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Spain Honeymoon Tours

Located in Southwestern Europe, Spain is one of the coveted tourist destinations in the world. It is also a popular choice among couples seeking to enjoy a Spain honeymoon amidst beautiful destinations. Honeymooners prefer Spain because of its beautiful landscapes, traditions, and culture. The Spain honeymoon destinations remain etched forever in the memory of couples after visiting once. This splendid country has stunning beaches, gorgeous mountains, and lush green valleys which serve as tourist attractions. Honeymoon destinations in Spain consist of exotic coastlines, splendid villages, and charming cities which make honeymoon days full of fun and surprises. This European country houses some famous romantic places that couples can explore during their honeymoon tour. Honeymoon tours in Spain comprise long walks by the sea, trek to mountain tops, candle-light dinner, and shopping sprees. The pleasing weather, a vibrant atmosphere, and friendly locals make honeymoon tours in Spain a memorable and endearing experience. Even though Spain has a soothing climate throughout the year, it is best to plan a Spain honeymoon tour during the Spring or Autumn season. The temperature remains soothing in the fall season and the tourist spots remain less crowded during this time of the year, creating the ideal setup for honeymooners. Couples should book their Spain honeymoon packages during the months of April, May, September, and October to enjoy the popular cultural and traditional events of Spain. The bull race, Tomatina tomato fight, Las Fallas, and vibrant carnivals are some of the most popular events of Spain that couples can take part in.

All the Spain honeymoon holiday packages include sightseeing to popular destinations and a number of exciting activities for couples on their honeymoon. Couples who love nature and adventure can go trekking and hiking to some of the most famous mountains. On the other hand, couples who prefer to relax and rejuvenate can enjoy the calm beaches and the sea. Spain honeymoon travel packages allow couples to choose from a variety of activities and places to visit. There are a lot of honeymoon packages available for couples based on their choice and preferences. All Spain honeymoon vacation packages allow couples to customise their honeymoon to ensure a tailor-made honeymoon tour for couples. Honeymooners should include exploring the Spanish delicacies and food culture in their honeymoon tours. Some of the Spain honeymoon tour packages arrange dinner dates for couples on their first day in Spain along with karaoke music and dance sessions. Spain has many things to surprise every visitor and allure couples of every kind. Many Spain honeymoon trip packages offer relaxing spa treatment for couples along with sightseeing. Moreover, hotel bookings and travel costs are all covered within the packages. It is recommended to book a honeymoon package and set out to explore the wonders of Spain tourism.

Honeymoon places to visit in Spain

A Spain honeymoon comprises visiting noteworthy tourist locations and enjoying some enthralling activities.

Places to visit on Spain Honeymoon

Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations in Spain that shall be included by couples on their travel map.


Madrid is the capital city of Spain and is one of the most popular Spain honeymoon destinations. This Spanish city is famous for its amazing nightlife and sophisticated urban lifestyle. Madrid is also considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Couples who intend to party all night and enjoy a vibrant evening must visit Madrid during their honeymoon in Spain. There are a plethora of luxurious resorts and hotels in Madrid that provide cosy accommodation for a romantic honeymoon. This cosmopolitan city also houses popular bars and clubs which can be visited by all the party-loving couples. The city is filled with spectacular monuments and architecture as well. The Royal Palace of Madrid is the most attractive tourist spot. The place is also home to a lot of theatres, museums, and operas. Plaza Mayor and Museo Nacional del Prado are some other attractive tourist spots that couples can visit. All football lovers should visit the famous Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, which is the home stadium of the famous Real Madrid football club.


Seville is a must-visit destination during honeymoon tours in Spain. It is a small town full of charm and romance. The vibrant nightlife, the cultural festivals, and the charming people of this city allure couples from all over the world. The city has a rich history and culture associated with it. Couples can visit some of the best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Seville, like the Reales Alcázares Palace, the Cathedral, and the General Archive of the Indies. Seville is also the largest historical city in Europe and is visited by tourists all around the year. It is an ideal honeymoon destination as the city is filled with romantic fountain-filled plazas and Arabic architecture gardens. Seville has the second-largest cathedral in the world and the famous Alcazar Palace which couples should explore. Couples can also go on a carriage ride to explore the beauty of this city within a short span.


A lot of couples include Valencia in their Spain honeymoon tour. This aesthetic city is a perfect mix of history and modernity. Couples will find numerous magnificent monasteries, churches, and historical monuments in the city which add to the culture and heritage of Spain. The city also has a number of beautiful beaches where couples can enjoy a relaxing honeymoon while watching the stunning sunrise. This city offers a lot of memorable experiences to honeymooners, including delicious food, great music, art, and magnificent architecture. Couples can also take part and enjoy the famous Fallas festival of Valencia. Some of the most popular tourist attractions of the city are The City of Arts and Sciences, La Lonja De Seda, Mercado Central, and Catedral de Valencia. The Central Market is the largest market in all of Europe which has some of the best spices, flavours, meat, vegetables, seafood, and every ingredient required to make the best of Spanish delicacies. Couples should visit this market to learn about the secret spices behind the savoury Spanish dishes.


The most popular Mediterranean Island of Spain is Mallorca. It is also a very romantic island and should be included in all Spain honeymoon holiday packages. The island is known for its gorgeous beaches, historical ruins and forts, lush mountains, and a panoramic view of landscapes. The crystal blue water, the spectacular cliffs, and the white sand beaches make this place a paradise on Earth. Couples can indulge in a lot of thrilling and adventurous water activities, like cliff jumping, kayaking, and swimming on this island. One can also spot dolphins in Mallorca. Couples should visit the Catedral de Mallorca which has Gothic architecture and is made of sandstone. The interior design of the building is astonishing and intrigues many couples.


Spain honeymoon packages should have Barcelona as a honeymoon destination in Spain. Barcelona is the most globally famous destination in Spain. It owes its worldwide popularity to the football club of FC Barcelona. It is home to the famous Camp Nou Football Stadium where couples can watch the football games of the FC Barcelona Club. The city has a rich culture and heritage which is explored by travellers and tourists from all over the world. The second-largest city of Spain, Barcelona has an interesting blend of urban city life and historical monuments and structures. The gothic quarter of Barcelona is famous for its cobblestoned streets, magnificent churches, Roman ruins, and a lot of artsy cafes and restaurants. For couples who love literature and art, Barcelona is the perfect place as the city is filled with galleries and museums. The Picasso Museum is one of the famous museums of Barcelona which has all the famous works of Pablo Picasso.

Things to do in Spain Honeymoon Tour

1. Watch a Flamenco Show

To enjoy the true essence of Spain, couples should include a Flamenco show in their Spain honeymoon travel packages. This famous traditional Spanish dance show should be watched by all tourists. Couples can book tickets and enjoy this vibrant and colourful dance form on their honeymoon. The beautiful blend of the dancers, singers, and musical instruments makes the audience awe-struck. Couples can also take dance classes and learn the basic steps of Flamenco to make the honeymoon entertaining.

2. Be part of La Tomatina

La Tomatina is a famous festival in Spain. To be part of this popular event in Spain, couples should book their Spain honeymoon vacation packages in the month of August. This giant food fight festival is one of the most interesting activities couples can indulge in on their honeymoon. La Tomatina takes place in Valencia, where everyone throws ripe tomatoes at each other while the entire road gets filled with tomato juice. Music, dance, decorations, and everything needed to create party vibes are organised at this festival. La Tomatina is one of the biggest festivals in Spain, and being a part of this will fill the honeymoon with a lot of fun and joy.

3. Try Scuba Diving

Spain has some of the most exotic and stunning beaches where a variety of water sport activities are organised. Couples should include scuba diving in their Spain honeymoon tour packages to explore the underwater world. Barcelona has some of the best scuba diving locations where couples can witness the marine wildlife and the colourful coral reefs. Couples can spot several different species of fishes and sea animals under the sea, including stingrays, castanets, shrimps, turtles, lobsters, and eels. There are professional divers with each member to ensure the safety of the amateur divers. The prices of scuba diving vary based on location and duration.

How to reach Spain

Spain can be reached from various countries around the world. Here is a brief guideline on how to reach Spain.

By Air- Spain has a number of airports where direct flights arrive from the major cities of the world. A few of the major airports are The Barcelona International Airport, Ibiza Airport, and Malaga International Airport. Flights to Barcelona are available at frequent intervals from several countries and neighbouring cities.

By Rail- Couples can reach Spain by train from all the other parts of Europe as Eurail connects all the major European cities with Spain. From the railway stations, tourists can hire a cab and reach their destinations.

By Sea- Couples can travel to Spain via sea as there are numerous docks throughout the country. There are ferry services for transportation as well.

Spain Honeymoon FAQs


What are the best budget hotels for accommodation during a honeymoon tour in Spain?


There are quite a few budget hotels in each Spain honeymoon destination. Some of the best budget hotels in Spain that are suitable for accommodation during a honeymoon tour are: Acta VoraportParque FloridaRiu Plaza EspanaHotel Abaster.


Are there any adventurous activities that couples take part in during a honeymoon tour in Spain?


Yes, there are a number of adventurous activities that couples can take part in during their honeymoon tours in Spain. Some of the most-loved activities are hiking, paragliding, scuba diving, and taking part in carnivals and dance shows.


What is the average cost of honeymoon tours in Spain for couples?


The average cost of honeymoon tours in Spain for couples varies based on tour span, destinations, hotels, and activities chosen by couples. It can cost around Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. The cost can be higher or lower than this depending on the determining factors.


When is the best time to visit Spain?


The best time to book Spain honeymoon tour packages is during the Spring season as the temperatures are not too high at that time of the year. Even the tourist footfall remains less, making it ideal for a romantic honeymoon retreat in Spain.


Name some of the best beaches in Spain?


Exploring and staying on the white-sand beaches of Spain is part of the Spain honeymoon. Some of the popular beaches of this country are Cala Agulla, Cala Comte, Playa De Bolonia, Es Trenc Beach Mallorca, and Playa De Alcudia.

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