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Kuala Lumpur Honeymoon Tours

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and is the sixth most visited city worldwide. The cultural, economic, and financial hub of Malaysia provides a varied range of touring spots to couples on a Kuala Lumpur honeymoon. The place also hosts major events of sports, politics, and cultural genres. The city is famous throughout the world for its tourism and shopping spots. The extensive malls, tallest twin tower buildings in the world, and an outspread of enthralling amusement parks create the perks of this city. Honeymoon tours in Kuala Lumpur are ideal for spending time amid entertainment centres, high-end resorts, and nightclubs. The Kuala Lumpur honeymoon destinations are mostly considered as a resort for splurging on extravagant activities like shopping and fine dining. Moreover, there are some nature-bound places for couples to visit as well. Communities of people coming from various ethical backgrounds enhance the diversity of this city.

Kuala Lumpur tourism is famous for having some incredible modern towers, spectacular skyscrapers, and shopping malls that are some of the largest throughout the world. For couples with an interest in nature, there are several bird parks, meadowy gardens, butterfly parks, zoos, marine wildlife exhibits, and much more. These are the splendid attractions of this city, along with several other natural sites that are found in the honeymoon destinations in Kuala Lumpur. There are some magnificent caves, temples, mosques, and several religious structures that are worth a visit. Couples can indulge themselves in several fun activities like sightseeing, and food tours on a Kuala Lumpur honeymoon tour. The best time to visit Kuala Lumpur is from the month of May to July and again from the month of December to February by booking one of the Kuala Lumpur honeymoon holiday packages. The clear and sunny weather adds a vibrance to the city and the winters appear with a misty charm for partners to have a refreshing experience.

Kuala Lumpur is one of the world’s most-visited destinations that is swarming with couples and tourists at all times of the year. Kuala Lumpur honeymoon packages come with all the prerequisites for ensuring a safe and incredible trip. There are some ideal areas for couples wanting to indulge in enthralling activities. Couples can book one of the Kuala Lumpur Honeymoon vacation packages to enjoy those fun activities. For couples who wish to spend their time together enjoying the gorgeous sights of the city, they can book a package that arranges for the perfect trip. The Kuala Lumpur honeymoon trip packages offer the best trip customised for couples. There are options to spend a full day at any of the splendid amusement parks or enriching oneself by witnessing ancient collections at a museum. Packages can be altered to fit the requirements of couples. Kuala Lumpur honeymoon tour packages come with seasonal discounts to help couples book an economical yet fulfilling trip. The packages offer accommodation, food, and travel services to couples. It is suggested for couples to book one of the Kuala Lumpur honeymoon travel packages to ensure a hassle-free and memorable trip together.

Honeymoon places to visit in Kuala Lumpur

From a multitude of exotic locations filled with the beauty of nature to the high-rising skyscrapers, couples can witness the diversity within most of the sites spread throughout this dazzling city.

Places to visit in Kuala Lumpur Honeymoon

Kuala Lumpur has several attractive locations to visit. Given below is a list of some destinations that must not be missed on a Kuala Lumpur honeymoon.

National Museum

Ranking at the top of the list of honeymoon destinations in Kuala Lumpur, this place is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kuala Lumpur. The National Museum is an architectural marvel that comprises traditional as well as contemporary designs throughout the building. This museum is basically an exhibition of Malaysian history, culture, construction, rituals, and hunting displays. There are displays of ethnic instruments, tools, and costumes. This place is worth a visit for couples.

Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Couples can add this enchanting location to their list of Kuala Lumpur honeymoon destinations. It is a famous ancient Hindu temple in the city. This temple has a structure that is astounding, especially because of the string of religious idols of various colours built on the roof of the entrance. The temple resembles the Dravidian architecture that is ethnic to the South Indian culture. It is a place frequently visited and worshipped by Tamilian people residing in Kuala Lumpur. Couples can visit the revered shrine and pray for their prosperous future together.

Petronas Towers

This visit to this spectacular location can be arranged through the Kuala Lumpur honeymoon trip packages. These are the iconic twin towers that exceed in their height and have broken world records. This building is created in a futuristic, post-modern structure and consists of some gorgeous Islamic designs indoors. There is a skywalk that connects the two majestic towers. Taking a walk through this bridge and admiring the view of the entire city is a thrilling experience for couples.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is a great destination to visit during honeymoon tours in Kuala Lumpur. This place is popular because of its widespread 20 acres of land that preserves approximately 3000 species of birds. There are also some imported species of birds present inside this park. Couples can enjoy a hearty wildlife safari there while gaining knowledge on the ancestral, as well as, other species of birds.

Batu Caves

This location can add a new flavour to the Kuala Lumpur honeymoon tour. It is the ideal place for adventure and nature lovers. These caves consist of limestone and there are temples and meadowy trails to visit there. This cave houses a popular Hindu shrine of Lord Murugan and this limestone cave is said to be around 400 million years old. There are 272 steps that people have to ascend to reach the ornamented caves and marvel at their beauty. There are even more temples at the foot of the caves which exhibit the statues and paintings of Hindu culture. Rock climbing activities are also hosted in this area.

Things to do in Kuala Lumpur Honeymoon Tour

1. Amusement at the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

This theme park is located in the suburb of Kuala Lumpur which is in Petaling Jaya. There are dry and water parks in this amusement park. Couples can arrive at this fun-filled destination by booking the Kuala Lumpur honeymoon travel packages. There are adventurous rides for couples that give a thrilling and mirthful experience. There are regular rides, interactive games, surfing pools, and a zoo as well. There are restaurants and shopping areas within the park for couples who are interested in buying some souvenirs.

2. Indulging in marine wildlife at Aquaria KLCC

This aquarium is also known as an oceanarium because of the species of 5000 aquatic creatures to marvel at. Many Kuala Lumpur honeymoon vacation packages include this oceanarium which is located inside the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. The span of this oceanarium stretches over 60,000 square feet and a 300-foot tunnel that allows the tourists to go to the depths of the exhibit.

3. Viewing the city through the Menara KL

The Menara KL is a tower in Kuala Lumpur that stands 335 m tall and is a banquet made for hosting special events. There is an observation point inside this tower that allows the visitors to get a breathtaking view of the city. Couples and tourists can ascend to the top of this tower around dusk and watch the city lights sparkling throughout the city. This activity can be booked via Kuala Lumpur honeymoon holiday packages.

4. Enjoying butterflies at the Butterfly Park

This location is the epitome of tranquillity filled with lush meadowy paths and several species of butterflies swarming throughout the forest area. There are 120 species of butterflies and some ethnic flora and fauna present inside this park. There are guides present inside who explain the significance and uniqueness of each species and provide a complete tour of this beautiful location. The sight of beautiful butterflies and flowers is sure to rekindle the love between partners.

5. Buying Chinese items from Chinatown

This activity is a must for couples in Kuala Lumpur. The China Town is a popular landmark to visit in Kuala Lumpur and consists of a plethora of authentic Chinese items. This area covers places starting from street food hubs to shopping areas to temples. This place is ideal for buying some souvenirs as well along with clothing, accessories, jewellery, and other such items. Most couples come to enjoy some Chinese cuisine at this place.

How to reach Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur can be reached conveniently via flights, trains, and cars. Here is a guideline on how to reach Kuala Lumpur.

By Air - Flights to Kuala Lumpur are the most convenient ways to reach the destination. This city has three functional airports, namely Senai International Airport, Kota Kinabalu International Airport, and Kuala Lumpur International Airport. For couples travelling from neighbouring destinations like Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, the flight fare is quite cost-effective. Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the busiest airport in the city and flights from various countries in the world arrive at this airport.

By Railway - The Malaysian Railway line in this city is known as the Keretapi Tanah Melayu or the KTM Railway. This railway line offers train rides from cities like Singapore and Thailand. These are available at frequent intervals and the tickets can be easily booked online.

By Road - A road trip to Kuala Lumpur can be availed from destinations like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Buses are the most economical option, but road rides via car are also possible, provided that the driver has appropriate IDs and an International Drivers’ Permit to drive via the checkpoints placed on the Highways. The roads are easy to navigate through and allow the drivers to ride comfortably.

Kuala Lumpur Honeymoon FAQs


What are the best packages for a trip to Kuala Lumpur on a honeymoon?


Several travel agents offer honeymoon packages at varying rates. The best Kuala Lumpur honeymoon tour packages are given below: Kuala Lumpur & Langkawi -Honeymoon Special for 5 Nights and 6 Days costing Rs.59050. Kuala Lumpur & Phuket Honeymoon Special for 6 Nights and 7 Days costing Rs.53427.


What is the appropriate number of days to stay on a trip to Kuala Lumpur for a honeymoon?


Booking hotels on a trip to Kuala Lumpur is a frequent affair because of the immense number of tourists coming to this city all year round. Considering the number of days required to travel and stay, 6 days is appropriate for a couple’s honeymoon trip to Kuala Lumpur. For a shorter duration, 4 days is also suitable for spending honeymoon tours in Kuala Lumpur.


What are the best spas in Kuala Lumpur?


Some rejuvenating spas are available in Kuala Lumpur. The best spa on a Kuala Lumpur honeymoon destination is Swasana Spa that provides a steam bath and Jacuzzi along with the regular spas. Other than that, Baliayu Spa Sanctuary is also a great spa for a Balinese spa experience. Hammam Spa is a good option as it uses unique items like jasmine and Atlantic sea salt.


What are the best hotels in Kuala Lumpur for a honeymoon trip?


Hotels in Kuala Lumpur that provide a fancy retreat for couples on their honeymoon trip are the Villa Samadhi, EQ Kuala Lumpur, Four Seasons Hotel, Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon, St. Regis, and The Mandarin Oriental. Couples will receive high-quality service and accommodation at all these hotels.


What is the best street food market in Kuala Lumpur?


The best market for trying street foods on a Kuala Lumpur honeymoon is the Hutong Market located inside the Lot 10 Mall. It is one of the most popular street food markets in the city. It comprises items like Fried Noodles, Oyster Omelettes, Roasted Meat, and dumplings. These are authentic dishes of Kuala Lumpur and are delicious items for couples to munch upon.

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