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Mauritius Honeymoon Tours

Mauritius is known as a paradise island because of its exotic natural beauty. It is also one of the most romantic places on Earth and is a popular destination for honeymooners. Honeymoon destinations in Mauritius allow couples to explore the white sand beaches, pristine lagoons, colourful corals, enchanting waterfalls, and rich marine and wildlife. Mauritius offers a chain of eye-pleasing locations and a plethora of exciting activities for couples. Mauritius honeymoon destinations allow couples to spend quality time with each other amidst the gorgeous beaches and lagoons. This small but spectacular island is always flocked with tourists from all over the world. Mauritius is one of the best islands where couples can have a memorable Mauritius honeymoon while enjoying the ethereal beauty of the tourist spots.

Honeymoon tours in Mauritius allow couples to explore some of the most exotic places which are on the wishlist of every couple. All the tourist destinations in Mauritius are filled with the charming creations of mother Earth. Mauritius tourism offers couples the chance to learn about the culture, tradition and nature of this tropical island. Mauritius has a mild tropical climate throughout the year. October is the best time to enjoy a honeymoon on this island. Mauritius honeymoon tour comprises a tour to the awe-inspiring locations along with a comfortable stay in resorts and hotels. Couples can stay in luxurious resorts near the sea and enjoy the sunset on the horizon of the endless sea.

Mauritius honeymoon packages include some of the most attractive tourist destinations in their travel itinerary. For all the nature lovers, Mauritius tourist spots are enchanting and breathtaking. Some of the Mauritius honeymoon holiday packages include fun activities along with travelling. Some of the famous activities that couples can include in their honeymoon packages are quad biking, scuba diving, jeep safari, and flyboarding. Most of the Mauritius honeymoon travel packages also include booking hotels, flights, arranging visas, and transportation for couples in advance. Couples can choose from a variety of packages and have a hassle-free journey to Mauritius. Some of the Mauritius honeymoon vacation packages also allow couples to customise their honeymoon trip in Mauritius based on their preferences and budget. Many of the Mauritius honeymoon tour packages also include candle-light dinner, live dance and karaoke sessions for couples on their honeymoon tour. A honeymoon in Mauritius creates endless memories for couples that can be cherished forever. Couples can choose a suitable package from the Mauritius honeymoon trip packages and fall in love with the aesthetic and tropical island of Mauritius.

Honeymoon places to visit in Mauritius

Mauritius honeymoon consists of numerous mystical and serene tourist destinations.

Places to visit in Mauritius Honeymoon

Here are some of the most exotic Mauritius honeymoon destinations that are worth visiting during honeymoon tours.

Trou Aux Biches Beach

This is one of the famous and romantic honeymoon destinations in Mauritius. Couples fall in love with the aesthetic beauty of the beaches at this location. It is a coveted location with clear blue water, white sands, and colourful coral reefs. This is one of the cleanest public beaches in Mauritius and is visited by a lot of honeymooners every year. Trou Aux Biches is filled with monuments as well as historical and cultural sites. The beaches also offer a number of water activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. This is the ideal place for couples to explore the essence of Mauritius. Many couples love to taste the local cuisines in the cafes and food stalls along the coast. This location also serves as a perfect backdrop for clicking pictures.

Belle Mare Plage

A famous and exotic beach worth visiting during honeymoon tours in Mauritius is the Belle Mare Plage. The crystal clear water and white sand on the beach make this a pristine honeymoon location for couples. This beach has some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels in Mauritius. This calm and peaceful island is one of the best locations to enjoy sunrise and sunset. Couples swim in the tranquil blue lagoons enclosed by beautiful coral reefs. They can also relax on the beach or take a stroll along the coast while watching the different hues of the water. The scenic beauty of the location rejuvenates the minds and souls of couples.


Mauritius honeymoon tours are incomplete without staying in Pereybere. Spending quality time with one’s partner in this peaceful destination is an experience of a lifetime. Pereybere is one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in Mauritius. This is also a famous beach for water sports. Adventure-loving couples can indulge in a wide variety of water sports like snorkelling, diving, and kite surfing. The crystal blue water of the lagoons is deep but calm, making it a popular swimming spot for tourists. Couples can go for a swimming session and explore the exotic coral reefs and the exotic marine animals of Mauritius. Pereybere is full of surprises for all the sea-loving couples.

Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth Park

All the Mauritius honeymoon packages include a visit to the Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth Park. Tourists visit this famous destination to look at the seven distinct colours of sands in the same place. This multicoloured sand is splendid to gaze at. This is also a popular place for landscape photography as the colourful dunes are simply mesmerising and one of a kind. This destination is one of the most popular natural wonders on Earth. The sand has different hues of brown, red, violet, green, yellow, blue, and purple giving it a stunning appearance. Couples should visit during the sunrise or sunset as the rays of the sun enhance the beauty of the landscape, making it a romantic honeymoon destination.

Trou Aux Cerfs

For couples who prefer to go on a walk amid nature, Trou Aux Cerfs is the best place to add to their Mauritius honeymoon holiday packages. It is a dormant volcanic crater that is 80 m deep. This is an interesting tourist spot and the place is adorned with exotic flowers and trees. From the top of the place, couples can get a panoramic view of the entire island which is breathtaking. The crater is densely forested and couples get to see various species of birds in this place. It is a great spot for photo sessions and bird-watching activities. Couples can spend some alone time, away from the crowds at this underrated honeymoon destination.

Things to do in Mauritius Honeymoon Tour

1. Mauritius spas

One thing which all honeymooners should include in their Mauritius honeymoon vacation packages is a relaxing Mauritius spa. This is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities that couples can take part in. There is a wide variety of body massages and treatments available in Mauritius spa parlours. Spa treatment is one of the most rejuvenating activities for honeymooners in Mauritius. Different varieties of spas are offered in different price ranges. The calm spa sessions stimulate romance and comfort between partners.

2. Flyboarding

An exciting and thrilling water sport that couples should include in their Mauritius honeymoon tour packages is flyboarding. This is one of a kind experience where one will stand on a hoverboard and will glide on the water. For adventure-seeking couples, this is a must-try activity. Life jackets are provided to couples to ensure safety. Mastering balance on the board is an exhilarating experience. Couples can have a sensational experience of hovering over water while enjoying the spectacular view of the endless sea.

3. Sub scooter diving

Sub scooter driving is a romantic water sport activity and most Mauritius honeymoon trip packages offer this activity. Couples can enjoy the diverse marine wildlife and corals of Mauritius through this unique activity. This is a wonderful water sport that can be experienced in the lagoons and seas of Mauritius. Couples can hire a sub scooter and explore the underwater marine floras and faunas. Professional divers guide the couples throughout the activity span. Oxygen tanks are provided to help couples breathe without any difficulty. Sub scooter diving is a great alternative for scuba diving. The pictures clicked while trying this activity make great memories to cherish in the future.

4. Trekking and Hiking to Black River Peak

For couples who enjoy trekking and hiking, this is a must-do activity. It is worth trekking the trail and visiting the spectacular Black River Gorges. This place is the largest national park in Mauritius. After hiking to this place, couples can explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Mauritius. The evergreen forest at this place houses a rich and diverse collection of flora and fauna. The hike will take couples to the deepest part of the dense forest from where couples can get a panoramic view of the island. This hiking trip encourages romantic interactions between soulmates and creates immortal memories for them.

How to reach Mauritius

Mauritius is easily accessible from all parts of the world via flights and ships. All the honeymoon packages of Mauritius include detailed information on how to reach the destination. Here is a brief guide on how couples can reach Mauritius for their honeymoon trip.

By Air- One of the most convenient ways to reach Mauritius is by flight. This is also the fastest way to reach the island. There are flights to Mauritius from all various international cities. All the renowned international airlines operate regular flights to and from Mauritius.

By Sea- It takes around a couple of weeks to reach Mauritius by sea. There are a lot of luxurious cruise ships which travel from Mumbai and Chennai Ports to Mauritius. Mauritius is also connected with many other countries via sea routes.

Mauritius Honeymoon FAQs


Which are the best islands in Mauritius for a perfect honeymoon experience?


There are a lot of beautiful and serene islands in Mauritius that attract honeymooners from all around the world. Some of the best islands to enjoy a Mauritius honeymoon are Ile aux Cerfs, Isla de Ambre, Ile aux Cocos, and Serpent Island. They all are perfect destinations to spend romantic honeymoon days in Mauritius.


What activities can couples take part in Mauritius during their honeymoon tour?


Mauritius honeymoon destinations offer a lot of thrilling and exciting sports and activities for couples. Some of them are skydiving, cruising, exploring beaches, and scuba diving. Shopping at local markets and taking Mauritian spa sessions are other alluring activities that couples can take part in during their honeymoon tour to Mauritius.


Which hotels in Mauritius are best suited for a honeymoon stay?


There is a large number of hotels in each Mauritius honeymoon destination. Some of the hotels that are best suited for a honeymoon stay are listed below: Radisson Blu Azuri Resort and Spa, Constance Belle Mare Plage, One&Only Le Saint Geran, Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel, Tamassa Resort.


What is the average cost of honeymoon tours in Mauritius?


The average cost of honeymoon tours in Mauritius varies based on the number of days spent in Mauritius, places visited, and activities indulged in. It can cost Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 60,000. The cost may increase or decrease based on the number of destinations included in the Mauritius honeymoon tour packages.


What should couples pack for their honeymoon in Mauritius?


Honeymoon tours in Mauritius mainly include travelling to beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, and other romantic places. Since Mauritius has a hot and humid climate, it is advisable to carry good sunscreens and water bottles. To travel comfortably in Mauritius, one must carry summer outfits like cotton dresses, shorts and a pair of flip-flops. Hats and sunglasses must also be taken to protect oneself from the heat of the Sun on the beaches.

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