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Greece Honeymoon Tours

Greece is considered to be one of the most surreal places on earth. A Greece honeymoon is like a dream come true for many couples. A large number of newlyweds wish to celebrate their honeymoon in Greece and start their new married life. All the honeymoon destinations in Greece are magical and picturesque which gives a perfectly romantic ambience for couples. The pristine natural beauty and the unique architecture of Greece make this place a popular spot for all honeymooners. Greece honeymoon destinations are full of splendid mountains, stunning white-sand beaches, historical monuments, and a breathtaking landscape. This enchanting country of southeastern Europe is visited by a lot of tourists from all over the world. Greece is known as the land of Gods because of its Roman culture and mythological history. Honeymoon tours in Greece allow couples to explore and learn about the ancient Greek ruins and relics along with their literature and art. Apart from that, couples can also witness quaint towns and villages in Greece that are filled with eye-pleasing scenic beauty. The Greece honeymoon tour allows couples to visit all the famous landmarks of Greece which creates cherishable memories forever. The country has something to attract tourists all around the year. However, couples should book their Greece honeymoon packages in September and October to enjoy the best of Greece, as the crowd is less and the temperature is slightly warm at this time.

All the Greece honeymoon holiday packages include sightseeing, travelling to the best places in Greece, and indulging in fun and thrilling activities. There are a lot of activities that couples can enjoy based on their taste and preferences. Couples who prefer adventures can go hiking and trekking in Mount Olympus or go boating in the tranquil lakes of Greece. Some of the Greece honeymoon tour packages allow couples to take part in the famous festivals and events of Greece. Two of the famous events are the Kalamata dance festival and the Athens marathon. Couples can choose from a variety of Greece honeymoon trip packages to get the best of experiences during their honeymoon in Greece. Couples should also explore the Greek cuisine and delicacies in their honeymoon packages to get the true essence of the country and its culture. Greece honeymoon travel packages organise lunch or dinner dates for couples in some of the most popular restaurants and cafes. These special arrangements help rekindle the romance between partners. Couples can customise and personalise their Greece honeymoon vacation packages based on their budget and interests. All the honeymoon packages provide an itinerary about the destinations, tourist spots, and other relevant information for couples to have a hassle-free honeymoon. Greece tourism offers various surprises to couples to enjoy the kaleidoscope of serene natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of this beautiful country.

Honeymoon places to visit in Greece

Greece honeymoon destinations include a plethora of spectacular locations that can be visited by couples to spend quality time with each other.

Places to visit on Greece Honeymoon

Here are some of the most popular and aesthetic tourist destinations in Greece that are worth visiting on a Greece honeymoon.


An iconic Greek island, Santorini is one of the most beautiful places in Greece. It is also one of the most frequently visited honeymoon destinations in Greece. Santorini is an alluring island with breathtaking scenic beauty and landscapes. The place is popular among tourists for its picturesque white houses with blue dome-shaped roofs. Couples can enjoy the captivating view of sunsets from the beaches in Santorini. There are a number of churches where couples pray for their prosperous future. Monasteries and cathedrals on this island serve as attractive tourist spots in Santorini. The vibrant and colourful cities of Santorini have some of the best cafes and restaurants where couples can enjoy a lunch or dinner date. Oia is the most popular place in Santorini to enjoy mesmerising sunsets with a backdrop of blue-domed churches. Some of the other well-known tourist attractions in Santorini are Ancient Thera, Imerovigli, Paralia Vlichada, Santorini caldera and Profitis Ilias.


Honeymoon tours in Greece include a one or two days’ tour in Athens for all couples. Athens is the perfect blend of the cultures and traditions of East and West. The city has some of the most striking modern architecture along with some famous historical monuments. The city has a number of rustic architecture like the Theatre of Dionysus and Ancient Agora which intrigues tourists and travellers. Couples will also find many churches and chapels in this city with beautiful and historic architecture. The city has a number of suburban malls and clubs as well. Couples can also stroll in the famous National Garden in the evening. Some other famous tourist spots in Athens are the New Acropolis Museum, Mount Lycabettus, the ancient temple of Erechtheum, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the National Archeological Museum. There are several luxurious hotels in Athens that offer premium service and comfortable rooms.


Crete is the largest Greek island and is included in all Greece honeymoon packages. This is one of the most happening places in Greece where couples can go sightseeing, tasting the greek delicacies and partying during an exciting nightlife. The stunning landscape of Crete will make every couple fall in love with this place. With lush green mountains, a stunning coastline, and rocky terrain, Crete is an eye-pleasing island of Greece. The place has several archaeological sites and historical monuments that astonish couples. Some of the major historical ruins that couples can explore in Crete are the Knossos, Koules Fortress, Firkas Fortress, Frangokastello, and the Sacred Monastery of Arkadi. Couples can also choose to relax and sunbathe on the tranquil beaches of Crete, like the Vai Beach, Elafonissi Beach, and Balos beach and lagoon. Couples can also go on a wine tasting tour at the Manousakis Winery.


This destination must be part of couples’ Greece honeymoon tour. Mykonos is one of the most charming and romantic places in Greece and is perfect to spend a memorable honeymoon. Tourists from all over the world come to Mykonos to look at the iconic windmills. Mykonos is also known as the island of the winds. Couples can go on a walk in the beautiful lanes of this island and be amazed by the architecture of the houses. The place has a number of clubs and discos where couples can party all night. There is folklore, architecture and a maritime museum which are major tourist attractions. Some of the major tourist destinations that couples should explore in Mykonos are Matoyianni Street, Rarity Gallery, Kalafatis Beach, the splendid Church of Paraportiani, Armenistis Lighthouse, and the golden sandy beach of Megali Ammos.


Meteora should be included by couples in their Greece honeymoon holiday packages. It is one of the most mystical and serene tourist destinations in Greece. The beauty of this place will charm every traveller and couple. Honeymooners can spend quality time amidst the magnificent landscapes of Meteora. It is one of the World Heritage Sites. There are monasteries built at the top of the cliff which enhance the scenic beauty of this place. These Meteora monasteries were built during the Byzantine era and history lovers must explore them. The majestic monasteries include Great Meteoron Monastery, Holy Trinity Monastery, Agios Stefanos, Varlaam Monastery, Roussanou Monastery, and Megalo Meteoro Monastery. Couples can visit them by climbing the narrow, winding steps which is an adventurous trek to the top of the rocks. Couples can seek spiritual enlightenment in these monasteries.

Things to do on Greece Honeymoon Tour

1. Hike the Samaria Gorge

This is the longest gorge in the whole of Europe and couples who are adventure seekers should include trekking and hiking the Samaria Gorge in their Greece honeymoon vacation packages. This is the perfect outdoor activity in which couples can take part to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Greece. Couples have to go for a nine-mile long trek following the trail and reach the summit where the Agia Roumeli village resides. Couples should carry hiking shoes, a backpack to carry essentials like a water bottle, sunscreen, and hat, and a route map of the trail. The trek can be an engaging activity for couples and stimulate easy conversation and comfort between partners.

2. Spelunking in the caves

Another unique and exciting activity that couples should include in their Greece honeymoon tour packages is Spelunking in the extraordinary caves of Greece. The Melissani caves of Greece are famous for tourist spots. Couples who love nature and want to explore the natural splendour of caves should explore these famous water caves of Greece. There will be a boat ride which will take couples to the centre of the caves where the Earth, sea, and Sun seem to meet at the same spot. This magical sight helps rejuvenate minds and souls. Couples can also take a dip in the cold water to rejoice and relax.

3. Cruising in Greece

A must-try activity for couples that are covered by most Greece honeymoon trip packages is a cruise ride through the water of Santorini in Greece. Couples can stay away from the crowd and enjoy quality time with each other by hiring a private cruise or yacht. It is the perfect activity for couples who want to relax and enjoy the serene beauty of the crystal blue waters of Santorini. Couples can have delicious Medditerian cuisine on the cruise and watch the sunset on the horizon. There are a lot of cruises and sailing tours from which couples can choose a suitable cruise ride as per their budget and preferences.

How to reach Greece

There are a number of ways in which honeymooners can reach Greece. Here are some tips on how couples can reach Greece via international flights, trains, and ships.

By Air- The Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport in Athens is the busiest airport in Greece. There are numerous international flights operating to and from Athens. There are both direct and connecting flights to Athens from many different countries around the world. From the airport, tourists can hire a cab or car to reach their intended destination in Greece.

By Sea- Some couples prefer to reach Greece via sea. There are a number of luxurious cruises and ships which travel to Greece from other important countries.

By Rail- Greece is well connected with all the important European cities by the European railways. Tourists can book tickets for the train beforehand and travel to their desired destinations in Greece.

Greece Honeymoon FAQs


Name some of the best islands of Greece for a honeymoon tour?


Greece has some of the most romantic and beautiful islands where couples can spend time on a Greece honeymoon. Some of the best islands of Greece are Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, and Naxos.


What are some of the hotels and resorts in Greece that are best suited for a honeymoon stay?


Some of the resorts and hotels in Greece that are best suited for a honeymoon stay are Kivotos of Mykonos, Mystique Hotel of Santorini, Elounda Beach Hotel and Villas of Crete, and Astir of Athens. Greece Honeymoon tour packages offer a stay at any of these hotels. All these hotels and resorts of Greece provide all the facilities and amenities to couples to have a memorable and relaxing honeymoon.


Are transport facilities easily available at different honeymoon destinations in Greece?


Yes, transport facilities are easily available at different honeymoon destinations in Greece. Buses and cabs are available at every Greece honeymoon destination that can be availed to travel across the cities of Greece.


What is the average cost of honeymoon tours in Greece for couples?


Honeymoon vacations in Greece come in various packages and price ranges. There are both budget-friendly and luxurious travel packages. The average cost of honeymoon tours in Greece is around Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. Couples can also have economical short trips to Greece by choosing a budget-friendly honeymoon package.


Are credit cards accepted in Greece hotels and restaurants?


Yes, almost every hotel and restaurant in Greece accepts payment via credit cards. Some small local shops or cafes, however, might not accept credit cards.