New York Honeymoon Destination

New York Honeymoon Tours

The fourth most populous state of the United States of America, New York is a popular destination for honeymoon. New York City is the crux of the state and is on the wishlist of numerous couples across the world. Honeymoon destinations in New York include the multitudinous tourist wonders in the state. From awe-inspiring contemporary buildings to nature-bound parks, the city has something to charm every couple. The state also comprises serene river valleys, sky-scraping mountain ranges, and some charming islands. These locations provide the set-up for adventure activities like hiking, rafting and trekking during a New York honeymoon tour. The combination of lively city life and peaceful city outskirts creates an interesting contrast in tourist destinations in the state. A New York honeymoon trip can be about enjoying the vibrance and fast-paced life in New York city or relaxing in the mountain valleys for a romantic getaway.

The best time to go for honeymoon tours in New York is during the months between April and November. The weather remains pleasantly warm and the tourist locations come to life during this time. The valleys flaunt their colourful blooms and the sun-kissed landscapes offer a spectacle to tourists. Receiving no or little rainfall, November is the ideal month to try outdoor activities and explore New York honeymoon destinations. January is the coldest month that experiences freezing cold weather. Some couples intend to choose New York honeymoon tour packages scheduled at this time to witness the beauteous snow-capped Appalachian mountains. The winter months are also good for having an economical honeymoon trip to New York. Many New York honeymoon holiday packages are offered at discounted prices at this time.

New York honeymoon travel packages cover the key tourist destinations in New York. Considering the metropolitan area and the outskirts, New York has over twenty distinct tourist locations. New York honeymoon vacation packages offer a one-day tour to some of the nearby tourist attractions. The inter-destination travel costs are covered under the packages. Apart from sightseeing, couples may opt for adventure sports, which are included in most New York honeymoon trip packages. The spectacular sites, luxurious accommodations, and multifarious activities make up for an incredible honeymoon tour. New York honeymoon packages ensure to cover all these experiences without any hassle.

Honeymoon places to visit in New York

New York tourism provides watch-worthy destinations, scenic beauty, and pleasing weather to make up for a memorable honeymoon trip.

Places to visit in New York Honeymoon

Here are some of the must-visit honeymoon destinations in New York.

Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty ranks first in the list of New York honeymoon destinations. Numerous couples from all over the world come to see this enormous 152 feet tall statue. The statue is of a Roman liberty goddess representing the independence of America. This gift of France to the US owes its worldwide fame to its historical and symbolic significance. The neoclassical sculpture intrigues every visitor. One can get a proper full-fledged view of the massive statue from the Battery Park nearby. Couples can take the boat ride to Liberty Island where the statue resides. It allows couples to witness the magnificent sculpture from up close. The flawless details of the architecture are worth admiring.

Central Park

This place is a paradise for nature lovers. The park encompasses a number of tourist attractions like the Central Park Zoo, Strawberry Fields, and Belvedere Castle. It is the ideal place to explore the flora and fauna of New York. Couples can stroll through the park, click pictures with the scenic backdrop, or watch some exotic wild animals. The bridge over the lake also offers a nice place to stand and have a romantic conversation. Some couples also choose to skate across the Wollman Rink inside the park. This vibrant and versatile destination is included in most New York honeymoon holiday packages.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Popularly known as the Met, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is part of all New York honeymoon travel packages. The museum houses over two million artworks, many of which are as old as 5000 years. Couples can get to see a diverse collection of American and Egyptian arts, costumes, arms, armours and musical instruments. The museum offers couples the chance to see an amalgamation of some of the globally renowned works. Honeymooners can visit this museum from 10 am to 5 pm on all days except Tuesday and Wednesday.

Empire State Building

This famous landmark is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in New York. This 102-storey building offers a panoramic view of the entire city and beyond. Couples can enjoy this breathtaking view from two observation decks in the building. The observation deck on the eighty-sixth floor is the highest open-air observation spot in New York. Honeymoon tours in New York are incomplete without a visit to this location. Standing on that elevated spot, overlooking the lively city, and capturing photographs as memoirs give a thrilling and blissful experience to couples. The evening is the best time to go to the observation deck and have a glance at the city illuminated with glittering lights.

9/11 Memorial and Museum

This memorial and museum has been built in memory of the tragic crash of the World Trade Centre building due to a terrorist attack on September 9, 2001. Many flocks to this location to witness the remnants of the massive 110-storey building. The museum displays artefacts, photographs, and videos of the 9/11 incident and its impact. The displays are heart touching and moving. The museum architecture with curving glass building is worth admiring. Couples can still find the remains of the trade centre building within the museum building. There are two cascading pools on either side of the museum bordered by manicured grass. Couples can take a stroll around this area. The tranquil ambience fills the mind with calmness. The bronze panels around the pools hold names of almost 3000 people who were killed in the attack. This destination is included in most of the New York honeymoon tour packages because of its history and worldwide popularity.

Things to do in New York Honeymoon Tour

1. Go on a helicopter ride

Honeymooners can opt for a helicopter ride. It offers couples a bird’s-eye view of the entire city. The helicopter ride covers many tourist spots, allowing couples to witness all these splendours within a short time. The ride over rippling lakes and splendid landscapes gives a thrilling and exhilarating experience. It is recommended to go for the helicopter ride on a clear sky day to avoid clouds from obstructing the beautiful view. Couples should consider adding this helicopter ride in New York honeymoon vacation packages for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. Hike across the Catskill mountains

For adding some adventure to the New York honeymoon tour, newly-weds can go hiking across the Catskill mountains. Comprising about 30 peaks, the extensive mountain range offers the sight of vast valleys, virgin green naturescapes, and towering mountains. Many couples go hiking in these mountains every year. Morning is the ideal time to start hiking. It is recommended to carry all the safety equipment and necessary items like pocket snacks and drinking water. Many New York honeymoon trip packages offer this adventure trail in the gorgeous Catskills. Hiking through the mountains encountering cold breezes and enchanting views help in soul searching and rekindling the spark among couples.

3. Opt for a dinner cruise

For having a unique dining experience, couples can book a dinner cruise in New York. It offers a cruise on the Hudson and East rivers along with a three-course buffet meal. Honeymooners can spend a romantic evening gazing at the stunning Manhattan sparkling with city lights. The cruise also passes by some of the famous New York landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building. It also entertains its passengers with DJ music and various interactive games. This dinner cruise can add fun and romance to the New York honeymoon.

4. Try whitewater rafting in the Hudson River

Whitewater rafting in the Hudson river arouses an adrenaline rush while also soothing the heart with serene views. This seventeen-mile long rafting trip is full of fun and thrill. Sailing over gushing whitewater while looking at the astounding Adirondack mountains is a fulfilling experience. It is advisable to abide by the instructions given by guides while rafting. Most New York honeymoon packages arrange for this rafting trip.

How to reach New York

New York is connected with all major countries in the world via airways. Moreover, one can reach New York via trains or buses from other cities in America. Here are some tips on how to reach New York via flights, trains, buses, and cars.

By Air- The most important international airport of New York is John F, Kennedy International Airport. Flights to New York land at this airport from all major cities around the world. The other two airports are LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport. Flights are available at frequent intervals to New York. Couples can take a cab from New York airports to reach their hotels in New York.

By Rail- The two prominent railway stations in New York are Grand Central Terminal and New York Penn Station. Trains run from Major US cities to New York on a regular basis. Couples can avail trains to New York from cities like Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston, and Cleveland. PATH trains can also be availed from some cities in New Jersey to reach New York.

By Road- To reach New York via road, couples can take buses from US cities like Washington D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia. Both public and private buses are available. Couples may opt for a road trip by car. The well-maintained roads offer a soothing journey to New York.

New York Honeymoon FAQs


What is the cost of a seven days honeymoon trip to New York?


The cost of honeymoon trips to New York can be varied. It depends on the duration of the trip, hotels booked, destinations visited, and services opted for. The average cost of a seven days honeymoon trip to New York is around Rs. 60,000 for one person. New York honeymoon tour packages are also offered at prices lower than this, depending on the facilities given.


Which luxury hotels are best suited for a honeymoon stay?


There are several luxury hotels in New York that are suited for a honeymoon stay. Some of the best luxury hotels that you can book for New York honeymoon are listed below: Equinox Hotel New York, The Knickerbocker Hotel, The Dominick Hotel, Park Hyatt New York, The Bowery Hotel


Are public transports available to all major tourist destinations in New York?


Yes, public transports are available to most of the major tourist destinations in New York. You can opt for AC buses or non-AC ones. Trains can also be availed from many prime tourist locations in New York. Buses and trains are available at frequent intervals. You may also pre-book tickets online to avoid delay during honeymoon tours in New York.


Which restaurants in New York are ideal for having a romantic dinner with my spouse?


There are a number of fine dining restaurants in New York that offer the ideal set-up for a romantic dinner. The NoMad Restaurant is one of the most romantic restaurants in New York. Other restaurants where you can have a romantic dinner with your spouse are Shuko, Le Bernardin, Gramercy Tavern, Oceans, and Petite Boucherie.


Can I plan a picnic with my wife at Central Park?


Yes, you can plan a picnic with your wife in Central Park. While you are at this New York honeymoon destination, you can also go boating.