush green rainforest trails in Tasmania. Australia also offers rejuvenating spas and beautiful beaches. The Australia honeymoon travel packages include island hoppings and romantic walks amid a beautiful landscape that takes love to new greater heights.

The Australia honeymoon trip packages are best for couples with a celebratory mood and fond of adventures and beaches. The adventurous activities for couples in Australia include hiking, Jungle safari and Skydives. The Australia honeymoon vacation packages provide a wide range of options. Australia is a fantastic place to cherish the new bond. One can plan a trip to this beautiful country via Australia honeymoon tour packages which are customer friendly. The cost of these honeymoon packages depends on the duration and stay in the country. Australia honeymoon holiday packages are highly recommended for couples and especially newly married ones.

Honeymoon places to visit in Australia

With so much diversity and variety in landscapes, Australia is a highly recommended place for couples looking for a memorable vacation. Australia honeymoon travel packages have much to offer, ensuring one falls in love with its country and its people. This country gives a phenomenal experience that never fades away from life.

Places to visit in Australia Honeymoon

Australia honeymoon packages include everything from flights to accommodation and leisure activities. Here are some of the most romantic places in Australia that are highly recommended for couples on a honeymoon:

Freycinet, TAS

Freycinet, TAS tops the list when it comes to the most romantic Australia honeymoon destinations. Here couples can find the best of Tasmanian nature. It has some of Australia's best and most luxurious, high-end accommodations. It is a haven for couples who are fond of adventures and are camping and hiking enthusiasts. The place is located in Eastern Tasmania, a 2.5 hours drive from Hobart. The most romantic places to stay here are Saffire Freycinet and Freycinet Lodge.

Cable Beach, Broome WA

Australia honeymoon is incomplete without witnessing a romantic sunset with one’s beloved. This place offers a romantic and beautiful sunset. It also provides pristine beaches without the crowds where couples can have a secluded time. Owing to its serene beauty, it is one of the most visited east-coast beaches of Australia. It best suits couples who love beaches and adventure. The best places for a stay here are Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa and Pearle.

Cradle Mountain, TAS

Most Australia honeymoon trip packages include Cradle Mountain, TAS. It is located at a 2.5 hours drive distance from Launceston, Tasmania. It is a very romantic place known for its immersive accommodations within pristine landscapes. The place is best for couples who want exclusive wilderness luxury. The place has beautiful alpine scenery, and one can spot the native wildlife from indoors that makes it a lovely place. The best places to stay here are Pepper Cradle, Mountain Lodge and Eagles Nest Retreat.

Heart Reef, QLD

Heart Reef is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Australia for couples as nature becomes romantic at this particular place. This place is renowned for its naturally-formed heart-shaped reef and the beautiful colours of the Great Barrier Reef. It certainly comes on the list of one of the natural wonders of the Earth. The place gives a mesmerising view of marine life from the air. It is located 80 km from the coast of Airlie Beach. It is a lovely place to strengthen the bond of love and oneness. The best places to stay here are Palm Bungalows, Qualia Resort, Pinnacle Resort and Airlie Waterfront Bed & Breakfast.

Adelaide Hills, SA

An Australia honeymoon tour must include Adelaide Hills, which is a caring European influenced region. This place has an enchanting old-world feel throughout. It has beautiful picturesque farmlands and wineries where a couple can have a romantic meal and can enjoy. The hill is a 20 minutes drive from the Adelaide CBD. The best places to stay here are Adelaide Hills Country Cottages, Amble at Hahndorf, Thorngrove Manor Hotel and Mountain Lofty House.

Hunter Valley, NSW

Hunter Valley is among the most romantic places, with lush greenery all around. It best serves the requirements of the couples. The Rolling greenery with plenty of accommodation for couples is the best thing about the place. Couples can enjoy a romantic date here with a sip of wine around the fireplace. It is also a haven for adventurous couples as they can enjoy hot air balloon rides with champagne. It is 150 km away from Sydney. It is a good place for those who want some excellent food and wine. Some of the best places to stay here are Cedars Mount View, Lilies Luxury Retreats, Spicers Vineyards Estate and Blackwattle Luxury Retreats.

Things to do in Australia Honeymoon Tour

1. Cruising

One of the best experiences in Australia honeymoon holiday packages is cruising. It is one of the best ways to explore Kimberley, one of Earth's last actual wilderness areas. One can enjoy luxury sleeping quarters and enjoy gourmet meals. This activity takes couples closer to the lush waterfalls, secluded beaches, rocky shores and complex river systems.

2. Ride Roller Coaster & Water Slides

Australia honeymoon vacation packages include Gold Coast's theme parks, which is a must-visit place for a couple. It offers thrilling rides and water slides. The ‘big five’ fun parks are between The Split and Coomera. There are plenty of accommodations for couples available here with some of the excellent views of Gold Coast Beaches. It is one of the loveliest and most romantic places for couples.

3. Riding a Luxury Train Across the Continent

Australia honeymoon tour packages include a lavish 2979 kilometres train journey across the Australian continent. Being named after the Afghan Camel drivers, this unforgettable train journey covers the mountains of the Flinders Ranges, the Red Centre, Katherine George and the scorched desert. The Ghan (Train) takes 3 days to travel across the entire continent. It is a romantic experience. Couples can also opt for a 4-day journey from Sydney to Perth or a trip on the Indian Pacific.

4. Witnessing New Year's Eve Fireworks

Australia is one of the first countries to welcome the New Year, and hence the Sydney Harbour puts on a spectacular show. The couples should not miss the fireworks here at 9 pm and midnight on New Year's eve. It is best for couples looking for a celebration. The fireworks and the light shows of the place create a stunning view.

5. A food trip

Honeymoon tours in Australia are incomplete without having the best cuisines and dishes of the Australian continent. From breakfast of the fresh doughnuts and bagels at Farm Gate Market in Hobart to spending a few days feasting through Tasmania, Australia is a haven for food lovers. The foodie couples should never miss this opportunity to explore the flavours of Australia. One can have the best apples at Willie Smith's Apple Shed in the Huon Valley and the best Belgian-style chocolates at the House of Anvers near Latrobe. Tasmania is famous for its wines, and the Tamar Valley is Tasmania's premier wine region.

How to reach Australia

Australia is well connected to other continents of the world via means of seaways and through flights.

By Air - There are many flights to Australia from almost all major cities worldwide, either direct or indirect. Couples can board flights to Sydney and Melbourne, two major terminals for international flights.

By Sea - Australia is a continent surrounded by water on all sides. Several cruise companies take people to Australia across the Pacific ocean. The cruise season is between November to February.

Australia Honeymoon FAQs


How much does a honeymoon to Australia cost from India?


The cost of Australia honeymoon packages from India depends on whether the cost of a flight is included in the package or not. On average, it costs around Rs. 60,000 to 1.2 Lakhs for one week for one person. A package with a flight may start from 1.4 lakh per person.


My wife and I are foodies. What are some of the must-try dishes in Australia?


The Australia honeymoon destination offers some exotic dishes from its cuisine. It satisfies the taste buds of the couples and also makes their journey memorable Here are some of the must-try dishes in Australia: Chicken Parmigiana, Lamingtons, Barramundi, Vegemite on Toast, Pavlova, Barbecued snags and Meat pies.


What are some of the best hostels in Sydney?


Couples can undoubtedly have some of the best honeymoon tours in Australia. There are many regular and very high-end luxury hotels in Australia. Some of the best hotels in Sydney are: Little National Hotel Sydney, Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, Sydney Boutique Hotel, Hilton Sydney, Little National Hotel Sydney, SKYE Suites Green Square, Vibe Hotel Sydney Darling Harbour.


What are the most prominent Australian festivals?


Australia honeymoon tour packages, booked during the festivals, are the most fun ones. Here are some of the prominent festivals in Australia: Vivid Sydney, Mardi Gras, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Splendour, Dreaming Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Australia Day.


My wife and I are fond of adventure. What are the best places in Australia for Scuba Diving?


Some of the best destinations in Australia for scuba diving are: The Great Barrier Reef, Townsville, Ningaloo Reef, Port Douglas, South West Rocks, Whitsunday Islands.