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London Honeymoon Tours

In the capital city of England, a London honeymoon is probably the most desirable journey for couples and tourists because of the rich culture and booming city lights. London is brimming with enthusiastic couples and tourists at all times of the year. Honeymoon tours in London are ideal for spending time with one’s partner amid the liveliness and splendour of city life. This destination is full of royal establishments, heritage sites, and cultural locations that depict the origin of British Royalty. The London honeymoon destinations are of varied types, catering to the fantasies of each couple. The cultural background that the land harbours is sure to make couples want to seek more knowledge on the history of the city. London tourism is famous for having some ancient museums, parks adept with lush greenery, cruising, and marvellous galleries. Moreover, there are fancy hotels, restaurants, sunset viewpoints, and wildlife parks. These are the splendid attractions of this city, along with several other picturesque sites that make up the honeymoon destinations in London.

London is home to the Kingdom of Britain. There is the famous ‘English Breakfast’ and a plethora of scrumptious meals that are unique to the place. The British people are friendly and welcoming. Couples can seek some in-depth knowledge about the city by having conversations with these natives. Furthermore, couples can indulge themselves in some interesting activities. Kayaking, boat riding, biking, ice skating, and bowling are some of the fun activities couples can do on a London honeymoon tour. The late spring to the summer is a suitable time to visit London to make sure there is no intimidating crowd. The period between March and May provides a mild and pleasant temperature when the parks bloom with flowers and greenery. It is a great time to explore the tourist locations and try outdoor activities in London.

A trip to London consists of all types of destinations and fun activities that will set the thrill for the journey. London honeymoon packages are full of couples’ slots booked every year because it is a highly coveted place. There are beautiful surroundings for couples seeking tranquillity or activity. To visit this place for the most romantic experience, couples can book one of the London honeymoon vacation packages. For couples who wish to spend their time together enjoying the splendid view of the city, they can book a package that arranges for the perfect trip. The London honeymoon trip packages also arrange for some splendid open-air restaurants for a romantic dining experience. From intricate architecture to magnificent landmarks, there is something to allure every couple in London. London honeymoon holiday packages arrange the most suitable package for a couple according to their needs. Packages can be tailor-made to fit the requirements of couples. London honeymoon tour packages are often offered at discounted prices that help couples in having a budget-friendly trip. Couples must check the locations listed in the packages beforehand to ensure a tour of the important landmarks in the city. It is recommended to compare the London honeymoon travel packages and select a suitable one for a trip to the charming British metropolis.

Honeymoon places to visit in London

The city of the Queen, London is adorned with a rich culture dating back centuries that adds charm to this coveted honeymoon destination. There are a plethora of entertainment areas to visit for an exciting trip.

Places to visit on London Honeymoon

London has a melange of charming locations to visit. Given below is a list of some of the tourist destinations in London that must be visited while on a London honeymoon.

Kew Gardens

This picturesque and fascinating destination is often missed out on by couples in order to explore the bigger landmarks. This is a romantic picnic haven among the honeymoon destinations in London. Couples can stroll through this botanical location through some hothouses. They can also walk amid the canopies of the Gardens’ beach along with chestnut trees on the Treetop Walk. Couples can have some mouth-watering meals at the Syon Vista located in this picnic spot. This is a quaint and private spot to visit for couples to avoid crowds.

Primrose Hill

Established in 1842, this is one of the most beautiful places to visit among London honeymoon destinations. Because of the spectacular views of the city from this natural peak between dense greenery and immaculate trees and shrubs, this is another favourite picnic spot for couples on a lazy day out. The mornings spent there are surrounded by the vibrance of the city and when visited at night, the view of the skyline and the city lights is spectacular that makes couples want to stay there forever.

Hampton Court

This royal establishment was considered a palace for generations. London honeymoon trip packages can arrange for the simple and best package for couples to drop by this place. Couples may feel a whiff of royalty while walking through the lush meadows of Hampton Court. They can wander inside the hallways and marvel at its large artistic structure, have fun in the Palace Maze, and also spend a sleepover residing in the King’s state apartments.

Buckingham Palace

This is the former residence of the Queen of England and is a historically enriched place to visit during honeymoon tours in London. Buckingham Palace is one of the world’s few functional royal establishments, and the best time to visit the place is during the summer season. Couples can explore the extravagantly furnished staterooms, and royal artworks by Rembrandt, Rubens, Canaletto, and Claude. Couples can also witness the Sèvres porcelain, and the finest English as well as French furnishings that captivates all visitors.

National Gallery

The National Gallery is one of the most famous art galleries to visit on a London honeymoon tour. Couples can appreciate the beautiful artworks inside while understanding the perspective of the artisan. The masterpieces that are exhibited there are exquisite and are bound to be a delightful experience for couples who are art and history buffs. There are gems of British art inside the National Gallery that enchants couples. This gallery is located in Trafalgar Square and is the ideal spot for a romantic date. There is also a cafe nearby for couples to hang out and gossip over light bites.

Things to do on London Honeymoon Tour

1. Flying on a Helicopter at Battersea

For couples with a knack for heights and thrill, a helicopter ride soaring high above London’s skyline is the ideal activity. They can witness some of the most famous landmarks of the Capital city at once. Couples will undoubtedly enjoy this fun activity in Battersea, located in the Central part of London. Couples can book their ride with the London Helicopter Centre or through the London honeymoon travel packages.

2. Horse Riding at Hyde Park

Hyde Park offers couples the thrill of horseback riding from their Stables, and this activity occurs all year round. This is an enthralling activity for couples to indulge in. It is also one of the charming and lovable things to do in London for couples. Boating activities are also available inside this park. Hyde Park provides an overall romantic surrounding to couples on their honeymoon trip and lets them enjoy the charm of the English culture of the city.

3. Viewing the city through the London Eye

The true glamour of London city comes by seeing it through one’s own eyes. The London Eye is a stagnant Ferris wheel that allows tourists and couples to get a glimpse of the famous landmarks of the city. Reaching the heights and savouring the vivid scenario from the top of the London Eye is truly a wonderful experience. Getting a bird’s eye view of the stunning city is a beautiful experience for lovebirds on their honeymoon.

4. River cruising at Victoria Embankment

The Victoria Embankment hosts this marvellous cruising activity that can be booked via London honeymoon holiday packages. Couples can spend their evening there, starting with charming greetings and a glass of champagne which is complimentary. The three-hour cruise provides a scrumptious dining experience, live jazz music, and picture-perfect sights of the skyscrapers that are situated in Canary Wharf.

5. Understanding literature inside Keats House

For couples who cherish poetry from the core of their heart, Keats House is just the place. The famed poet of romance, John Keats, used to reside there. This place has been transformed into a museum as well as a literary centre dedicated to Keats and the countless poetry connoisseurs in the world. Many London honeymoon vacation packages cover this unique destination. Couples can have a delightful time exploring the entire life and works of Keats through his bonafide manuscripts and artefacts. They can also read his poetry, watch a documentary about his dwellings in Hampstead. They can even try their hands on and dedicate poetry to their significant others.

6. Watching a play at the Globe theatre

Among the several amazing things to do in London for couples, watching a play together at the famous Globe Theatre is another desirable activity. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is a rebuilt establishment inspired by the open-air playhouse designed in 1599. Many acts from the famous play writer are performed in this legendary location. An exhibition tour is available there as well. London honeymoon tour packages often include a tour at this theatre, allowing couples to enjoy the engaging plays performed in the theatre.

How to reach London

London can be reached from all major countries across the world. Here are some tips on how to travel to London via flights, trains, and cars.

By Air - Flights to London are available from many destinations throughout the world. There are 5 airports in London among which the 3 most functional airports are Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted. Several international flights operate in and out of Heathrow Airport.

By Road - The United Kingdom has a well-connected road network that links London to other cities inside the country. There are bus services that travel to many domestic as well as international destinations and operate from London in the Victoria Coach Station and other such stations.

By Train - London is well linked up to other European cities by train. Rail services are available to reach London from other cities in Europe like Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Berlin. Eurostar is a high-speed railway service that connects London to Paris and Brussels and it operates from St. Pancras International Station.

London Honeymoon FAQs


What is the appropriate number of days to stay on a trip to London for a honeymoon?


The appropriate duration to visit and stay in London including the stays and travel time should be considered before making the trip. It can be best advised by travel counsellors. Couples may consult them when booking one of the London honeymoon tour packages. Ideally, the duration required to visit all the landmarks and complete a fulfilling trip to London takes around 3-4 days.


What are the famous food items of London I can try on my honeymoon trip?


English Breakfast, Fish & Chips, Pies, Sunday Roast, Roast Duck, and Afternoon Tea are some of the famous food items in London. These are unique to the location and are delectable food items that must be tasted during honeymoon tours in London.


What are the best souvenirs to buy in London?


Souvenirs and commemorable items are widely found in the stores of any London honeymoon destination. Some of the best souvenirs to buy in London are teapots, Tower Bridge printed cufflinks, Harrods coffee sold in a unique tin box, liberty printed knot watches, and the official Buckingham Palace merchandise.


What are the best hotels in London that can be booked for a honeymoon stay?


Some of the best hotels in London are The Savoy in Covent Garden, The Dorchester in Hyde Park, Brown's Hotel in Mayfair, The Ritz London in Mayfair, The Langham in Marylebone, The Connaught in Mayfair, and Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park. These offer the best amenities and provisions to tourists. These are best suited for a honeymoon stay in London.


What is a less crowded time to visit London on a honeymoon trip?


The best time to go for a London honeymoon to avoid flocking tourists would be the winter season. December to January is considered an off-season to visit the city but London is very charming during the winters because of the snowfall, creating an ideal setup for a honeymoon trip.