Italy Honeymoon Destination

Italy Honeymoon Tours

Italy is a European country with cool weather surrounding the cities at all times of the year. Italy honeymoon is a dreamy journey because of the already existing romance in the air and the cityscape. Italy receives a large number of enthusiastic couples and tourists at all times of the year. Honeymoon tours in Italy are a coveted journey for spending time with the loved one. Ancient ruins of the Roman Empire, Gothic architecture, beautiful coasts, high cliffs, and the rustic old town makes Italy a picturesque cultural location to travel. The Italy honeymoon destinations are spectacular, each having its own speciality and significance. The ethnicity that the land offers to couples is sure to ignite their interest in art and history.

Italy is known for having some of the most enchanting and fancy galleries, museums, and the base of Christian pilgrimage sites. Italy is dotted with high-end and budget hotels, fancy and homespun restaurants, viewpoints to see the splendid sight of the cities, and several other unique sights that serve as honeymoon destinations in Italy. Italy is the homeland of Pizza, which is one of the most-loved food items throughout the world. There are other varieties of authentic Italian meals that couples can try there. Couples can indulge themselves in some interesting activities. Trekking to the top of high cliffs, taking a boat ride, walking up and down the picturesque lanes, and marvelling at the colourful buildings are some of the fun activities to do on an Italy honeymoon tour. The best time to visit this country would be from April to June and the middle of September to October. This season offers pleasant weather to couples and tourists providing a hearty experience. July to September is another packed time to visit Italy to witness some famous cultural festivals.

The travel itinerary of this country includes all types of destinations that will set the mood for love. Italy honeymoon packages ensure to cover all these distinct locations in Italy. There is an aesthetic blend of nature as well as old architecture that intrigues couples visiting the place for the first time. Couples can book one of the Italy honeymoon vacation packages to have a honeymoon trip in the lands of romance. Whether wanting to have a relaxing honeymoon tour, or to indulge in adventurous activity, couples can book a tour package to Italy to experience it all. The Italy honeymoon trip packages arrange for every type of location. From ancient ruins to sparkling beaches, there is something to please every couple. Italy honeymoon holiday packages arrange the most suitable package for a couple as per their needs. Alterations can be made to the packages according to the requirements of couples. Italy honeymoon tour packages come with different types of offers and discounts to suit the budget of each couple. It is best to surf through the packages offered and choose the most suitable one. Couples can book one of the Italy honeymoon travel packages that are scheduled at a preferred time and pack their bags for a mesmerizing trip.

Honeymoon places to visit in Italy

Honeymoon places to visit in Italy

The city of Italy consists of some of the most popular world heritage sites. A visit to the various sites in Italy is bound to mesmerize couples through their exquisite beauty.

Places to visit on Italy Honeymoon

Italy has an assortment of captivating locations to visit. Below is a list of some of the best destinations to visit during honeymoon tours in Italy.


Rome is the capital city and a must-visit location among honeymoon destinations in Italy. The Colosseum, Spanish Steps, and the Castel Sant’Angelo are some of the splendid locations to visit there. There is a town named Trastevere that is considered to be a perfect couples retreat. This area is brimming with colourful buildings, small size old towns, and marketplaces that are known as piazzas. The charming cityscape is a treat to the eye.


The floating city of Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic Italy honeymoon destinations. Couples can indulge in mesmerizing boat rides through the lanes and under the bridges while viewing the colourful buildings and the cityscape. With its piazzas, watercourses, ancient palaces, and elegant surroundings, Venice is the best place to spend time on a romantic journey. Although this place is bustling with tourists, there are some secluded passages. Couples can hire a houseboat or any private boat ride for getting a view of the landscape and spend quality time with each other.


Unlike crowded cities like Venice and Rome, Umbria is a scarcely populated and beautiful spot in Italy. This place is perfect for a relaxed and idyllic trip. Tourists do not flock around this area in large numbers, making it ideal for couples to spend some cosy time together. In Umbria, couples can rent a car and tour every corner of the city, including the small and homely villages, like Gubbio. Renting a car in this area can be easily done via the Italy honeymoon trip packages.

Vatican City

Vatican City houses some of the most popular Papal pilgrimage sites. An Italy honeymoon is incomplete without visiting this place. Vatican City is actually a state of its own within the country. Couples can go on a holy tour of religious establishments like the Piazza San Pietro and St. Peter’s Basilica. The Vatican Palace, as well as the Sistine Chapel, are other places that couples can visit to learn about the ancient culture and architecture and make their romantic trip enriching.


Sicily is a charming island and is the biggest island bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Couples should consider visiting Sicily for the picturesque scenario consisting of some old archaeological sites and refreshing beaches. Couples can spend the entire day strolling on the beaches and admiring the astonishing architecture of ancient sites. This is another coveted destination for couples on an Italy honeymoon tour.

Things to do in Italy Honeymoon Tour

1. Climbing up to Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is a famous volcanic peak in the world that is a favourite tourist spot. Vesuvius is open for climbing and trekking to the craters that look similar to the surface material of the moon. Climbing to the top of this peak is an exhilarating activity and promises breathtaking views of the city. Trekking and hiking activities are also available there. Couples can include this activity on their Italy honeymoon travel packages and enjoy the thrill.

2. Art viewing at Uffizi Gallery

Italy is a land of art and artists. Couples can hang out at some famous museums and art galleries to explore the rich artistic specimens of Italian artists. The Palazzo Degli Uffizi is a famous art gallery situated in Florence and is a favourite Italy tourism destination to visit for couples who are art lovers. This museum consists of the artworks of Italian maestros like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Caravaggio which are all displayed in what is considered to be one of the prettiest buildings in Italy. The palazzo is placed upon a panoramic location and overlooks the Arno River.

3. Fishing at Cinque Terre

Fishing is an interesting and engaging activity that couples can indulge in during their Italy tour. Couples can go fishing at Cinque Terre, which is a national park situated in Liguria. A name that translates to the ‘Five Lands’, there are five distinct villages situated at the top of rugged cliffs. Cinque Terre is a sprawling area that comprises several olive groves, eateries established long ago, and the view of the turquoise sea from the coast. Couples can enjoy fishing from any of these five villages. The mirthful experience of catching fish from the water with the help of a fishing rod and bait can be cherished by couples forever.

4. Explore the ruins of the Colosseum

This ancient ruin located in Rome is included in most Italy honeymoon holiday packages. The Colosseum is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. This ruin is basically the remnants of a spectacular ancient amphitheatre. It is a prime historical relic that had the capacity to host around 50,000 spectators. Gladiator matches used to be showcased there. Couples can sit in the stands and reimagine the historical matches that people only read about in textbooks. Exploring the ruins and remnants of the Colosseum can be an intriguing experience for couples.

5. Walk up to the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Couples can take a stroll by the historic tower of Pisa. A visit to this architectural spectacle can be booked via the Italy honeymoon vacation packages. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is considered a marvel. The story that the tower began to sink into the marsh after being constructed arouses the curiosity of many couples to visit this place. The tower has a crooked sight and is an analysis material for architects. There is a viewpoint at the top of the tower where couples can witness the entire city of Pisa.

6. Boat ride to Blue Grotto

A boat ride to this magnificent location can be booked via the Italy honeymoon tour packages. Blue Grotto is a beautiful sightseeing destination in Capri, also known as the Grotta Azzurra signifying the azure water. This place has been created due to a cavern and the water in the spot glows in a neon blue hue when the sunlight falls upon the corners of the rocks situated there. This cavern rises as high as 14 meters and stretches up to 60 meters. Couples can enjoy this charming show of light while rowing a boat inside the grotto.

How to reach Italy

Italy is well-connected with many other countries across the world. Here is a guideline on how to travel to Italy via flights, trains, and cars.

By Air - There are airports present in Italian cities like Florence, Milan, Rome, and Sicily. Flights to Rome are available at regular intervals from many major countries. Flights also run between different cities in Italy.

By Road - Italy has a common border with countries like France, Austria, and Switzerland. Couples can hire a private car or avail buses that run to and from these bordering countries.

Train - Italy is well linked up to other European cities by train. Couples can book a railway ticket via the Italo Rail or the Eu Rail which helps in reaching Italy conveniently. Tickets for the train journey can be purchased from any of the two aforementioned rail websites.

Italy Honeymoon FAQs


What is the appropriate number of days to stay on a trip to Italy for a honeymoon?


The appropriate number of days to spend on a honeymoon trip to Italy should be 10 days. A week is also sufficient to cover the key locations in Italy. However, 10 days will provide enough time to tour all the tourist destinations in Italy and enjoy them to the fullest. You can take advice from travel agents offering Italy honeymoon tour packages on the ideal time span for a fulfilling honeymoon tour.


What are the best hotels in Italy?


Some of the best hotels in Italy are Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello, Castello di Casole in Tuscany, Grotta Palazzese Hotel in Puglia, Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina, Hotel Hassler in Rome, and Grand Hotel Minerva in Florence. They are well-known for providing premium service and comfortable rooms.


What is a less crowded time to visit Italy on a honeymoon trip?


Italy, being one of the popular tourist destinations, remains crowded most times of the year. The least crowded time to go on an Italy honeymoon is between November and March.


Are there any ports in Italy?


Yes, there are a number of ports in Italy. Venezia, for example, is an Italian port that also serves as an Italy honeymoon destination. There are some significant ports in Venice and Rome. They are popular for cruising. Other famous ports in Italy include Gioia Tauro, Ravenna, Bari, and Cagliari.


What are the best souvenirs to buy in Italy?


Shopping is a favourite activity for tourists during honeymoon tours in Italy and the Italian marketplaces offer some delightful souvenirs for couples to splurge on. The best souvenirs and collectibles to buy are ceramics and pottery, Murano glass, original art pieces from small local shops, olive oils, and Italian cookbooks.