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Indonesia Honeymoon Tours

Indonesia is considered to be the largest archipelago country in the world comprising around 17,000 islands. An Indonesia honeymoon has been a popular tour for couples for a very long time. With the dense forests, vibrant wildlife, active volcanoes, beaches, and pristine water bodies, Indonesia is a famous tourist destination. The wonderful islands and their natural beauty make Indonesia honeymoon destinations some of the best places for couples to enjoy and make memories. The diverse culture, heritage, and wide range of natural beauty make Indonesia one of the most exotic places on Earth. Honeymoon destinations in Indonesia allow couples to explore the sheer beauty of the islands along with their crystal clear seas, gorgeous mountains, and other splendid landscapes. The islands of Indonesia are paradisiacal lands for honeymooners. Honeymoon tours in Indonesia allow couples to delve into the spectacular tourist destinations and spend some quality time with each other. People from all around the world come to Indonesia to enjoy the blissful natural wonders of this place every year. An Indonesia honeymoon tour is a memorable experience for all couples seeking relief from the daily cacophony of busy city life.

The romantic setting of the Indonesian islands convinces couples from all over the world to book their Indonesia honeymoon packages. A lot of couples visit Indonesia for their second honeymoon as well. Almost all the tourist islands are included in the Indonesia honeymoon holiday packages for couples. Some of the popular islands are Lombok, Flores, Komodo Island, Gili Islands, and Bali. Couples can book Indonesia honeymoon travel packages from March to June or from September to December, as these are the best months for a honeymoon tour in Indonesia. There are a lot of honeymoon packages that couples can choose from. All the Indonesia honeymoon vacation packages are tailor-made for couples to have a relaxing and comfortable honeymoon amidst the timeless beauty of the islands. Along with visiting the famous and romantic tourist spots, couples can also indulge in fun and exciting activities during their stay in Indonesia. Indonesia honeymoon tour packages offer some interesting activities like hiking, scuba diving, quad biking, and a relaxing spa treatment. Couples can also have a romantic dining experience in the popular fine dining restaurants of Indonesia. Indonesia honeymoon trip packages offer services like hotel booking, food, and travel for all couples. The packages can be customised to add some exclusive benefits or activities during a honeymoon tour. Special discounts are also offered in some honeymoon packages. It is recommended to choose a suitable package and explore the splendours that Indonesia tourism has to offer.

Honeymoon places to visit in Indonesia

An Indonesia honeymoon is about visiting a myriad of tourist destinations that remain etched in the memory of couples forever.

Places to visit on Indonesia Honeymoon

Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia that are worth visiting during a honeymoon tour.


One of the most globally famous Indonesia honeymoon destinations is Bali. Bali is considered to be one of the best islands in Indonesia because of its breathtaking natural beauty, temples, and rich heritage. A postcard destination, Bali is a romantic island with breathtaking beaches and lush green rice terraces. Couples can find extensive varieties of colourful coral reefs and waterfalls. Tourists from all over the world visit Bali for its ethereal beauty and lively nightlife. Couples can party till late nights in Bali along with enjoying the scenic beauty of the beaches illuminated with lights. Bali is famously known as the “Island of Gods” for its heavenly landscapes. The Uluwatu Temple, Ubud Monkey forest, Tegellalamg rice terraces, and Sekumpul waterfalls are some of the most frequently visited tourist spots in Bali. This island also has some of the best resorts and hotels in Indonesia.


If couples want to get away from the crowd and enjoy the calm and tranquil nature of Indonesia then they should include Lombok in the Indonesia honeymoon tour. Lombok has stunning, unspoiled beaches and rich and diverse marine life. Couples can explore a lot of places on Lombok island. Temples like the Pura Batu Bolong and Pura Meru and Mount Rinjani are famous tourist destinations. The underwater world of Lombok is something all couples should explore. Couples should try snorkelling and scuba diving to enjoy the rich and beautiful marine wildlife which Lombok is known for. The white sand beaches and serene waters of Lombok are the perfect getaways for a romantic honeymoon for couples.


Honeymoon tours in Indonesia are incomplete without staying on the famous Komodo Island. The Komodo National Park is situated on this island and it has some of the most endangered species along with the famous komodo dragon. This island is not crowded by many tourists and is known as the hidden paradise of Indonesia. It is the perfect location for couples seeking some private time away from the crowd. The pink beach of Komodo is a spectacular beach where the colour of the sand is pinkish and reddish. The other stunning beaches where couples can have a relaxing honeymoon are Merah Beach and Batu Bolong. The island is also the hotspot of many thrilling activities like kayaking, diving, and trekking to the Golo Hilltop.


If couples want to explore the culture, heritage, and art of Indonesia, they should add Yogyakarta to their Indonesia honeymoon packages. Yogyakarta is the cultural, traditional, and intellectual hub of Indonesia. It has the Borobudur Temple which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is visited by a lot of tourists every year. Yogyakarta is filled with Hindu temples, museums, and beautiful beaches where couples can relax and enjoy the sunset. There are several tourist attractions on the island like Timang Beach, Merapi Volcano, and Mangunan Fruit Garden. Couples can also have photography sessions on this island as the place is filled with mesmerising houses, temples, and beaches which are perfect for landscape photography.

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida should be added to the Indonesia honeymoon vacation packages by couples who prefer a calm and quiet honeymoon. Nusa Penida is one of the most exotic islands among the other Nusa Islands. The gorgeous coastline, the spectacular cliff, and the crystal blue water will leave the couples awestruck by its unparalleled beauty. Nusa Penida is an enchanting and photogenic island. Couples can try water activities like surfing, scuba diving, and snorkelling at this destination. Kelingking beach is the most-visited beach in Nusa Penida as it has a striking natural beauty. Couples can either stay in the beautiful treehouses on this island or go on a one-day trip from Bali.

Things to do in Indonesia Honeymoon Tour

1. Surfing

Couples who enjoy water sport activities should try surfing in Indonesia. Many Indonesia honeymoon travel packages include surfing for couples. It is a one-of-a-kind experience for couples on their honeymoon. The rolling waves and the splashes of cold water offer a great experience while surfing. Couples who are not expert surfers can try out the lagoon waters as the waves are gentler in these areas. Bali beaches are often crowded with surfers from all over the world. The best time to try out surfing in Indonesia is during the dry season from April to October.

2. Hiking

Another adventurous activity that couples can include in their Indonesia honeymoon tour packages is hiking and trekking to the famous mountains of Indonesia. Couples can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Indonesia and watch the sunset beyond the hills after hiking to the top of the mountains. Couples can choose from a variety of hiking destinations. Mount Kelimutu hike is a famous hiking activity as this volcanic mountain. It is famous for its splendid tricolour lake located on top. Another famous hiking spot is Mount Rinjani which is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia. After reaching the summit, couples can enjoy the spectacular view of Lombok Island and its fascinating natural beauty. Some of the other famous hiking spots are Mount Bromo, Mount Batur, and Mount Ijen.

3. Rappelling in caves

All adventure-seeking couples should add caving to their Indonesia honeymoon trip packages. Indonesia is filled with amazing caves that have been formed naturally and are explored by all the adventure lovers. Indonesia has some of the most beautiful caves in the world. Couples can go down these caves and explore their true beauty by rappelling. All the safety precautions are taken before rappelling down the dark deep caves. Some of the most famous caves which couples can explore and get fascinated by are the Jomblang cave, Cartenz, Gong cave, and Maharani cave. Entering these ancient caves gives a thrilling and exciting experience to all couples.

How to reach Indonesia

There are a lot of ways in which couples can travel to Indonesia. It is accessible from several countries across the world via international flights and ships. Here are some guidelines on how couples can reach Indonesia for their honeymoon tour.

By Air- Ngurah Rai International Airport and Denpasar International Airport are the most important airports in Indonesia. They receive regular flights from all the major countries of the world. There are several major international airlines that offer direct flights to Indonesia.

By Sea- Another mode of transport by which tourists can reach Indonesia is a ship. It takes a long time to reach Indonesia by sea routes but gives a unique experience to couples. There are a lot of major cruise lines which travel to and from Indonesia. Tourists can explore all the islands of Indonesia by cruise or small boats and ferries.

Indonesia Honeymoon FAQs


What are the best hotels for a honeymoon stay in Indonesia?


There is a wide variety of luxury and budget hotels in Indonesia. Some of the best hotels in Indonesia that can be booked on an Indonesia honeymoon are: Yan’s House Hotel, Grandmas Plus Hotel Airport, Ibis Jakarta Tamarin, Sulis Beach Hotel and Spa, De’Tonga Hotel


Can I try some adventure water sports with my spouse in Indonesia?


Yes, you can try a number of adventure water sports with your spouse in Indonesia. The place offers adventure sports like surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, and swimming in the lagoons. Couples can explore the marine flora and fauna by scuba diving deep into the sea.


What is the average cost of honeymoon tours in Indonesia?


The average cost of honeymoon tours in Indonesia depends on determining factors like the hotels booked, destinations selected, and duration of stay. It can cost approximately around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000. The cost is also impacted by the number of destinations and islands included in the Indonesia honeymoon tour packages.


How can couples travel to all the tourist locations in Indonesia?


Couples can take public buses, cabs, and trains to reach each Indonesia honeymoon destination. There are various types of buses available throughout the major towns in Indonesia. While travelling to major islands like Bali, Gili Islands, and Komodo, couples can avail luxurious cruises or boats. There are also small water ferries and water taxis which are great for transportation from one small island to another.


How many days are appropriate for a honeymoon tour in Indonesia?


The number of days that is sufficient for honeymoon tours in Indonesia depends on the places a couple wants to visit in Indonesia and the activities they plan to do. A tour of five days will be appropriate to visit the important tourist locations in Indonesia. However, one can opt for a short trip of three to four days as well. Travel agencies help couples decide the appropriate duration based on their selected destinations and activities.