Dubai Honeymoon Destination

Dubai Honeymoon Tours

The most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is also one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. Being studded with gorgeous contemporary buildings and ancient structures, the city flaunts an idyllic contrast of Arab architecture. Dubai honeymoon destinations include these fine architectural splendours, unique theme gardens, underwater aquariums, and beauteous beaches. A large number of amusement water parks in Dubai make entertaining tourist locations. There are a huge number of five-star hotels in Dubai, which are best suited for a honeymoon stay. Numerous couples from all over the world arrive in Dubai to have a luxurious honeymoon. Dubai honeymoon tour is about sightseeing, trying flavoursome Dubai cuisines, and indulging in fun and adventurous activities.

Dubai experiences extreme climate. The best time to go for a Dubai honeymoon is between November and March. The weather remains cold during these months, making it ideal for a honeymoon. Dubai rarely receives rainfall, allowing couples to enjoy outdoor activities without any worry during their honeymoon tours in Dubai. The winter months of January and February are the time for the grand Dubai Shopping Festival. Many book Dubai honeymoon vacation packages that are scheduled during these months to witness this festival. The city comes alive and exudes festive vibes during this time. It is also the peak season for honeymooners. It is recommended to book hotels through Dubai honeymoon holiday packages much in advance to get accommodation at the best price during this peak time. The summer months experience sultry weather and the unbearable heat of the Sun. It is advisable to avoid this period as it becomes inconvenient for couples to explore the honeymoon destinations in Dubai in the scorching heat.

There is a myriad of tourist destinations in Dubai. Dubai honeymoon travel packages cover most of the tourist spots. From ancient mosques to amusement parks, the city has something to satisfy every traveller’s cravings. Some Dubai honeymoon trip packages also include frantic sports, like skydiving, scuba diving, hot air balloon ride, and helicopter ride. These add much-needed fun to the Dubai honeymoon tour for adventure-loving couples. For others, there are options of strolling on the aesthetic beaches, camping in the desert or taking a lazy boat ride on lakes. Dubai honeymoon tour packages offer all the services, from hotel and cab bookings to food and touring arrangements. Newly-weds can enjoy their honeymoon without worrying about organising or seeking facilities in an unknown land. It is recommended for couples to book customisable Dubai honeymoon packages for having an incredible and luxurious start to their new life together.

Honeymoon places to visit in Dubai

The tourist destinations in Dubai include some of the magnificent buildings, themed parks, and beaches. These locations make a honeymoon in Dubai a memorable experience.

Places to visit in Dubai Honeymoon

Here are some of the destinations in Dubai that couples must visit during their honeymoon tours in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

World’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa ranks first in the list of honeymoon destinations in Dubai. This 163-storey skyscraper offers an eagle’s-eye view of the beautifully planned city from the top. Its strategically designed architecture intrigues tourists from across the world. The ambience inside the building is posh and exotic. The fountain inside, illuminated by 6,600 lights, creates a magnificent spectacle for visitors. The tower also houses some of the premium restaurants where couples can taste international and Dubai cuisines. The viewer’s deck on the 124th floor is crowded regularly by tourists to get a panoramic view of the city. Honeymooners can enter Burj Khalifa between 8 am to 6 pm at a ticket price of Rs. 2,580. All Dubai honeymoon tour packages cover this globally renowned destination.

Palm Jumeirah

This man-made archipelago resembling a palm tree attracts tourists from all over the world. The beaches are studded with clubs, restaurants, and waterparks. Couples can opt for speedboat rides at Palm Jumeirah to have a look at some tourist attractions nearby. The notable tourist spots in the vicinity of Palm Jumeirah are Ain Dubai, Burj Al Arab, and Atlantis the Palm. Couples may stroll in the serene Jumeirah Beach, chill at beach clubs, swim with dolphins at Dolphin Bay, or gaze at the eye-pleasing sight. Palm Jumeirah serves as a picturesque backdrop for capturing couples’ photographs. This unique destination is a must-have in Dubai honeymoon travel packages.

Dubai Creek

An ideal destination for a romantic evening, Dubai Creek is one of the popular Dubai honeymoon destinations. Several plays, music, firecrackers, and live shows are hosted around this creek on special occasions. Couples flock in large numbers near Dubai Creek to witness the aesthetic view during sunset. Many couples also opt for a cruise ride down the waterway. It allows couples to get enchanted by the city lights and the glittering water while tasting Dubai delicacies on the go. Couples can also get a glimpse of some watch-worthy constructions in Dubai, like the Grand Mosque, Rolex Twin Towers, Old Boat Fort, and Heritage Village. It is recommended to visit this saltwater brook during the winter months to enjoy the cool breezes on the cruise ride.

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is one of the most unique theme parks in the world. It comprises various distinct theme parks, each having a speciality. One must add this destination in their Dubai honeymoon holiday packages to have a rejuvenating experience. The Glow Garden is the most-loved park. Uncountable colourful lights light up this garden flaunting Arabic structures and floras. The vision created by the reflection of those lights in the adjacent lake is bewitching. Besides, the Dinosaur Park displaying 120 variants of dinosaurs fascinates many tourists. Couples can also enjoy looking at the stunning ice sculptures at the Ice Park and have fun at Magic Park, Art Park, and Mushroom Park.

Bollywood Parks Dubai

This destination must be included in the Dubai honeymoon vacation packages for all Bollywood lovers. This Bollywood-themed park is one of a kind and allures numerous tourists. The vast area of this park encompasses twelve fun rides, five themed zones, and cafeterias. Bollywood Film Studios, Rustics Ravine, Mumbai Chowk, and three Bollywood Boulevard are the prime attractions of the park. The park offers the flavour of the Indian film industry in Dubai. It is a great location for some cinematic photo sessions. The Rajmahal Theatre within the park stages some fabulous live performances by international artists. Couples can spend a fulfilling day exploring the Bollywood elements, enjoying amazing Broadway-style performances, and having tasty snacks at cafes. There are some film-inspired rides as well which appeal to numerous Bollywood fans. Couples can visit this destination between 2 pm and 11 pm.

Things to do in Dubai Honeymoon Tour

1. Try skydiving

Couples can try this adventure sport at Palm Jumeirah. Diving into the skyline of Dubai arouses an adrenaline rush and allows couples to seize some romantic moments up in the sky. Expert guides offer proper training to ensure the safety of the skydivers. There are stores from where couples can hire the gear. It is one of the most sought-after activities in Dubai. Adventure fanatic couples can have an unforgettable experience on their Dubai honeymoon tour through this aerosport. Morning time is best suited for skydiving. It is recommended to try skydiving on a clear sky day, to avoid clouds from obstructing the spectacular view.

2. Indulge in fun at amusement parks

Dubai has plenty of amusement parks where couples can spend a fun-filled day. These amusement parks comprise thrilling and amusing dry and water rides. Some of the popular water parks in Dubai are Yas Island Water Park, Legoland Water Park, Laguna Water Park, and Aquaventure Water Park. The amusement parks host light and sound shows for entertainment. Couples can sit under the shades, sip some refreshing drinks, and click pictures while having fun in the parks. Aquaventure Water Park has a private beach that allows couples to spend some cosy moments or try surfing on man-made waves.

3. Explore underwater world in underwater aquariums

Seeing the underwater creatures enjoying their habitat is a magical experience on a Dubai honeymoon. There are a couple of underwater aquariums in Dubai that offer the sight of aquatic flora and fauna. Most Dubai honeymoon trip packages include a visit to some of these aquariums. The Lost Chambers Aquarium, and Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are the popular ones. Honeymooners can have wonderful experiences of watching some exotic species of plants and aquatic animals. They can watch sharks, moon jellyfishes, moray eels, and baby stingrays inside these aquariums. There are over 50,000 animal variants that can be seen in these underwater aquariums. Couples can pre-book tickets online.

4. Go for a lake ride at Dubai fountain

Dubai fountain owes its worldwide fame to the awe-inspiring fountain show and pleasing boat rides. Couples can enjoy both at once by booking seats for the lake ride. The fountain show flaunts numerous fountains and water jets dancing to music and illuminated by 6,600 vibrant lights. Sailing over the lake watching the marvellous view created by the dancing fountains is an astonishing experience. Most Dubai honeymoon packages include this lake ride. The ticket costs Rs. 1,320 per person. The show duration is of thirty minutes and the lake ride can be availed between 5.30 pm to 11 pm.

How to reach Dubai

Dubai can be reached from all leading countries via flights. Couples can also take roadways or railways to reach Dubai from neighbouring Arab cities. Here are some tips on how to reach Dubai.

By Air- Dubai has an international airport. Flights to Dubai are available from all major countries and cities of the world. Couples can take a cab from the Dubai airport to reach their hotel or other destination in Dubai.

By Train- One can reach Dubai from neighbouring cities by Emirate Express. It runs within the Arab Emirate countries and connects them with Dubai. Metro is also available between Jebel Ali and Rashidiya from where cab rides can be availed to reach Dubai.

By Road- Taxi and cabs are easily available in Dubai. One can get cabs from neighbouring cities to Dubai. Moreover, buses run from Sharjah, Masafi, and Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Dubai Honeymoon FAQs


What is the average cost for a honeymoon tour in Dubai?


The cost of a honeymoon tour in Dubai varies according to the duration of stay, destinations covered, and services offered. The average cost of a honeymoon tour in Dubai is around Rs. 25,000 per person. The expenditure may be over Rs. 50,000 if you avail luxury services and destinations. You can book Dubai honeymoon packages offered at varied rates with seasonal discounts.


Which is the most romantic location in Dubai?


There are quite a few romantic locations in Dubai. Some of those are Burj Khalifa, Ain Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Creek. Burj Lake, however, is considered the most romantic Dubai honeymoon Destination.


Which hotels in Dubai are best for staying during a honeymoon?


Dubai has some of the best luxurious hotels in the world. The city also has budget hotel options. You can book rooms at any of these hotels for a Dubai honeymoon. Atlantis The Palm, Taj Dubai, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel , Grand Hyatt Dubai, Palace Downtown.


Which is the best time to go on a honeymoon to Dubai?


The best time to go for honeymoon tours in Dubai is during the winter months between November and March. The weather remains pleasant and ideal for exploring tourist locations and indulging in adventure activities.


Are transport facilities good in Dubai?


Yes, Dubai has a well-organised transport network. The transport facilities are frequent and well-linked. Trains are available from neighbouring cities to Dubai. Moreover, both A/C and non-A/C buses are available for different important locations in Dubai.